Friday 3 November 2017

11 Tips to choose your career wisely after 12

11 Tips to choose your career wisely after 12

Class 12th marks, the end of a student’s school education. One of the most important factors that decide his/her future is the marks they scored in their Board examinations. He/she is likely to get admissions in the topmost colleges in the nation or outside the nation based on the percentage of marks scored in their respective Board examination.
But nowadays the mark scored alone does not decide the future of the student. Instead, most of the colleges have switched to depend on interviews and tests, prepared according to their institution standards.

What does career mean? And why is it important? Of course, this is an important question and you should be asking yourself this question. Well, a career can be defined in several ways. One of the best definitions is that it is an individual’s future through learning, work, and other aspects. Once you understand the meaning of this term. You would have a different view about your future life.

Today the students have vast possibilities to build their own career. One of the most effective programs that help a student get the best career options are career guidance and career counselling classes. There are thousands of career guidance and career counselling classes provided by very well reputed institutions. And these firms have proved their programs to be highly efficient and have successfully obtained very good reviews and results. What are career guidance and career counselling? If you are a 12th class student it’s very important that you know about it. Well, career guidance and counselling classes are those short-term developmental classes that help and assist a student in making and implementing educational as well as occupational choices. This class helps the individual to enhance his/her competencies in education, career, and self-knowledge. Some of the top schools also provide such classes at a certain interval. 

The class 12th students should definitely attend such programs and make use of every detail such programs provide.
The career assessment test is one of the best facilities that can help an individual choose the best career option and career path. A career assessment test consists of several questions that would help an individual or an institution find out what profession the candidate would fit in. The results from these tests will be used to identify the best career choices and best career paths an individual can choose. These tests are very effective and help you in self-assessment.

Now all the above-mentioned programs and tests would provide you with the best information about the career options, career path and also the best career choices you can make. These programs can only provide information and guide you, but it is you who have to choose the career. And it is very important to know how to choose a career and what to expect in the career you choose.

The programs like career assessment test, career guidance, and career counselling can guide you and help you implement the career choices. Now the real deal is that most of the top colleges have interviews and tests to evaluate your skills and knowledge and admissions are allotted on this basis of this and academic results. It is very important that the student must perform well on these assessment tests. The students who have made their career choice and plans to get an admission into a top college should make a very good interview and test preparations. There are online websites and firms that help the student prepare for such tests and guide them through such processes.
Now let me give you the 11 tips that would help you have an excellent career.

  v Build Your Knowledge - An individual should always spend his quality time in building his/her knowledge level.
  v Find out what your weakness is and find out the ways to rectify it. Always think positive.

  v Learn to Think out of the box – Education is about learning things, but it is not only learning about the data that are provided on your Textbooks but also learning everything you can.

  v Socialize – Always be in touch with people who have already proved to be successful and keep a track of the change in trends in job, technology, politics and geography.

  v Learn to Improvise and adaptIt is merely impossible for an Individual to know everything in this modern world, but the majority of them is available on the internet, try to build your knowledge and improve the knowledge you have.

  v  Set an aim and never give up – Failure is the stepping stone to success, keep trying till you succeed. You should be aware of the fact that only 100 or 1000 of the millions who try to achieve their goal succeeds at their first try, the remaining people achieve it through constant and dedicated work. 
  v Accept the challenge – Every level of life gives you challenges, accept the challenge and aim to fulfil the challenge.

  v Relax – Do not keep yourselves occupied in the work, you have to spend time for yourself. Do something different, something like a hobby, or anything that you love doing. Relaxation helps in boosting your productivity.

  v Always seek satisfaction – Try to transfer your disappointment into something you love, even if you fail it might give you an idea for something different. Confucius once said ‘Choose a job you love, and you will ever have to work a day in your life’

  v Feel Free to accept suggestions Whenever you get a suggestion or a criticism, think positive and try to improvise.
All the tips and details mentioned above can help you succeed in your life. A good career gives you good mental health and a good mental health gives you total satisfaction. So if you want to have a successful career start preparing yourself from your school days. Enhance your skills. Improvise and adapt to every useful facility you can get.

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