Tuesday 14 November 2017

The importance of parent-teacher Communication

The importance of parent-teacher communication

SelfEnabler is an educational website that provides add-ons for school students and also provides coaching and training for different entrance tests and other exams.  Talent4Assure is the subsidiary website of SelfEnabler that provides services like content management, creative coding, online-offline pre-recruitment, and assessments etc. Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler have successfully created and established apps for parents and students like school communication app and software, teacher-parent communication app and SelfEnabler school parent app which acts as a parent-teacher communicator and also helps in parent-school communication. These apps also help to send notes to parents from the teacher.
Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler consider the communication between parent and teacher very crucial and keep a track of the entire student detail and take an upper hand to send a note to parents from the teacher. This note will contain every detail of the student’s performance and also reviews from teachers.
Parent-school communication or parent-teacher communication is very important. Your children’s teacher is one among the top influential people in their life, teachers tend to spend around 6 hours with the student daily and this can be more than the time that a parent spends with their children. So, a teacher knows well enough about your child and at the same time, the parent also knows about their children.
Therefore, there are many advantages if the parent-teacher communicate and work together. One such use is that it provides a great opportunity for parents to discuss the student’s progress, share details about the student’s strength and needs, and also it enables to work with staff/teacher to help the student do well in their studies. Normally, parent-teacher communications at school happens at monthly intervals but Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler school parent app provide an option to set the interval and get reviews about the student’s performance instantly.
SelfEnabler follows the procedure of sending a detailed report of the student’s performance in class test and also of weekly as well as monthly examinations. At SelfEnabler once the staff has completed a specific chapter or an important topic, a class test is conducted, this enables the staff to analyze if the student understood the topic and then provide help if found his/her performance is lower than what is required. The performance detail and analysis from staff is then send as a report to the parent soon after the exam, through SelfEnabler parent-teacher communication app. This, in turn, helps the parent keep a track of their child’s performance and improvement.
Now, if you still have the question of what is the importance of parent-teacher communication there is another explanation to the question, as teachers are experts in teaching, but parents know best about their children. Parents know exactly what their child likes and dislikes, and also what their children are good at and what they struggle with. Parents know the learning style and if there are any other issues going on that might be affecting their children’s learning at school. A good parent-school communication is essential to make sure that the school staff can tailor their approach to students and improve the students learning experience. Talent4Assure and SelfEnabler school parent app were created as a solution to this issue and as a parent-teacher communicator.
The experienced staff at SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure is happy and dedicated to share the issues and help the students overcome their flaws in studies. The teacher-parent communication app designed and provided from Talent4Assure facilitates a conversation between the parent and staff, this, in turn, can provide parents tips and ways they can help the child at home that would improve the child’s learning experience in the classroom.
Once John H. Wherry, Ed.D., President of the parent Institute said “The evidence of parent-teacher communication can make a significant difference in a student’s achievement is beyond question” and it is true. When parents get involved in a student’s education, the student takes more responsibility for their learning and so their accountability is heightened.
SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure sends a note to parents from the teacher that provides every academic detail of the student. This helps the parent to open a dialogue for discussing progress, offer advice, and provide a helping hand in their projects or hopefully congratulating them for their performance at school. This can make the student more motivated, set a goal and work to achieve the goal.
A recent study by SelfEnabler of Talent4Assure has found out the following.
Student’s with parents involved in their education and having frequent parent-teacher communication have fewer behavioral problems and tend to exhibit better academic performance.
Students with parent-teacher communication, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to score high marks and test scores, get admissions in top colleges, be promoted from each class, earn credits and appreciation.

Talent4Assure aims at improving the communication between parent and their children and that’s the reason why we provide teacher-parent communication app. Talent4Assure services are not for namesake but only aims to create a better future and career for the students.