Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Online Tutor: A Guru on Internet

Struggling with last minute doubts while revising certain topics before exams? Need a guide who is all time ready to help you? If your head nods a yes, then my dear friend, I think I know the best solution for your problem. The best solution, I am talking about, is that one person who is with you 24*7 to solve your problems, that person, who you can always confide in during your exam days. This person is none other than your tutor. When we talk of tutor, the very first image which comes to our mind is of a person who gives lectures and takes classes in personal using a real time platform. If you really visualize a tutor like this, then answer a question. When you feel stuck at any point just the last night before exam, how will you consult your tutor? How will you convey your queries to him and how will he solve your problems? Obviously, no one will text or call his tutor at 12 in the night. It is at this point, a friend comes at your service. He is the ‘ONLINE TUTOR’ who will be ready to help you at any time.

Who is an Online Tutor?
An online tutor is a person who will help you with your studies at any time. He provides us the lectures and notes using a completely virtual environment. The sessions are done using the internet and this virtual environment is nothing but your personal computer or smart-phone. Unlike your personal home tutor who gives you lessons at your home, online tutor provides you the lessons at your fingertips anytime when you need them.

His Way of Teaching
This online friend of ours does this smart work by the technique called online tutoring. Online tutoring is the way of providing education with a blend of technology. In this process, the student consults the tutor for any type of queries or doubts. Productive video lectures and more precise notes are provided. Online tutoring helps a student to keep up the pace with the class if he is lagging behind in classroom topics. This platform gives a supportive personal approach rather than an impersonal classroom environment.

Benefits of Consulting an Online Guru
Having an online guru has its own benefits. Different sessions like online classes, discussions, and doubt classes are just a click away. You can actively take part in them without being present there physically. One of the many advantages of an online tutor is that a student can consult him anytime. Whether it be 8 in the morning or 7 in the evening or be it the midnight, he can be asked the question at any time and anywhere in the world.

With this trend of online tutoring, the line “Tutor is out of town” is outdated. Now, the availability of your tutor is not an issue to think upon. 

So, next time when your tutor is home away and you are stuck in a topic, prefer an online guru on the internet. This will help you resolve your problem in no time and give you a better supportive experience. 

Written by: Shalini Chauhan


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