Monday 12 September 2016

"Why bother your children with extra burden when life can be simpler for them"?

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Education today has reached different levels. Parents have become more conscious and alert than ever before. Despite their hectic schedules, they are so much worried about their child’s career because the current scenario is extremely competitive. They get all the extra expensive practice books, study material to prepare their children for this fast-growing competition but the child barely gets time to touch or go through these material because school has syllabus sufficient enough for children to take the lion’s share of their time.

This not only creates an undue pressure on the child but also gives him unnecessary burden. The child loses focus and keep wandering between school syllabus and this extra out of syllabus practice. In many cases, this even results in under-performance of the child and the parents never realize the real reason behind it.
We believe that the most important thing for any parent is to ensure that their children are understanding the concepts and not just cramming them. If the understanding is proper, all they need to do is to practice more and more questions, evaluate themselves, identify their weak areas, focus and improve it. Higher marks comes as a by-product of the same.

Each Child is unique and parents should understand what category their child lies into. In today’s tech savvy world, there are platforms which can prepare students for their school curriculum. They have tools and ways through technology to ensure that the child is fit in all necessary parameters e.g.: Concept Clarity, time management, focus, accuracy, etc. This not only helps the child to score higher marks in the school exams but orient the child to prepare for competitive exams. The child learns the essence of time management, concept clarity, etc. which form the core of any competitive exam whether it be IIT-JEE, CAT, IAS or any other exam for that matter.

Self Enabler comes into play here.

Self Enabler is a process/mechanism designed by Talent4Assure which acts as your student's personal evaluating software. This mechanism is designed on the basis of a 7 analysis report criteria which helps a student to understand the level of his knowledge, helps him gather what all he/she has grasped out of what was taught in the school/tuition class, and moreover self-enabler will tell the student where he/she lacks over the learnt topic as well as the faults in his learning.

These tools were not available few years back. But now, you can exactly map the specific key strengths and weaknesses of your child and work accordingly to improve and excel. Hats off to technology for this. This was never possible on pen and paper to find out how the student is spending time on each question and what his behavioral patterns are. But on these intelligent platforms, you can map the time spent on each question and whether that question was attempted correctly or not. This gives a crystal clear picture of the productive time a child is spending while attempting a test/ exam.

Now it is the time when parents need to understand that sooner or later their child needs to adopt to latest technology. So why delay, let’s pledge to help our children study without burden and with interest.

Get your free trial today - Self Enabler