Saturday 9 September 2017

Why NCERT Books Shouldn't be Ignored ?

As the exams are approaching, students are rigorously searching for the best study material from which they can learn easily and can trust the content.
At this stage students often do the mistake of opting for refreshers and other books over NCERT books. These books are made in a way that students get tempted easily towards them. There are many famous names in the market on which students trust blindly. Sometimes even teachers recommend these books so that they are saved from the labour of explaining as there are already deep explanations present in a refresher. There is a misconception about the NCERT books that they have insufficient matter, which is totally false. They actually have relevant matter. All just it needs is student’s proper attention and dedication.

Why Students Choose Refreshers?
These books are made for doing business rather than imparting knowledge. No doubt they explain everything well and in detail but sometimes they do focus on irrelevant topics or on petty things, which normally one should ignore but students waste their precious time on that topic which is not even necessary. These books should be studied but not as a primary source but as a secondary source because as a primary source they can consume a lot of time of students but if used as a secondary source they can be beneficial to the students.

Why NCERT is Important?
As compared to refreshers, these books are more simplified, understandable and written in a lucid language which covers useful and necessary topics. NCERT should be read in the first place to get an idea of important and relevant topic which should be focused on. These are the pillars of every other book. If compared to refreshers, one realizes that refreshers are just an exaggeration of NCERT topics and nothing else. NCERT gives the necessary information on the particular topic instead of explaining in detail whether necessary or not.

How Should NCERT be Read ?
If you go through NCERT, it is worth. There should be a proper manner to how to study from these books. NCERT is the basis of the entire syllabus. Take out a topic and read that thoroughly at least 2 times. Note down the important terms, define them and then take a refresher, search those topic & terms from it and read the full explanation to make notes of the important topics.

NCERT books are not only important at the school level, but also for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, PSC, Banking etc. If read properly, it is a great source of knowledge of every topic on any subject. If students want to achieve good marks in their exams they should never ignore NCERT books. Still, there are some students who fully ignore because they gain nothing out of them. Instead of ignoring, a student should understand what they are not getting and try to find the solution of the problem rather than avoiding the problem.
 Written by: Himani Raghav