Tuesday 19 December 2017

How Machine Learning is a Boon in Disguise

How machine learning is a boon in disguise

In light of new registering innovations, machine adapting today isn't care for machine learning of the past. It was conceived from design acknowledgment and the hypothesis that PCs can learn without being modified to perform particular assignments; scientists inspired by counterfeit consciousness needed to check whether PCs could gain from information. The iterative part of machine learning is critical in light of the fact that as models are presented to new information, they can freely adjust. They gain from past calculations to deliver dependable, repeatable choices and results. It's a science that is not new – but rather one that has increased new energy.
Machine learning is a strategy for information investigation that robotizes diagnostic model building. It is a branch of computerized reasoning in view of machines ought to have the capacity to learn and adjust through involvement. While many machine learning calculations have been around for quite a while, the capacity to consequently apply complex numerical figurings to huge information – again and again, quicker and speedier – is a current improvement. Here are a few questions that would help you  know about machine learning: 

Why is machine learning imperative?
Resurging enthusiasm for machine learning is because of similar variables that have made information mining and Bayesian examination more prevalent than any other time in recent memory. Things like developing volumes and assortments of accessible information, computational preparing that is less expensive and all the more intense and moderate information stockpiling.
These things mean it's conceivable to rapidly and consequently create models that can break down greater, more perplexing information and convey speedier, more exact outcomes – even on a vast scale. What's more, by building exact models, an association has a superior possibility of recognizing beneficial open doors – or dodging obscure dangers. By utilizing calculations to assemble models that reveal associations, associations can settle on better choices without human intercession.

Who is utilizing it?
Most enterprises working with a lot of information have perceived the estimation of machine learning innovation. By gathering bits of knowledge from this information – regularly continuously – associations can work all the more productively or pick up leeway over contenders.

Money related administrations
Banks and different organizations in the money related industry utilize machine learning innovation for two key purposes: to distinguish critical bits of knowledge in information, and anticipate misrepresentation. The bits of knowledge can distinguish speculation openings, or enable financial specialists to know when to exchange. Information mining can likewise recognize customers with high-hazard profiles, or utilize cyber surveillance to pinpoint cautioning indications of extortion.

Government organizations, for example, open security and utilities have a specific requirement for machine learning since they have various wellsprings of information that can be dug for bits of knowledge. Examining sensor information, for instance, distinguishes approaches to build productivity and spare cash. Machine learning can likewise help recognize extortion and limit data fraud.

Human services
Machine learning is a quickly developing pattern in the medicinal services industry, because of the approach of wearable gadgets and sensors that can utilize information to survey a patient's wellbeing progressively. The innovation can likewise enable medicinal specialists to investigate information to recognize patterns or warnings that may prompt enhanced judgments and treatment.

Showcasing and deals
Sites suggesting things you may like in view of past buys are utilizing machine figuring out how to examine your purchasing history – and advance different things you'd be occupied with. This capacity to catch information, examine it and utilize it to customize a shopping background (or execute a showcasing effort) is the eventual fate of retail.

Oil and gas
Finding new vitality source, examining minerals in the ground, anticipating refinery sensors, streamlining oil dispersion to make it more productive and savvy are some of the major uses of machine learning in this industry.  The quantity of machine learning use cases for this industry is tremendous – and as yet growing.

Dissecting information to recognize examples and patterns is vital to the transportation business, which depends on making courses more proficient and anticipating potential issues to expand gainfulness. The information investigation and demonstrating parts of machine learning are critical devices to conveyance organizations, open transportation and other transportation associations.

There are still many major benefits of machine learning that have not been covered here but I hope you have got an idea of how extensive the uses of machine learning are and that it would eventually revolutionize the world.

Saturday 9 December 2017



Wondering why the cut off for SSC CGL Tier-I goes so high? How students are able to score such
high score in their CGL exams and you are not able to do so. The answer lies in the difference
of your way of practising. Some students practice using sample papers while others give various
online tests but test series for SSC-CGL is the most helpful tool. Less than 2 months are left for
SSC CGL Tier-I examinations and I am quite sure that you all must be confused about what to
study and what not? Whether to prepare for Science, Mathematics, and General Awareness or
for English, History, and Polity. With so much to prepare for within such a limited time, is really
a very difficult task but Test series for SSC-CGL will help you reach your targets. Here is how you
can do so

SSC-CGL test series help you know the exact pattern:

Preparing for SSC Exam 2018 is not that easy. And with a variety of sources to study from, it
becomes more difficult. But, if you take regular tests then you would become more focused and
goal oriented. SSC-CGL test series gives you a definite way to prepare for the examination. If
you have an idea of the pattern of the actual question paper, you would be able to decide on
what areas you can improve yourself and in what areas you excel.

