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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Online Tutor: A Guru on Internet

Struggling with last minute doubts while revising certain topics before exams? Need a guide who is all time ready to help you? If your head nods a yes, then my dear friend, I think I know the best solution for your problem. The best solution, I am talking about, is that one person who is with you 24*7 to solve your problems, that person, who you can always confide in during your exam days. This person is none other than your tutor. When we talk of tutor, the very first image which comes to our mind is of a person who gives lectures and takes classes in personal using a real time platform. If you really visualize a tutor like this, then answer a question. When you feel stuck at any point just the last night before exam, how will you consult your tutor? How will you convey your queries to him and how will he solve your problems? Obviously, no one will text or call his tutor at 12 in the night. It is at this point, a friend comes at your service. He is the ‘ONLINE TUTOR’ who will be ready to help you at any time.

Who is an Online Tutor?
An online tutor is a person who will help you with your studies at any time. He provides us the lectures and notes using a completely virtual environment. The sessions are done using the internet and this virtual environment is nothing but your personal computer or smart-phone. Unlike your personal home tutor who gives you lessons at your home, online tutor provides you the lessons at your fingertips anytime when you need them.

His Way of Teaching
This online friend of ours does this smart work by the technique called online tutoring. Online tutoring is the way of providing education with a blend of technology. In this process, the student consults the tutor for any type of queries or doubts. Productive video lectures and more precise notes are provided. Online tutoring helps a student to keep up the pace with the class if he is lagging behind in classroom topics. This platform gives a supportive personal approach rather than an impersonal classroom environment.

Benefits of Consulting an Online Guru
Having an online guru has its own benefits. Different sessions like online classes, discussions, and doubt classes are just a click away. You can actively take part in them without being present there physically. One of the many advantages of an online tutor is that a student can consult him anytime. Whether it be 8 in the morning or 7 in the evening or be it the midnight, he can be asked the question at any time and anywhere in the world.

With this trend of online tutoring, the line “Tutor is out of town” is outdated. Now, the availability of your tutor is not an issue to think upon. 

So, next time when your tutor is home away and you are stuck in a topic, prefer an online guru on the internet. This will help you resolve your problem in no time and give you a better supportive experience. 

Written by: Shalini Chauhan

Monday, 25 September 2017

Is Ragging an Essential Part of College Life?

Ragging is the biggest fear of college life in a student. When freshers enter the college, they make themselves prepared for the different kinds of tasks and absurd activities that their seniors would make them do. Parents also recommend their children to do as they are directed by their seniors and avoid any kind of argument with them as that may lead to even harsher consequences. But is this the way it is meant to be? Are things heading in the right direction? If you would ask me, my answer would be in the negative. Bulling freshers in a way that has a negative impact on their persona and mental health is not what “Ragging” is meant for. College ragging has to have that fun element in it. It should be interactive and involving and in a way should bridge the gap between the seniors and juniors of an institution.

But such is not the case! Recently, in IIT Kanpur, 22 students of second year have been suspended from college. Freshers had filed complaints against them saying that they were made to do formidable tasks, were abused and bullied. Some of the freshers had even complained that they were forced to strip by their seniors which had left them embarrassed and humiliated. Some accusations of sexual harassment were also found to be true. Such cases of ragging in colleges have been seen since many years but for the first time it is being noticed that strict actions are being against those accused.

This is just a small step towards the unjust act of ragging. It is high time that we take strict actions against those committing such crime. Ragging does both physical and mental torture to students. Forcing students to do bizarre tasks that involve their humiliation is not an activity that should be supported by the universities and colleges. Regular torture affects the confidence of the students and imposes a negative effect on them for a life time. In many cases, the students are not able to overcome the mental torture and it stays with them forever. This even leads to isolation and depression for many students.

A survey conducted in 2016 showed that 164 students committed suicide because of intense ragging activities in colleges in India and this rate has been considerably increasing with time. To control this number, anti-ragging affidavit has been passed in colleges that prohibit any such kind of activity to be carried out in the college premises. An anti-ragging helpline number has also been allotted to colleges where any student who is a victim of ragging can call for help.

Freshers are meant to be welcomed in a new college or university. Seniors should lend a helping hand to them and not play serious pranks that could threaten their life. Every coin has two faces. And so has “Ragging”. If conducted in a playful manner, ragging can be fun and create a friendly atmosphere in an organization but the reverse can have a severe effect on the life of students. 

Let us all stand together against brutal ragging so that the lives of blameless students are saved from exploitation

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola

Saturday, 23 September 2017

How National Scholarship Will Help You Get a Better Grip On Your Studies


Mr. Rajat Gupta was never sure how he could become a mechanical engineer, which was his lifelong dream. The financial burden and prices of books seemed to be unbearable for him. As soon as he got to know about the national scholarship program which existed to overcome those hurdles created by the financial crisis in a student’s life.

Because of these scholarship programs, there are hundreds of students out there who get admissions for higher studies and are able to take a step forward to achieve their dreams. These scholarships help them conquer the financial setbacks which act like a wall between student and his/her dreams.

