Wednesday 16 August 2017

Exam Tips for Students!

Whenever a student starts studying for exam, things that come to his/her mind is: where to start from? How to start? What to do next? These are the things which are not taught in schools. A proper guidance is necessary for students preparing for exams
Here are some tips for preparation, which every student must follow during the exam time.

1.     Make a proper schedule-
Before starting anything for your preparation, it is necessary to have a proper schedule to manage time. Students should divide their time according to their needs.

2.     Do not be a bookworm
Some students have tendency to study 24*7 to get good grades in exams, which is totally wrong. If you want to score good marks and enhance your knowledge, it is better to study for few hours on daily basis than to spend the whole day in front of books.

3.     Health is wealth
You can only be able to study, if your body allows and supports you. Some students complain of headache, insomnia, back pain, and stomach ache during exam days. These problems occur only because students generally neglect their health to study, without realizing its consequences. So it is advisable to students to take a healthy and balanced diet, to sit in a comfortable posture and to not sit continuously for long hours.

Practice tests are compulsory if you are aiming high for your exams. Time to time tests are compulsory to get a proper judgment of your performance at that point of time and makes you know that which subject needs more hard work and practice.

5.     Do not go for marks only
While preparing for exams, students should remember that they are studying for excellence and not just for marks. Students today are just blindly running in rat race and their only focus is to attain the top position.  For this, they are just cramming things which is making their foundation weak. Not only students, but also parents should have a check on their child, whether he/she is just cramming or understanding things.

6.     Have plenty of sleep.
A good sleep is necessary during exam preparation time for the students. Lack of sleep can affect their concentration power and make them feel sleepy the whole day. It is important to take at least 8 hours of sleep to make your brain work healthily.

7.     Try to make most of your morning time
“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
It is not only a proverb but also a fact. Waking up early makes your mind and body sharp and active. Students, who studied for whole night, thinking that would be more beneficial, are just doing it the wrong way. Best time to study is in the morning. Try to wake up early and have a heavy breakfast and then follow your exam preparation schedule.

8.     Stay active
“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”
Never study continuously for long hours. Take a break after every one hour and take out some time for outdoor activities. This will make your body active and improve your concentration.

If, a student wants to achieve good result then remember, hard work and smart work are the keys to success. 

Written By: Himani Raghav


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