Friday 8 September 2017

The Real Essence of Learning.

                                      The Real Essence of Learning.

‘Learning’, we all have been listening to this word since childhood. We have our own different perspective towards it. For some, it is the learning of lessons while for others it is the learning of facts. But how many of us do know the real essence of learning?  

Learning is not only about the academic syllabus that we come across in schools and colleges but also about the morals and ethics of life. It is a constant practice to expand our knowledge and polish our skills. Learning is the training of mind to think. It is a process of etching the knowledge, skills, and ethics in the mind of an individual through instructions, training and communication to bring out formative changes. It is these changes that reflect an individual’s behaviour, actions and reactions in the society.

Learning is a never ending process. It starts right from the childhood and continues throughout the life of an individual. Whether it is learning the way to speak or be it learning the school lessons or learning the ways of life, we continue to learn new things at every point of our life.

Learning is boundless. It helps us to explore the facets of life. Domains like facts, concepts, money do not bound learning. A person who is illiterate at books may be literate at behaviour and actions. A person who is not good at reading may be good at understanding and helping. A person may be poor in context of money but may be rich and righteous at heart. So, Learning is not defined by any materialistic domain. It is a realistic practice.

For an individual, learning comes to its real form when he starts going to school. There he learns not only on academic grounds but also on social grounds. Apart from the customized syllabus, he also learns the way to behave, to act, to cooperate and most importantly to be with his classmates.

To be a better learner, we all need a person in our life. A person who, instead of telling us the difference between right and wrong, can tell us how to differentiate between right and wrong.A person who can stand by us in our worst times.A person who, instead of letting us down, can boost our morale to start up afresh.A person who will not show us the way but who will inspire us to create our own way. The person I am talking of is none other than our Teacher. A teacher is a blessing in disguise. A teacher is the only person who will always support us in our every step.

More precisely, in my opinion learning is a two way process. It requires the efforts and dedication of both, the learner and the teacher. A teacher can help a student, if and only if, the student wants to help himself as the quote says it about God. The student needs to realize that a teacher will not dig the path for him. He will only give the means to do so. It is him, who has to do the efforts. The teacher must also need to understand what is teaching actually. He must know when to encourage the students and when to support them. He must not create the students of his image instead he must develop the students who can create their own image. He, instead of training them, must train their mind to think beyond the limits, to explore beyond the boundaries and to imagine without fear.  

Both, the teacher and student need to know the true sense of learning. We all learn one or the other thing from one another. Learning should not be misinterpreted with mugging up. It is something that we continue to get through daily interaction and experience. We must know that Knowledge without learning is incomplete and it is high time teachers and students realize this fact.

Learning is a never ending process and we must know its worth.

Written by: Shalini Chauhan