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Transitioning from college to career can be intimidating. Many young graduates often lose track of which career path to take in this competitive job market. Today, companies prefer hiring employees with experience. Fresh college graduates with no experience find it all the more difficult to get the job even if they are eligible for it.
Internships are formal programs within organizations whose main purpose is to offer first-hand practical work experience in a particular occupation to those who are new in it. An internship can be paid, for credit, unpaid or not-for-credit. Whether it is paid or unpaid, credit or not-for-credit, it does not decrease in value. These are investments in your future. Many students feel reluctant to take internships as let's be honest; no one likes to work for free. The truth is, although they might not be getting cash but might be getting paid in other ways.


Here is a list of reasons why taking up an internship can help you in a future career.

Benefits of Internships

An internship provides you with real-life experience and exposure. There is a huge difference between learning about strategies and tactics and actually applying them. The internship allows students to gain first-hand exposure to working in the real world. It also lets you harness the skills, knowledge, and theoretical practice that you learnt back in university. An intern is given a proper training, assignment, and duties without the added pressure. The best part is an intern gets to learn about the specific industries and companies they are interested in.

·         The opportunity to understand more about yourself. This means you will get to know and understand more about your goals and how you can achieve them. By taking up an internship you get a chance to explore what a career in a particular occupation has in store for you. Sometimes, reality does not meet expectations. At this point, a student can make a decision if they still wish to continue or change the career path. It ‘s best to know as early as possible, and an internship can help you do that.

·         Networking. Making professional connections is a very crucial part of getting started on your career path. During your internship, it is very important to make as many connections as you can.  Take an interest in who are you working with. Simple greetings Like “Hello, How are you?” or “Goodbye, take Care” can help you make those everlasting impressions. If you perform well in your internship your employer might just give you a letter of recommendation or introduce you to other important and influential people.

·         Improve your Resume. Your resume is a record of all your accomplishments, talent and experience. If you don't have what the employers are looking for you don't have a chance of getting hired. There is one specific section on your resume that employers are most interested in. Experience! Internships are the perfect way to improve and enhance that resume of yours. It makes a very good impression when your employer sees that you have completed an internship over the summer, for a hefty six-month span, or even abroad. It will be quite convincing to them that you can prove to be an asset to their company. List the tasks you have and projects in which you participated in to demonstrate your value. The more experience you acquire, the better are the chances of success in your career path.

·         Time management. During internship one thing you learn and master is time management. In such a fast-paced professional environment you need to know that every second count. Time management is one of the most important skills you can learn during internships. Deadlines are important. You might not be able to meet all of them but you do learn valuable professional lessons that you will carry with you throughout your career.

·         Career foundation. Many employers use internships as a recruitment tool. In many cases, companies hire interns after graduation. Internships are great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and help make you better and potential employee. Therefore, it is very important that you choose your internship based on your interests and career prospects.

·         Initiative. What did you do when there was a problem? If you made any good and valuable suggestions about how things could be improved, these will show you as a good self-starter. If your ideas were put in a place and worked out well, it’ll give a good boost.

According to a survey conducted by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), about 63% of the graduating class took part in an internship. The word is out, and internships are almost essential nowadays in order to get a job. Be a part of an internship to understand its objectives and benefits. Wind your knowledge into action.


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  3. The ideal intern is committed, creative, organized, ambitious, independent, and able to crack a smile, whether meeting a celebrity or folding socks.

  4. Internships provide students numerous perks: They gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities.

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