Tuesday 15 August 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day
Greetings to all the readers or should I say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL! I think today no greetings will be more suitable other than this.
Our nation, our motherland, has completed 70 years of, its independence, and its freedom. It was the dawn of August 15, 1947 when our first prime minister Late Pt. Nehru unfurled the tricolour and addressed the nation with pride and honour. It was this day when our motherland came to life actually.  This milestone was not achieved in one day but took 200 and numerous efforts by our countrymen.
I can imagine, how difficult it would have been to spend the night of August 14. I am sure nobody had fallen asleep that night. Every eye was full of new dreams, new desires and new hope. Everyone was full of enthusiasm. They were going to become a part of that historical moment which will embark a new beginning of our nation on global paths.

We have come a long way since then. INDIA has emerged as one of the supreme power of the world today. It has proved that once started no destination is far enough to be reached, once thought no work is impossible to complete. Our toil and efforts have made our country to shine on the world map. The fact that , a country where not even a needle was manufactured before Independence, is now the world's largest steel producer and exporter, is enough to convey that What we have become and where we have come.
The country which had been looted several times by the invaders, still today contributes 6.3% share of world's income, the fourth largest in the world in terms of real GDP.

The country which was once lagging behind in the field of education, which could not give enough resources to its citizens, where people were not even aware of themselves, has now come on that point of its journey where it has the calibre to make people admire of its achievement. The time when missiles and nuclear power were only possible for some powerful economies, India was working on its first missile. Today here we are, India has given milestones like AGNI and PRITHVI.
How can anyone forget the foundation of science and technology, the Mathematics. It was us, our country, India who gave the world the Number System and the ZERO which is the basic of number system.
India has given the world many remarkable personalities like Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Dr. C.V.Raman, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and so many more. This list is so big that I can't name every one of them.
These 70 years have brought so much for us that it is impossible for me to even bind half of it in this single post
But yes, a thing which always curts me from inside is that there are still some areas where we still lag behind, where we have to still work a lot. The main domain is the thinking of people. Even today, there exists some people who have a narrow thinking. They still live in the, so called, Orthodox society. In this 21st century where women are doing much better than men in almost every field, some people still think women to be a home material. The aggression and the insensitivity of the young generation was not something which our leaders dreamt of. When I see newspapers burning with rape issues, for a moment, I feel shameful being an Indian. When I see any child with eyes craving for food, craving for knowledge, I feel helpless being an Indian.
We must realize the fact that we are not known by the country but the country is known by us. If we, the Indians, will not uplift our nation then who else will.
We need to realize that something Independence is not something materialistic but it is realistic. Independence is when we will really be free from these stereotypes and when we will really understand the essence of it.

The day, we will achieve this independence, will be the real independence for every one of us. That day, I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN, will be of real meaning to all of us.

Keep working to bring the change not for one day but for every day. Make everyday an INDEPENDENCE DAY!
Written By: Shalini Chauhan


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