Saturday 5 August 2017

Why Scholarships for Students are Necessary?

In a country knees deep in poverty, scholarships for students come forth as a great means of imparting education to everyone who has the will to study but can’t afford it without some financial aid. Amongst the poor, there are a lot of people with exceptional minds struggling to get into colleges since the fee demanded by the colleges is too high. In such cases, scholarships for students come as a much needed respite from this constant act of giving up on dreams just because they don’t have enough capital to fulfill them. Look around you, there would be a lot of faces who gave up some dream or aspiration because they couldn’t get into a college because they didn’t have enough funds to pay the tuition fee for the college or the multitude of costs associated with education.

Scholarships for students are a necessity since the cost of education is rising while the economy is still going down every passing day. Due to the adverse financial conditions in the country, the need for scholarships is growing. People belonging to the middle and lower classes of the society now find it hard to obtain the funds for the education they seek to get. Everything is getting so expensive that a lot of households can’t even afford hostels for their kids, and hence the students have to commute from their homes which is preferably somewhere close to their residence since even commuting has become a costly affair these days. Taking education loans is no longer a good option since people have a lot of debt already, and education loans just add up to the pile. Hence it all comes down to scholarships. While education is costly, it is definitely worth the amount of pain you would go through for achieving it. So, if any of this scared you, don’t be afraid since the road might seem tough, but the destination makes it worth the while. Such is the power that education yields. And scholarships just make it easier for you to reach out to own the power yourself.

We at Talent4Assure run BEST, our program which provides scholarships for students who are underprivileged as well those students who deserve the scholarship, because let’s face it, the number of students who don’t need any scholarships to study is quite low given the current state of the economy. By providing scholarships for students who deserve the scholarship, we try to reinforce the ideal education system we have in our minds wherein education is within the reach of all those who seek to get educated.

Written By : Syed Ali Mudassar


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