Wednesday 23 August 2017

How N.C.E.R.T Solutions can help you?

Some questions never came with an answer. Luckily the questions in N.C.E.R.T textbooks come with answers. You need to put in some efforts to find them nevertheless. For finding answers to N.C.E.R.T textbook questions, you have a few options. Let's dive directly into the options you could use to find answers to these questions. 

The first method that you could use is to buy books giving you solutions of the questions present in the N.C.E.R.T books. The solutions present in such books are detailed and comprehensive. These solutions, more often than not, are enough to suffice most of the needs of the students like you. While they come in handy when you are studying, let's face it, books aren't easy to carry around. And these books, which are highly detailed, are bulky and difficult to carry around. Many of these come in parts but then carrying those around is difficult as well.

An alternative method to the aforementioned is to use something which you carry with you almost all the time. You guessed it right, your mobile phone. Your mobile phone stays with you almost always and can act as your gateway to a lot of information. There are apps available that give you 
N.C.E.R.T textbook solutions for free or a little amount of money (much cheaper than the book would cost). These solutions are highly detailed and often give you steps to solve the problem along with references to the topics used in the solution. This is critical to you as a student since you are constantly bombarded with a lot of knowledge due to which you tend to forget which topics belong to which chapter. You can check answers just about anywhere you want to. Word of caution: when I say anywhere, it excludes the examination hall.

Mobile apps also give you links to videos explaining various concepts through animations and visualizations which makes the process of studying highly interactive. This enables you to understand the concepts better thus helping you solve the problems yourself. And trust me, solving the problem yourself would give you a certain degree of satisfaction and self-confidence which is highly appreciated when you have an exam. 

I, for one, would definitely choose mobile apps for getting solutions of N.C.E.R.T textbook questions for the reasons mentioned above. If you need more reasons, download such an app and find the reasons that appeal to you by yourself.

                                                                                            Written By: Syed Ali Mudassar

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