Test series of SSC-CGL help you in proper time management:

Yes! Of course! If you know that how many questions of what chapters will come where then
you can easily decide on your strategy to attempt the question paper. You can attempt the easy
questions first and the time-consuming ones later. Also, regularly taking tests for SSC-CGL
examination 2018, you would improve a lot on your speed. As you know speed plays a major
part in SSC-CGL examinations, this would definitely help you achieve good marks in your

Get up-to-date syllabus based questions of the SSC_CGL examination:

Test series are prepared on the basis of the changed SSC Online Examination Pattern of 2018.
The mocks encompass a range of questions that match the level of frequently asked questions,
previous year questions, and new pattern questions. Questions based on the expected changes
in the pattern of upcoming examinations are provided as well. This makes the preparation
handy for the students.

Proper implementation of every rule:

Knowing rules and shortcuts when preparing for the SSC-CGL exam is very important but what
is more important is the implementation of these rules and shortcuts. Unless and until you are
aware of how and where these rules can be applied to find easy solutions to the questions they
are of no use. Test series for SSC-CGL ensures this implementation. With a variety of questions
of all subjects to attempt, all the important topics are covered. This increases the possibility of
those questions appearing in the examinations. Ultimately helping you achieve better grades.

Online test series for SSC_CGL save time and money:

Wasting your time; turning the pages of various books and buying new ones which your friends
and teachers have recommended, when there is so less time for the examination is not a great
idea. Now, is the time to do smart study and therefore, attempt for test series of SSC-CGL on
SelfEnabler. This will not only save your money of buying different books but also save your
time in going through those books. Here, you can find a number of test series and also study
material that will help you prepare well for the examination.

Helps you know how to prepare the online SSC-CGL examination:

Since the SSC_CGL examination has become online since 2016, it is essential that the applicants
have an idea of how to attempt an online examination. Don’t worry even if you haven’t appeared for an online examination before. Test series for SSC-CGL on SelfEnabler will give you
a gist of how to do so. And that is why it is important for you to take these online tests. This will
also save you from the last time hassle and avoid any confusion in the examination hall.

In-builds the confidence and calm in you:

When you know the exam pattern, the type of questions that would appear on the
examination, how you would go about the online examination process then I don’t think that
there is anything for you to worry about. It is very important for you to maintain your calm and
posture before the exam and only then would you be able to score well in the SSC-CGL exam.

Test Series for SSC CGL hence prove to be a saviour when examinations are just around the
corner. And if you prepare for the examination using these test series right from the beginning
and on a regular basis, then you surely succeed in your exam.
                                                                                                                            Written By:
                                                                                                                            Anamika Jakhmola

Friday 1 December 2017



Many say that English in itself is a very funny and confusing language which is written in some other manner and spoken in some other manner. Truly, I won’t deny the fact. In some cases, it is so. English Grammar is as vast as a sea. The more you explore the lesser it is.   On one hand, we have similar sounding words with different meaning: homophones, while on the other hand, we have different words which carry the same meaning. Also, there are words which are written differently but pronounced in some other manner. But let’s come to the point. How important do you think pronunciation is in English Grammar? If you think that it is of no relevance then you are totally of a wrong perception.
Today, when English has become compulsory for everybody to know, so has it become important for everybody to speak English correctly with the correct pronunciation? Yes, it is pronunciation that I am talking about. Correct pronunciation can do wonders while an incorrect one can do disasters as well. If Grammar is the key to your success then correct pronunciation is the lock hole without which there is no path to unlock the door. All that may sound a little too dramatical to you, but to explain the real importance of correct pronunciation, here are some major factors that English pronunciation affects your life.  

