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Many say that English in itself is a very funny and confusing language which is written in some other manner and spoken in some other manner. Truly, I won’t deny the fact. In some cases, it is so. English Grammar is as vast as a sea. The more you explore the lesser it is.   On one hand, we have similar sounding words with different meaning: homophones, while on the other hand, we have different words which carry the same meaning. Also, there are words which are written differently but pronounced in some other manner. But let’s come to the point. How important do you think pronunciation is in English Grammar? If you think that it is of no relevance then you are totally of a wrong perception.
Today, when English has become compulsory for everybody to know, so has it become important for everybody to speak English correctly with the correct pronunciation? Yes, it is pronunciation that I am talking about. Correct pronunciation can do wonders while an incorrect one can do disasters as well. If Grammar is the key to your success then correct pronunciation is the lock hole without which there is no path to unlock the door. All that may sound a little too dramatical to you, but to explain the real importance of correct pronunciation, here are some major factors that English pronunciation affects your life.  

Saves You from Misunderstandings:
The correct pronunciation saves you from any kind of confusion. Even if you have a vast vocabulary but you lack the ability to speak them correctly, that vast vocabulary is truly a waste.  Just because your teachers and your friends easily understand what you mean to say, doesn’t mean that you have good speaking skills. However, skillful you are, it all goes in the drain if you have no pronunciation skills.
Only when you explore and talk to different people will you get to know where you stand. Often it happens that when you pronounce a word incorrectly the listener tends to take the word for some other one and here is where the major issue rises and confusion begins. It is better to save yourself from such a situation.

If You Pronounce it Right, You Tend to Write it Correctly:
Yes, this is a fact. Speaking English is after all not such a difficult task and writing it is even simpler if you know the correct pronunciation. For example, if you take the word: hierarchy. Here, if you pronounce it wrongly like Hi-r-ki you would pen it down the wrong way: Hierchy. But if you pronounce it correctly instead: Hi-er-r-ki then you would write it down correctly: Hierarchy. Yes, that is where the major difference lies. Correct pronunciation would hence make thing easier for you.

The First Impression:
Yes! As they say that the first impression is the last one and what and how you speak plays a major part in it. In future, if you go for debates, interviews and any such activity, the moment you open your mouth is when you impose an impact of your personality on the listener. And believe me; if you are not good with your pronunciations, then better be because this will immensely help you in your future. Not only for your academic level but also for your future career prospects which are the most important than anything else.
Gears the Confidence in You:
Last but not the least! Good pronunciation skills imbibe the self-confidence in you. And nothing is better if you carry that self-confidence in you. Be it any social platform, if you are confident with your speaking skills then you would surely succeed. This confidence would indirectly also enhance your personality and would speak for you. It would also impose a great impact on the listeners and boom! That’s what you want!

Well, now you have seen how important speaking skills and correct pronunciations are in your life. So, if you are unsure with your pronunciations, find books for yourself and do not forget to take the help of a dictionary. Learn new and exciting words, improve your vocabulary and yes learn the correct pronunciations of course. Also, if you have any confusion regarding the pronunciation of any word then comment below and I would definitely help you out.
Happy Learning!

                                                                                                                                      Written By:

                                                                                                                                    Anamika Jakhmola


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  5. It’s often difficult to hear pronunciation errors in your own speech because you are concentrating actually communicating rather than the sound you are making. If you can’t hear your pronunciation problems, it’s tough to correct them.Try recording your speech with your smartphone or PC and making a note of specific areas you need to improve on.

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