Friday 24 November 2017

Perfectness is all about Continuous Reading and Writing

Perfectness is all about Continuous Reading and Writing

Students, after all the hustle and confusion, ultimately come down to only one question “How can I score good marks in my exam?” Though scoring good marks in exams is not the only thing one should worry about, somewhere that is also important and after all, it is not a tough row to hoe. You all might have heard a saying” Practice makes a man perfect”, but this is only applicable when you actually set to practice every day. What? I think I can phantom the next question that is popping into your mind. Are you asking how or what to practice from? That’s when you yourself answer your question that how can you score good marks in your exam: Volume Study. Yes, you heard me right! The more the volume of study resources you have, the better you learn!  The amount of study material you have for your learning matters.
The volume of study materials gives you a variety to learn from. This not only gives you numerable options for learning but also broadens your knowledge on any individual topic or concept. Also, the more you learn from the better ideas you have. For example, if we talk about subjects like Math, the more questions you practice, the more idea you get about what kind of questions have a probability of coming in the exams. This also expands your knowledge about the variance that can be made in different questions and helps you get a better grasp in the subject. Also for theoretical subjects like History, Geography, and others, students can find different types of questions of every chapter and hence this makes learning easier.
Reading and learning from a large volume of study material will also develop the confidence in you that will help you to appear in the examinations or in any completion in the future. One can only speak confidently on a topic when he has a vast knowledge and experience in it and large volumes of study material will help you gain that. This will automatically affect your result and lead to a positive rise in your marks. Students will also get a lot of valuable substance to write in their examinations. For example if a student of CBSE class 10 has to appear for his English exam and has studied from numerable resources, and knows how a single literary theory can be explained in 10 different ways and has 10 different explanations, that theory would not only have a clear idea of the theory in their minds but also will be able to write better on it adding his own ideas and understanding of the topic.
To support this kind of development of the children, SelfEnabler has been designed.  SelfEnabler is an alternate solution to your problem of scoring good grades in the examination. This is a one-stop destination where you can find not only notes and syllabus of the classes of ICSE and CBSE boards but also find model test papers, previous year question papers, sample papers and various other practice papers to help you get what you want to achieve. As digitally the world is fast progressing, e-learning has also touched new heights and has become very easy. One does not always have to sit with bundles of books in front of them but can look up for anything on 5the web and e-learning portals like SelfEnabler have made it much easier.

So, I think I have clearly explained that what really matters while reading and writing are the large volumes of study resources that you have to have with you to practice. This is the only remedy that could get you good marks in the examination and not put the entire burden on you during exam times. Well, I hope that you would definitely try to work on this solution and get better marks in your next exam.
All the best!
Written By:
                                                                                                                                        Anamika Jakhmola


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