Friday, 25 August 2017

Job: Just another benefit of Education!

Today in this blog, a very common but important topic would undergo discussion: Is Education only a medium to get employed? Are millions of children today receiving education just to get hired and follow a routine as exciting as watching a paint dry? By saying that “Getting hired is the only objective of receiving education” you are limiting the endless possibilities the word “Education” has in store for you.

For instance let’s take an example of William Shakespeare: One of the greatest playwrights, poets and actors of English Language. All he had in hand was his education and knowledge that lead him to be a great personality. Never in his life did he apply for a job or even urged to get one. He knew that his education alone could make him stand out of the rest of the world and that was true. Even today Shakespeare is known as an eminent personality of literature and his play entertain and educate the masses. Such is the importance of education!

The fact that education and job are two distinct factors is clearly relatable from the above narrated example. Education has the power to create opportunities for an individual. If one is educated he does not have to ramshackle the market for jobs! Jobs on the other had are just a medium to earn a living. Millionaires and Multimillionaires today are at a level not because of their job but because of their education. As I mentioned earlier: “Education is a very vast word” and not just restricted to classroom training. It is education that builds up the confidence in you and instills in you the practical knowledge of the outside world. It makes you capable enough to equip your vital life skills. You can easily communicate with people of different age groups, standards and personalities and expand your knowledge.

Do not misinterpret my idea, as education is not the key to getting jobs is not what I meant to say. Let me make it more vivid to you in simpler words!

Education is like that topmost branch of a hierarchy which has both professional and personal benefits. It depends on the individual on how he wishes to grow the tree or can work them go hand in hand because I must say that restricting yourself to just getting jobs may prove to be a savage decision for you in the future!
Written By: Anamika Jakhmola

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