Saves You from Misunderstandings:
The correct pronunciation saves you from any kind of confusion. Even if you have a vast vocabulary but you lack the ability to speak them correctly, that vast vocabulary is truly a waste.  Just because your teachers and your friends easily understand what you mean to say, doesn’t mean that you have good speaking skills. However, skillful you are, it all goes in the drain if you have no pronunciation skills.
Only when you explore and talk to different people will you get to know where you stand. Often it happens that when you pronounce a word incorrectly the listener tends to take the word for some other one and here is where the major issue rises and confusion begins. It is better to save yourself from such a situation.

If You Pronounce it Right, You Tend to Write it Correctly:
Yes, this is a fact. Speaking English is after all not such a difficult task and writing it is even simpler if you know the correct pronunciation. For example, if you take the word: hierarchy. Here, if you pronounce it wrongly like Hi-r-ki you would pen it down the wrong way: Hierchy. But if you pronounce it correctly instead: Hi-er-r-ki then you would write it down correctly: Hierarchy. Yes, that is where the major difference lies. Correct pronunciation would hence make thing easier for you.

The First Impression:
Yes! As they say that the first impression is the last one and what and how you speak plays a major part in it. In future, if you go for debates, interviews and any such activity, the moment you open your mouth is when you impose an impact of your personality on the listener. And believe me; if you are not good with your pronunciations, then better be because this will immensely help you in your future. Not only for your academic level but also for your future career prospects which are the most important than anything else.
Gears the Confidence in You:
Last but not the least! Good pronunciation skills imbibe the self-confidence in you. And nothing is better if you carry that self-confidence in you. Be it any social platform, if you are confident with your speaking skills then you would surely succeed. This confidence would indirectly also enhance your personality and would speak for you. It would also impose a great impact on the listeners and boom! That’s what you want!

Well, now you have seen how important speaking skills and correct pronunciations are in your life. So, if you are unsure with your pronunciations, find books for yourself and do not forget to take the help of a dictionary. Learn new and exciting words, improve your vocabulary and yes learn the correct pronunciations of course. Also, if you have any confusion regarding the pronunciation of any word then comment below and I would definitely help you out.
Happy Learning!

                                                                                                                                      Written By:

                                                                                                                                    Anamika Jakhmola

Friday 24 November 2017

Perfectness is all about Continuous Reading and Writing

Perfectness is all about Continuous Reading and Writing

Students, after all the hustle and confusion, ultimately come down to only one question “How can I score good marks in my exam?” Though scoring good marks in exams is not the only thing one should worry about, somewhere that is also important and after all, it is not a tough row to hoe. You all might have heard a saying” Practice makes a man perfect”, but this is only applicable when you actually set to practice every day. What? I think I can phantom the next question that is popping into your mind. Are you asking how or what to practice from? That’s when you yourself answer your question that how can you score good marks in your exam: Volume Study. Yes, you heard me right! The more the volume of study resources you have, the better you learn!  The amount of study material you have for your learning matters.
The volume of study materials gives you a variety to learn from. This not only gives you numerable options for learning but also broadens your knowledge on any individual topic or concept. Also, the more you learn from the better ideas you have. For example, if we talk about subjects like Math, the more questions you practice, the more idea you get about what kind of questions have a probability of coming in the exams. This also expands your knowledge about the variance that can be made in different questions and helps you get a better grasp in the subject. Also for theoretical subjects like History, Geography, and others, students can find different types of questions of every chapter and hence this makes learning easier.
Reading and learning from a large volume of study material will also develop the confidence in you that will help you to appear in the examinations or in any completion in the future. One can only speak confidently on a topic when he has a vast knowledge and experience in it and large volumes of study material will help you gain that. This will automatically affect your result and lead to a positive rise in your marks. Students will also get a lot of valuable substance to write in their examinations. For example if a student of CBSE class 10 has to appear for his English exam and has studied from numerable resources, and knows how a single literary theory can be explained in 10 different ways and has 10 different explanations, that theory would not only have a clear idea of the theory in their minds but also will be able to write better on it adding his own ideas and understanding of the topic.
To support this kind of development of the children, SelfEnabler has been designed.  SelfEnabler is an alternate solution to your problem of scoring good grades in the examination. This is a one-stop destination where you can find not only notes and syllabus of the classes of ICSE and CBSE boards but also find model test papers, previous year question papers, sample papers and various other practice papers to help you get what you want to achieve. As digitally the world is fast progressing, e-learning has also touched new heights and has become very easy. One does not always have to sit with bundles of books in front of them but can look up for anything on 5the web and e-learning portals like SelfEnabler have made it much easier.

