Thursday, 31 August 2017

A step by step guide to improve your Study Skills.

Struggling to be a good student? Not to worry at all, it isn’t any magic. It only requires consistent efforts, little hard work and complete dedication. No one is born a perfect student. Everyone just follows a simple methodology of constant practice. This practice involves some steps:
  1. Prepare a Time Table
A timetable is a must to start an effective learning. It helps one to organize the subjects properly. With the help of a timetable, one can balance the subjects and can denote equal time to all the subjects.

  1. Discover your Learning Style
One should be able to identify one’s level of knowledge and understanding. The perfect way of studying should be clear to a student.

  1. Inculcate Reading Habit
A student must develop the habit of effective reading. Reading helps to increase the word power and enhances the vocabulary too. Effective reading builds imagination and broadens the mind. Thus, reading is one of the most important aspects of developing skills.

  1. Improve Notes-Making
Apart from reading, one should also note down important points and must ponder them. This will help in revising a topic quickly and precisely.

  1. Improve Listening Skills
A popular quote says,”If speech is silver, silence is gold.” This is a worthy point to think. Sometimes, it is worthy to be quiet. It helps to grow one's understanding. If we speak, we only say what we know but if we listen we will come to know what we are unaware of. A better listening contributes to better understanding.

  1. Improve your Communication
Good communication skills attract the people towards us. Our ideas and the way we express them introduce our true self. The more intellectual we are, the more influential we become. Thus, it is very important to socialize and communicate with people of good intellectuality.

One should also take a regular revision test on the basis of his understanding of the topic. This will help the student to assess his learning. Online tests and quiz portals are helpful for this assessment.

  1. Avoid Distraction
In order to become a good student and an effective learner, one should avoid distractions. They may be internal or external. There should not be any second thoughts at the time of learning. These may include television, games, computer, mobiles and also diversion of thoughts.

  1. Take Refreshing Breaks
You all might have heard,”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This follows in learning as well. Continuous studying can make anyone dumb. So, breaks are necessary to relax the mind and give it a refreshing exercise.

These simple steps can help you to not only become a good student but also an effective learner. So, get started today and revise your plans and take a step towards excellence.

All the Best to all!

Written by: Shalini Chauhan


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