Monday 15 December 2014

About Talent4Assure

When Talent4Assure was established in 2009, it started as a start-up company dealing in assessment services. With a view to serve high quality, cost effective and productive assessments, Talent4Assure today is a global enterprise entertaining dual mandates of delivering high-end assessments and providing robust IT solutions. Our assessments enhance the productivity of our clients who range from education and government to corporate and vocational institutions.
Talent4Assure expertise in delivering innovative solutions, specialises in website and mobile application development, software development, web designing, web hosting, digital marketing, bulk e-mail and SMS Marketing and search engine optimisation. We conceptualise, architect and implement new and expanded capabilities with an unprecedented digital shift. Through our quality of assessments and IT solutions, we enhance productivity ensuring a vital business for us as well as our clients.


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