So, I think I have clearly explained that what really matters while reading and writing are the large volumes of study resources that you have to have with you to practice. This is the only remedy that could get you good marks in the examination and not put the entire burden on you during exam times. Well, I hope that you would definitely try to work on this solution and get better marks in your next exam.
All the best!
Written By:
                                                                                                                                        Anamika Jakhmola

Tuesday 21 November 2017

How to get good marks in exam by focusing

How to get good marks in exam by focusing

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘FOCUS’? Well if I talk about myself, last night when I sat to contemplate over this word the very first thing that delivered the importance of focus in my mind was Arjun’s fish’s eye aim story. You all must have heard about it but if you haven’t let me help you recollect of how it goes. Guru DronaCharya while teaching the Pandava’s archery had asked to test his students tied a wooden fish high on a tree above a pool of water, and asked each student, one by one, to take the archer’s stance. He instructed them to aim their bow and arrow at the fish’s eye while looking only at its reflection in the water below. While each student could notice every small thing around, like the tree, the pond and others, Arjun was the only one who focused on the fish’s eye and was successful in aiming at it. That is how much focus matters! So students if scoring good grades in your exams is your fish’s eye but you are under the dilemma that how to get good marks, here are some ways in which focusing will help you aim at it.

Focusing will help you set your targets :
Setting targets for your exams is an answer to how to get good marks in exams. But this will only be possible when you will be able to focus and analyze that how much of the syllabus can you complete in a fixed period of time. With this trick, you would also be able to figure out that how in what time will you be able to complete the whole syllabus and later how much time would you be able to devote to your revision.For instance, if you think that how to get good marks in maths, then this will surely help and thus, in a way, it would help in an effective time management.
Focus helps you learn in no time :
A minimum of 4 hours of focus while studying in a day is equal to a day fully spent on studying without focus. Hence, you save a lot of time. It isn’t always necessary that during your exams you have to spend the whole day sitting in front of your books while your mind and focus are wandering to distant lands. This is of no use. Doing other things like playing is also equally important and you can easily spare time for these even in your exams if you study with all your focus.
Focus while studying helps you remember for a longer duration :
The major question of board students is how to score good marks in 10th board exams and an easy answer is by focusing. Anything and everything that you read with all your concentration and focus will surely be there in your mind even after a couple of years. This will not only help you score well in your academic examinations but will also be helpful if you appear for any competitive examination and also help you in the future. Because minor things are easy to slip off our minds if studied with concentration will surely last there for long.
Focus yields to productivity :
Productivity will only happen when you focus on one thing at a time. Never in your life will you be able to succeed if you do not focus your mind on one thing. For instance, you are studying physics with full concentration and suddenly you start studying history, then you would not be able to study either because your focus was shifted and hence this would yield to zero productivity. Neither would you be able to score well in Physics nor in History. Science is another major subject where students are trying to figure out how to get good marks in science.  Multitasking may seem productive but it actually isn’t.
Focus directs your creativity :
Creativity is a part of every subject at today’s academic level be it Math, Chemistry, English, Geography or any other subject, each requires imagination which yields to creativity. When you focus and imagine you begin to understand things better and therefore are able to reason yourself better which results in the further discovery of new concepts and theories and also endless possibilities. It also develops your interest in many subjects and this is how to get good marks and you begin enjoying learning even more. Hence, in a way, focus helps you direct your creativity.
Now you know how important it is to focus on anything that you are studying so that it does not hamper your progress as you go to higher academic levels. And why only about the examinations, you should maintain a balance and focus on anything you do in the future as well. Focus on what you want to be, what you want to achieve, what you are currently studying and believe me you will truly succeed in the future. As of for now, focus on your examinations and you will know how to score good marks in board exams and do let us know if this article was in any way helpful to you.
All the best!