In a student’s life, the main motto should be focusing on his or her studies rather than paying the bills. Here, scholarships play an important role. I remember a survey conducted by the U.S Board of Labor Statistics in 2009 it was recorded that there are 45 percent of the students who are working for wages while attending the schools/colleges which ultimately leave him or her with less time to focus on the studies. If a student is aware of any National Scholarship program then he or she could take the benefit from it and make himself/herself enabled to just focus on the primary duty of his or her as a student.

The funds that a student could win from taking part in a scholarship program would not only provide a grip on the subjects during the course but also cover the costs of accommodation, tuition and travel.

There is also a myth that exists in regard to the scholarships which is that many of us think that scholarships are designed for those students who are suffering from a great financial crisis and are living in the search of financial assistance to fulfill the demands of their course. But the truth is that applying for the scholarship and winning it would be beneficial for a student in many other ways with the recipient of the award. A student could compete to get the scholarship funds as well as he would also get the recognition and prestige which could add up to the student’s educational transcript.

Just winning a scholarship will definitely boost the self-esteem of a student. It is also true that applying for the scholarship does not mean that you would win it also. Doesn’t matter one can try to win it next time.   

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava

Friday, 22 September 2017

Why You Should Pursuing Stereotype Courses


What!! Are you planning to pursue the same B.Tech, MBBS, B.Ed and other such stereotypical courses after completing your school? Well then! You will only become yet another engineer, doctor and teacher who would then spend ample time to find a decent job for yourself. But is it that you really want to do! Do you not think of stepping out of the league and pursuing something different? Something unusual and not so common! If so, then I would say that you are thinking in the right direction. It is time that you pursue something distinctive that would open doors of career opportunities for you. Here’s why you should stop pursuing just another stereotypical course.

Diverse Variety of Courses
Times have gone when every household either had one doctor or one engineer. Today there are a series of courses for students to choose from. All you need to know is your field of interest and you can pick up your desired course. Fashion Designing, Bachelors in game design, Bachelors degree in Ecotechnology and other such fascinating courses exist that hold a great career prospect for you in the future. So, there is no need for you to pursue the same stereotypical course.

Better Ways to Explore Yourself
With a series of different courses comes a series of opportunities to explore oneself. You can go for anything you like. For instance, if you love clicking pictures you can pursue a course in photography, if you enjoy traveling you can pursue a course to become a travel guide, if you want to become a journalist you can pursue journalism and so on and so forth. Hence, as I told you earlier, you will get a clearer gist of what you are actually meant to be.

Reduces Career Prospects
Following the same monotonous affair of becoming the same old Jane and doing the same old study sounds too boring. With every second child pursuing the same degree, the value of the course also decreases and so does the value of the student doing the course. As more and more students pile on the same course, it gives birth to more and more universities offering the same course and this reduces the significance of the degree. Whereas, if you pursue a different course there is not much traffic and your chances of learning and becoming successful are more.

Increases Competition
As a maximum number of the population is running behind the stereotypical degrees, it becomes important to excel in the field to gain some prominence. That is a little difficult as with more people comes more competition. So, why not choose a path less trodden by to shape your destiny. A new path would, of course, have more difficulties but these difficulties will help you achieve success.

So, what are you still thinking! Just break the line and choose a career or filed that interests you. For success will only come your way when you enjoy the work you have chosen for yourself!

 Written By: Anamika Jakhmola

Thursday, 21 September 2017

How To Get Maximum Results From NCERT Questions


Every student wants to score good marks in his or her exams. Each and every student tries to achieve the maximum possible result and in order to achieve that target, we study day and night. Each and every one of us knows that achieving good results will decide our future college and other opportunities.

Regular studies
Never think that the NCERT questions given at the end of the chapter are of no use. If you practice those questions regularly then it will not only help in a better understanding of the basic concepts but also study on a regular basis will prepare you for the final examinations.

Sticking to the NCERT questions
I have personally observed that many students run the N number of sample papers in order to get maximum results but are ultimately left with a chaos of what to study and which reference book to be preferred. They forget one of the basic but utmost important points that all the examinations are designed on the basis of NCERT questions which are framed keeping in mind the syllabus designed by a particular framework by CBSE.

Understanding of the concept
It is very important to revise the syllabus covered in the school on a very particular day or else there many important points that go blur with time. The best way to revise the syllabus is going through the NCERT questions and answers given at the end of the chapter. These NCERT questions cover almost all the important points in the chapter.

It is a well-known fact that getting good score means that you have studied or prepared well for your exams. But many times it is observed that getting prepared from your side doesn’t assure good results from your exams as well. To score well one has to prepare well and for that he or she would need a consistency in his or her studies that comes from concentration. Concentration is very important to achieve good results and this concentration will only come when a student is focused. The focus will come when the student is not getting distracted by N number of reference books and preparing from only NCERT questions as they are the most trusted and syllabus based.

