Friday 4 August 2017

Importance of NCERT Books

No society can progress forward without educated people. The importance of education was realised by the Indian government and hence, in 1986, the National policy on Education was approved by Indian parliament and a national system of education was created. The National policy on education recommended a common core education system called NCERT throughout the country. NCERT books are designed keeping in mind the child’s psychological level and the solutions of the questions designed depend upon the understanding of the chapters incorporated in the NCERT books. Most of the schools in India use NCERT books to complete the syllabus designed by CBSE.

The knowledge that NCERT books have and the solutions of the questions designed can make the children or students aware and updated while making them open minded. But to understand and make good use of all of the information inside the NCERT book, it is very important that after acquiring knowledge from the NCERT book in the school, it is tested over again when the student returns back home. The easiest way to test one's understanding of the chapter taught in the school is by going through the NCERT book solutions. This could be easily achieved by testing one’s self by solving questions designed from the very depth of the chapter. Students need a set of questions that not only tests the knowledge of the student but also motivates them to apply their understanding of the chapter in the NCERT books to solve the questions. If the questions designed for the student’s self enhancement is based over each and every line of the chapter then the student would have to read the chapter again and again to solve each and every question of the NCERT book solution set paper. Reading chapter again and again would not only help the student to solve each and every question of the set paper but would also enhance the knowledge and understanding of the chapter which would eventually help the student to apply his/her knowledge to the practical world.

The knowledge gained through education from NCERT books always enhances the confidence of an individual to compete with the outer world. Right education means right knowledge and with right education and knowledge one can be more productive not only towards the society but also towards the nation and to the very large extent towards the entire world.

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava 
(Subject Matter Expert, Geography)


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