Friday 17 November 2017

How to focus on study before exam

How to focus on study before exam

Examinations are very important in deciding the future of a student, especially the class 10th and class 12th final exams conducted by the respective central boards. Every exam is important and requires dedicated and best preparation. SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure is a website that helps a student prepare, improve and attend the exams by providing students with the adequate study materials. They also help the students and make them understand how to focus on studying for an examination.
The expert crew at SelfEnabler from Talent4Assure trains the student to score the highest marks in the examination. But, the real hard work and learning should be done by the student alone; it is all up to the work and motivation he/she has.
The process of learning and the way of learning are different in different students and therefore it is not possible for someone to create an exact pattern or procedure one should follow to score good marks. But there are some general ways, tips, and tricks that a student can follow in order to obtain best results, and these are just the basic methods/instruction which can be improvised according to the student’s skills and as he/she finds it suitable and helping.
  • Study daily without fail –

In order to get good marks, the students should not waste time. Utilize the time you get and don’t leave it to study at the last minute of the exam.  The student should always be preparing for the examination and not all students can thrive on last-minute cramming. Majority of the students who have scored good marks at the examination have followed the method of studying daily.
This gives the students more time and can find ways to enhance their time management skills. One of the other reasons to follow this method is that every subject in the syllabus is not the same. A student can take more time to understand one subject than other subjects and it totally depends on their skills. Studying daily thus provides them more time to sort out the flaws and prepare a timetable and work.
  • Always choose a study space without distractions

A student has only a few hours to study daily after his/her school hours. They should be able to utilize this time to the maximum, so for better efficiency, the students must choose a study place at his/her home that is away from any distraction. The students should be able to focus on the subject without any external disturbances.

Always choose a place that is neat and tidy. Whenever you sit to study, first check if you are comfortable with the environment, make sure everything is arranged and in order. A neat, organized and calm environment makes your brain feel relaxed and enhances your learning skills.
  • Try to visualize everything you learn –

Brains have a tendency to remember and store more visual and interesting matters. Every time you learn something new, try to relate it to real life incident or try to visualize it. This can help you remember the points easily. One of the effective ways is to draw flowcharts, diagrams and also write down the notes in points. This would make your revisions easier. SelfEnabler from Talent4Assure follows this procedure in every note prepared.
  • Try to attend more tests, do self-assessment

There is nothing more that can help you improve your knowledge than attending test papers and questions all by yourself. This helps the students to understand his/her mistakes and make changes; in another word, this gives the students a chance for self-assessment. Self-assessment helps the students get motivated and to dig deep into the subject and gain more knowledge. The SelfEnabler from Talent4Assure uses this technique in every program. The summative and formative assessment incorporated into all training, coaching and tuition classes ensures this.
  • Relax, take regular break time –

The more hours you commit to studies the more knowledge you gain. This does not mean that a student should sit and study continuously for several hours. Studies have shown that several hours of continuous study could be counterproductive, and for long-term retention of knowledge taking a regular break to relax really helps. So remember always take a little time off your study desk, enjoy the sunlight and relax regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water and snack on brain food –

Experts say that it is best to keep away from junk food when examination dates are near. Keep your brain fuelled by having nutritious food that has proved to improve concentration and memory. Nuts, fish, yogurt, fruits are some of the best food that can boost your brain for better results.
  • Be motivated and self-confident –

Being motivated is one of the major driving forces that helps you to work hard and achieve your goals. Always stay focused and motivated. Set your goals. Test your skills like mentioned above. Attending mock tests and solving sample papers can improve your skills and make you self-confident, this, in turn, helps you to reproduce your knowledge better and score best marks. This is why SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure customer/student has to attend and solve a number of sample papers and attend mock tests.

All the above-mentioned methods are proved to be efficient and were opinions noted by experts and successful people.