Taking stress because of the multiple numbers of sample papers available in the market is not a sign of a wise student if a definite pattern of the questions based on your syllabus is available in front of you only. There are students winning scholarships by studying only NCERT questions.

If the NCERT questions could make some students succeed in the world level competitions then why these questions would not help you in clearing your exams and achieving a better result? 

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Scholarships or Education Loans

It is a true fact that financial assistance plays an important role in acquiring education. With less or no financial aid, education becomes a difficult task. Financing education is not a burden for those parents who belong to high income groups. But the same financing of education becomes a big concern for those who belong to lower income groups. Here, student has two options; either he/she can go for scholarships or student’s education loans.

Now choosing between scholarships and student’s education loan becomes a confusing task for students and for parents as well. In this blog, I have tried to clear this confusion and for that purpose below you would be reading:

1.    The benefits of scholarships 
2.    The benefits of student loans

The Benefits of Scholarships                                                                                                        Scholarships are beneficial for students as they are like rewards for increasing their own knowledge. That means a student is getting assistance for exercising his/her brain. It is observed that most of the students in India get into debt of enormous education loans or they compromise with the quality of the institution or at the extreme case they are seen compromising with the quality of education. If a student tries a little hard in his/her studies and appears in a scholarship exam then they can get free money in reward for showing their talent in the competition. This is also beneficial for the students as they can use this money and opt for nonprofessional courses for which they are not going to get student loans like for many Post-graduation degrees and studies related to law etc. Scholarships could also be helpful in keeping a student’s mind free from the tension of repayment of the loan and they can completely focus on their studies. Education with the help of scholarships could also reduce the number of dropouts from schools as well as from colleges. Therefore, if a student is ready to increase his/her knowledge then there are organizations and institutions which are ready to pay for the display of their knowledge.

The Benefits of Education loan
The quality of education could influence the entire life of a student. Right education could make a student financially independent and lead him/her towards a successful life. To get a life-changing right education one would need financial aid which could be fulfilled through education loans. These loans enable a student to study the professional courses as using these a student can access the resources to be consumed during the course. The most positive thing with these education loans is that one can repay the loan after the completion of the study and after becoming financially independent. One can get education loans by directly contacting banks or by applying through websites. The major drawback of these education loans is the aggressive marketing strategies done by a majority of the banks who are offering these loans. Students with less knowledge of credit market can easily get into the trap and put their securities at risk. Also, there are some dire consequences from which a student would be dealing if he/she fails to repay the loan due to some unavoidable reasons.

Now after reading the content in the above section you have the knowledge of both scholarships and education loans and can decide which one could play a beneficial role in fulfilling your educational requirements.

Hope you all will do great and lead a successful life ahead.

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Importance of Assessments

Being a student, I am sure you all might have gone through the anxiety during exams. The moment when you feel, Oh my god! Will I remember everything that I read? Will I be able to write the exam productively? What if I forget any point? I, myself, have been at such panic points. At this point, the students feel confused and low. The activity which can be of great help to reduce your mental pressure and can help to boost up your morale is none other than Self-Assessment, or simply, Assessment.

What is Assessment?
Assessment refers to an activity of analyzing the student’s learning and evaluating his performance on the basis of it. It is nothing but an analysis of a student’s understanding of the material.

Need of Assessments
Assessment is needed to identify where a student stands among the rest. It helps him to identify his flaws. The main objective of the assessment is to help the students to improve. The more the students will take such challenges, the more they will get to know where they lack and where they need to improve.

Importance of Assessments
Assessment has a vital role in assessing the students. It is a crucial step in the process of learning. It helps to analyze the performance of students. Through assessments, the students can evaluate if they really know what they are supposed to know and if the real goals of education are being met. It also helps the students to categorize themselves on the basis of their understanding of the course material. The students come to know of their level in a very clear cut manner. They can easily identify if they need more practice or not. It is important for the students to measure their success and take the sole responsibility of their learning methodology. Thus, assessment is of utmost importance in this context.

Moreover, students get a chance of exploring themselves. They come to know how effective their way of studying is. Also, it helps in motivating and empowering them to learn more. With the help of assessments, the students get a good writing practice and this improves their speed makes them confident for their exams.

Especially, before exams, the students must take regular revision tests and other such assessment challenges. This will help them to know if they are completely prepared or not. They will be able to retain the information more quickly and accurately.
Rather than cramming, a Regular self-assessment will give them a doubt free mindset. This will help them to perform positively in their exams and pass with flying colors.

Modes of Assessment
Assessments can be both, online and offline. Offline Assessments include taking oral or written tests, retaining the information read, preparing a questionnaire on your own, etc. Online Assessments includes taking online tests on computers, revising quick recaps, playing rapid quizzes and much more. Many online portals and education websites offer the facility of online assessment. These both modes of assessment are equally preferable among students.

So, next time when you feel stuck and doubtful about your preparation, take yourself on an assessing tour of your course material and let your mind decide if it has done enough or not!

All the very best to all!

Written by: Shalini Chauhan