Thursday 21 September 2017

How To Get Maximum Results From NCERT Questions


Every student wants to score good marks in his or her exams. Each and every student tries to achieve the maximum possible result and in order to achieve that target, we study day and night. Each and every one of us knows that achieving good results will decide our future college and other opportunities.

Regular studies
Never think that the NCERT questions given at the end of the chapter are of no use. If you practice those questions regularly then it will not only help in a better understanding of the basic concepts but also study on a regular basis will prepare you for the final examinations.

Sticking to the NCERT questions
I have personally observed that many students run the N number of sample papers in order to get maximum results but are ultimately left with a chaos of what to study and which reference book to be preferred. They forget one of the basic but utmost important points that all the examinations are designed on the basis of NCERT questions which are framed keeping in mind the syllabus designed by a particular framework by CBSE.

Understanding of the concept
It is very important to revise the syllabus covered in the school on a very particular day or else there many important points that go blur with time. The best way to revise the syllabus is going through the NCERT questions and answers given at the end of the chapter. These NCERT questions cover almost all the important points in the chapter.

It is a well-known fact that getting good score means that you have studied or prepared well for your exams. But many times it is observed that getting prepared from your side doesn’t assure good results from your exams as well. To score well one has to prepare well and for that he or she would need a consistency in his or her studies that comes from concentration. Concentration is very important to achieve good results and this concentration will only come when a student is focused. The focus will come when the student is not getting distracted by N number of reference books and preparing from only NCERT questions as they are the most trusted and syllabus based.

Taking stress because of the multiple numbers of sample papers available in the market is not a sign of a wise student if a definite pattern of the questions based on your syllabus is available in front of you only. There are students winning scholarships by studying only NCERT questions.

If the NCERT questions could make some students succeed in the world level competitions then why these questions would not help you in clearing your exams and achieving a better result? 

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava


  1. For scoring marks and understanding NCERT books are the best in the business

  2. For scoring marks and understanding NCERT books are the best in the business

  3. Nice and informative.....

  4. Nice and informative

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