Tuesday 14 November 2017

The importance of parent-teacher Communication

The importance of parent-teacher communication

SelfEnabler is an educational website that provides add-ons for school students and also provides coaching and training for different entrance tests and other exams.  Talent4Assure is the subsidiary website of SelfEnabler that provides services like content management, creative coding, online-offline pre-recruitment, and assessments etc. Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler have successfully created and established apps for parents and students like school communication app and software, teacher-parent communication app and SelfEnabler school parent app which acts as a parent-teacher communicator and also helps in parent-school communication. These apps also help to send notes to parents from the teacher.
Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler consider the communication between parent and teacher very crucial and keep a track of the entire student detail and take an upper hand to send a note to parents from the teacher. This note will contain every detail of the student’s performance and also reviews from teachers.
Parent-school communication or parent-teacher communication is very important. Your children’s teacher is one among the top influential people in their life, teachers tend to spend around 6 hours with the student daily and this can be more than the time that a parent spends with their children. So, a teacher knows well enough about your child and at the same time, the parent also knows about their children.
Therefore, there are many advantages if the parent-teacher communicate and work together. One such use is that it provides a great opportunity for parents to discuss the student’s progress, share details about the student’s strength and needs, and also it enables to work with staff/teacher to help the student do well in their studies. Normally, parent-teacher communications at school happens at monthly intervals but Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler school parent app provide an option to set the interval and get reviews about the student’s performance instantly.
SelfEnabler follows the procedure of sending a detailed report of the student’s performance in class test and also of weekly as well as monthly examinations. At SelfEnabler once the staff has completed a specific chapter or an important topic, a class test is conducted, this enables the staff to analyze if the student understood the topic and then provide help if found his/her performance is lower than what is required. The performance detail and analysis from staff is then send as a report to the parent soon after the exam, through SelfEnabler parent-teacher communication app. This, in turn, helps the parent keep a track of their child’s performance and improvement.
Now, if you still have the question of what is the importance of parent-teacher communication there is another explanation to the question, as teachers are experts in teaching, but parents know best about their children. Parents know exactly what their child likes and dislikes, and also what their children are good at and what they struggle with. Parents know the learning style and if there are any other issues going on that might be affecting their children’s learning at school. A good parent-school communication is essential to make sure that the school staff can tailor their approach to students and improve the students learning experience. Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler school parent app were created as a solution to this issue and as a parent-teacher communicator.
The experienced staff at SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure is happy and dedicated to share the issues and help the students overcome their flaws in studies. The teacher-parent communication app designed and provided from Talent4Assure facilitates a conversation between the parent and staff, this, in turn, can provide parents tips and ways they can help the child at home that would improve the child’s learning experience in the classroom.
Once John H. Wherry, Ed.D., President of the parent Institute said “The evidence of parent-teacher communication can make a significant difference in a student’s achievement is beyond question” and it is true. When parents get involved in a student’s education, the student takes more responsibility for their learning and so their accountability is heightened.
SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure sends a note to parents from the teacher that provides every academic detail of the student. This helps the parent to open a dialogue for discussing progress, offer advice, and provide a helping hand in their projects or hopefully congratulating them for their performance at school. This can make the student more motivated, set a goal and work to achieve the goal.
A recent study by SelfEnabler of Talent4Assure has found out the following.
Student’s with parents involved in their education and having frequent parent-teacher communication have fewer behavioral problems and tend to exhibit better academic performance.
Students with parent-teacher communication, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to score high marks and test scores, get admissions in top colleges, be promoted from each class, earn credits and appreciation.

Talent4Assure aims at improving the communication between parent and their children and that’s the reason why we provide teacher-parent communication app. Talent4Assure services are not for namesake but only aims to create a better future and career for the students.

Friday 10 November 2017

11 Features that let you choose between Android & iOS

11 Features that let you choose between Android & iOS

Android and iOS are two of the best Mobile operating systems available in the market right now. The Android built by Google and iOS built by Apple have no competitors, not even blackberry or windows phone are a comparable match for these major OS.
It is obvious that Android dominates the world smartphone market by virtue of its presence in wider smartphone ranges and is being used by many smartphone makers. But Apple made iOS has maintained their position as one of the top OS in the market even if they have only a relatively minuscule number of device sales in the market each year.
For the past few years, iPhone has chosen September as the month for launching their new devices. While a new Android device is almost launched daily. The good news is that both the OS are excellent. They have far more in common than what divides them. But there are some important differences that you need to consider while choosing between them and they are as follows.
Battery Standby –
When considering Android and iOS operating system battery consumption, it is pretty difficult to decide anything. The iOS operating system has been carefully designed to consume less battery power. At the same time, the same thing has been considered while building the Android OS. It is a fact that the battery backup depends entirely on the user and on their mode of usage.
But if we consider Android-based smartphone models, there are several different makers that provide a variety of Android-based mobile phones with a different battery pack. This can range from 1000mAh to something around 10000mAh. But at the same time, iOS-based smartphones are built by Apple only and the battery pack has no considerable changes.

