Friday 1 September 2017

Why Celebrate Teachers' Day?

 So as I sat to pen-down my thoughts on “Why Teachers’ Day should be celebrated?, I tried to figure out what in general a “teacher” was to me and then I had this epiphany: When you first cuddled in the arms of your parents, you were born a layman in every aspect of life. As time flew you were taught to walk and to talk. That was the first time the role of a teacher came into play in your lives in the form of your parents. Then gradually you went to school, where you came across an individual who was friendly, cooperative and inspired you to learn more. That entity was none but your teacher. Further you continued your education in colleges, universities where again you came across a figure who guided you in the most difficult phase of your life and nurtured you to what you are today. A teacher has played a prominent role in every aspect of our lives so why hesitate in devoting a day to tell them that they have always been your life-saver and helped in shaping our lives and believing in us when we ourselves did not! Though I do not feel the need to discuss the reasons why teachers’ day should be celebrated as all of us value the importance of this day, let me bring into light some of the many reasons to celebrate this day.

# In respect to Dr. Radhakrishnan
To genuinely understand the origin of Teachers’ Day, we are required to look at, what is history today. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a reputed philosopher and believed in the power of education. He himself was a teacher and this is the reason why Teachers’ Day came into existence. Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th of September every year because on his birthday in the year 1965, Dr. Sarvepalli’s students hosted his birthday celebration for him, when he expressed his desired to celebrate “Teacher’s Day” instead on his birthday. And so every year we celebrate “Teachers’ Day” on 5th September to pay tribute to Dr. Radhakrishnan.

# To appreciate the efforts of every teacher
There are millions of teachers in this world and each of them through their efforts and imagination, have inspired students to reach beyond their horizons. So why not take this day as an opportunity to appreciate our teachers who selflessly have helped us figure out our future course? I know you might be thinking why find an occasion to thank our teachers on this particular day when this can be done any day. But on “World Teachers’ Day” it just makes our teachers feel more special, after all it’s their day!

# Teaching is an endless practice
Neither teaching nor learning can ever be sufficient. Good teachers ensure that we, as a society, have knowledgeable and erudite people who together can take the reins of educating the society in their hands. Teaching is an important source of development in an individual and it cannot be underestimated. Then how can we underestimate teachers who are the sole sources of teaching? Just imagine a world without someone who could teach you! Would not the world be full of nincompoops?

# The profession needs a standing ovation
 If not the teacher then teaching predominantly! Well! It is next to impossible that a teacher has never inspired you or changed the course of your life and if it is so and you have no firm reason to celebrate Teachers’ Day then respect the very act of teaching. Respect the individual who took up the profession to refine the lives of other people. For in a world where people do not even spend seconds to help someone, a teacher on the other hand devotes his entire life to shape the lives of their students.       

# To let teachers know their worth
After working diligently for 365 days of a year, who would not want a moral boost! Let your teachers know that you still value them and even if you are the naughtiest in the class, you still respect them. You respect their endless efforts and always will.

If Shakespeare has defined the 7 stages of a human life then I personally believe that these 7 stages are impossible to survive without a teacher!

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola


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