Tuesday 29 August 2017

Why we love Study Material. (And you should too!)

What will be the first thing you do when you start studying? - A search for the perfect study material. Now what exactly is study material and how does it different from books?
Books are the combination of every minute detail and a long explanation of each and every topic whereas the study material is basically the study notes and the short and important explanation of the topics. Students can go with books when they have plenty of time and the purpose of studying is to enhance the knowledge. But if students are just left with few days before exam, they must go for study material or study notes.

Why study material is useful?
Study material is useful because now students want short and easy explanation of everything which they can learn and understand easily. Many techniques are used by the sellers to make their study material attractive and understandable. They even use flow charts and diagram. There is a fact that students can learn quickly and for longer time with visual images as compared to theory. So those who make these notes idea, they should focus on the diagrams, charts, graphs, images to explain the topic.

With the help of these study notes for classes, students can easily attain good marks in exam. He/she just need to understand things properly. A good study material for exam can replace a teacher if it is made in proper manner.

What are things that keep in mind before making study material?
It is made to make things easy not complicated and the main purpose of the study notes is that student do not need a teacher to make things simplified for himself/herself. So they should be made in the manner that student can just read the topic and it remains in his/her head. He/she do need to do cramming. Cramming and learning can make things worse for student because only learning can make student to forget the things in few days. But if he/she focuses on understanding the topic with the visual images, he/she remembers things even after exams and for longer period.

 A proper understanding of the topic is compulsory to get good marks.  And a proper understanding needs a proper study material

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