Security –
With security being a major concern, there are many rare instances where the user data and privacy have been breached by a malware or virus through apps. While taking into consideration the operating systems of these smartphones, most of the cases were reported on an Android-based smartphone. This is because of the reason that most of the Android-based smartphones allow 3rd party software installation from any websites outside the Play Store and has less restriction on it. But the iOS operating system does not allow any 3rd party software that is available outside the App Store. This reduces the risk of malware and viruses.

We can’t deny the fact that iOS operating system is far more secure than Android OS, and there have been instances where the Apple went to war with the FBI to guarantee the user privacy and encryption.

Customizability –
When it comes to this feature, it is a well-known fact that no other operating system allows such wide customizability than Android does. This has been one of the major strengths of the Android operating system over the years. Android OS lets you change your theme and even the layout of your home screen.  There are also added features like adding widgets, shortcuts and even change the UI (User Interface) with new launchers.

But in the case of iOS, there are very limited options for widgets and there is a restriction for its usability, iOS allows changing the layout of the home screen and other backgrounds but does not allow altering the UI. The freedom you feel while using the Android OS cannot be felt while using an iOS because of these restrictions in customizability.

Processor –
Apple iOS and Google Android when compared on the basis of the processor, a decision is tough to be made. Most of the Android devices with same price range as iOS devices have much higher processor specifications. But users have felt the iOS devices to work smoother than the Android devices. While many high-end Android OS devices have powerful processors but they pale in comparison with Apple iOS devices. The Processors used in iOS devices are more powerful and are designed for iOS alone. The comparison made between iOS and Android processors, Apple’s hardware defeats most of its competitors in a single-thread processing power.

Memory –
While memory is considered, we have to look at the RAM management and internal memory in both OS. In iOS devices, the memory option is limited to inbuilt memory and cannot be expanded in any devices until now, at the same time Android has internal memory and also allows expandable memory options. This is one of the drawbacks of iOS. But we have to take into consideration that iOS device come with a minimum internal memory of 16GB, but Android devices at the same price range have different internal memory ranges.
Android has much more RAM specs than an iOS device but, iOS runs more smoothly than android that exhibits a lag on several occasions. This is because of the difference in architecture and functioning of both OS. iOS pause the minimized app functions during multitasking, but at the same time, Android keeps the app running even after minimizing. So there is always free RAM on an iOS.
Updates –
iOS offers consistent and timely OS updates and also security patches. But when it comes to Android OS such updates that could match the iOS is offered only on Google’s Pixel smartphones.
According to the recent study done by the Mixpanel research 50% of the total iOS-based devices run on the latest version of iOS. But by contrast, only 0.2% of Android devices run on the latest Android update.

Affordability –
This is one of the features that every customer would consider and we can’t deny the fact that the Android OS devices are available in different price ranges and even comes at a very cheap rate. But the iOS-based devices from Apple come at a fixed price range and it never comes down below this price range.

Apps & App Store –
When the Apps and App store is considered in an Android OS and iOS the recent survey shows that Android has 2.8 million apps whereas the iOS has 2.2 million apps. Within this number of apps, there are free and paid apps, but Android OS App store named as Play Store has more number of free apps when compared to the iOS App Store. iOS restricts many apps on their platform which lacks quality and privacy, this is a reason why iOS is considered more safe and secure. Traditionally the most of the useful and popular apps were introduced in the iOS platform first. But there have been changes now and apps started to be introduced equally in the Android platform too.

Camera –
This is a difficult category to compare. But, still, iOS platform has consistently maintained the quality of their camera for years. But the premium model Android phones especially the new Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has the best camera so far. As I mentioned earlier, this is not consistent with the Android OS platform and different makers have a different quality camera on their smartphones. But if you ask me which OS provides the best camera on all their smartphones, my answer would definitely be iOS.

Cloud Services –
Here taking into consideration the offers from iOS and Android makers Google and Apple. The Android cloud service which is named Google Drive offers 15GB free storage of any files and has cross-platform support. At the same time, iOS cloud services named as icloud give you only 5GB free storage and it only works on Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms. If you need extra storage, you have to pay for the storage offered.
Android OS cloud storage is easier to use and can be accessed from any device but the iOS cloud service only on few devices other than the iOS platform. Google Drive can be installed on an iOS platform but iCloud cannot be installed on an Android platform.

Gadgets and accessories –
Considering the USB based gadgets, Android OS has more number of gadgets available at cheaper price range because of its compatibility and most of the Android devices have the same type of USB port. But when it comes to the iOS-based device the gadgets are limited because of the type of USB port incorporated. Latest iOS OS has also abandoned the audio port. And the cost of iOS gadgets is comparatively higher than Android OS gadgets.

Conclusion –
Different people have different taste and needs with their smartphones. So you should pay attention to the one that matters to you. If you want an Operating system with best security and camera, then iOS is the obvious choice. If battery backup and customizability is what you want, then choose Android OS. Both Android and iOS has its own perks and they are mature, feature-packed operating systems.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

CBSE Sample Papers for class 10

CBSE Sample Papers for class 10

Examinations play an important role in the life of every student. One such examination is class 10th board. CBSE sample papers for class 10 have a major role in helping a student earn good marks at exams. Class 10th is very crucial in a student’s life. CBSE sample papers for class 10 trains the student to score high marks. Class 10th examinations are very important as it decides the career of a student. He/she has to choose his/her career after this level of education. So it is very important that the student performs well in the examination and CBSE sample papers for class 10 helps in it.
SelfEnabler expert crew has done researches and collected reviews from many students and found out the issues and difficulties they face in class 10. One such issue is that students are confused about the textbook content. They are also confused about the type of questions to expect during the CBSE board examinations. CBSE sample papers for class 10 are prepared by the expert SelfEnabler panel to help the students understand the questions to expect during their exams. Another issue was that the students who search for sample papers on the internet and find several dozen of sample papers, but all worthless. The CBSE sample papers for class 10 prepared by the Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler crew is 100% genuine and useful.
Talent4assure prepared CBSE sample papers for class 10 are tested and proven very effective in helping students gain more knowledge and gain good marks. The authenticity and best quality make the papers useful for preparation in CBSE board examination as well as other tests.
The CBSE sample papers for class 10 are totally based on CBSE class 10 syllabus. Every possible question pattern and type is included in these papers. The papers have been prepared with reference to previous year question papers.
Some of the major advantages that a student can gain by using the CBSE sample papers for class 10 are as follows.
These papers help the students enhance his/her skill of time management:
Yes, time management is one of a major factor that decides the student’s future. Every examination has a deadline and the questions have to be solved within this deadline. So the student has to make himself aware that and has a mindset that he/she should complete each question in a limited time. This skill can be enhanced by solving the CBSE sample papers for class 10 which has the entire question based on the latest CBSE board question pattern. Once the student dedicates himself in solving these CBSE sample papers for class 10, he/she can gain experience and therefore enhance their skills.
They helps the student in self-assessment:
Some of the students feel so confused and tensed about the examination they have to appear for. Few of them feel depressed because of this. SelfEnabler provides CBSE sample papers for class 10 which can be solved and this, in turn, helps the student understand the level of his knowledge. Self-assessment helps the student learn more and dig more into textbook topics.

Talent4Assure provides online face to face learning class to solve these papers:
Not every student can solve all the questions in a CBSE sample paper for class 10. But some of them can, for those who cannot solve these sample papers Talent4Assure provides online classes and solutions for these question paper and they can also have face to face interaction with experienced staff at SelfEnabler.

Papers on subjects like Math, Physics, and chemistry helps in improving student’s knowledge in numerical and equations:
Subjects like mathematics and physics have topics and questions that require numerical solutions and these questions could be from any topic and are pretty difficult to predict and prepare. SelfEnabler expert panel has prepared the CBSE sample papers for class 10 in such a way that it will help the student enhance their skills in numerical and equation in chemistry.
These are the benefits that can be obtained from using CBSE sample papers for class 10 provided by Talent4Assure. Talent4Assure lends a helping hand by providing different kinds of study materials apart from these we also provide online learning classes and also online tuition. These services are provided by SelfEnabler which is a website designed by Talent4Assure for assisting students. Hope you will make use of our services.

Thank you.