Friday 29 September 2017

Importance of Meditation In a Student's Life


A student’s life is one among the busiest lives of human beings. Getting up early in the morning, staying active all-time in school, attending coaching and tuition, spending some time on sports activities and the devoting some time to self-study is a daily routine of most of the students. Being a student, you all might also get tired by the end of the day and would look for alternatives to relax your mind and soul.  Well! The solution is on the tips of your fingers. Not able to figure it out? Let me help you. Meditation. Mediation is the remedy to all your stress.

Meditation has from ancient times been the sole solution to your pain and problems. They contribute directly to your mental focus and concentration. To own flexibility of mind and thoughts, one should always go for meditation. Proven through research and studies, meditation has a biochemical effect on the human body and helps in relieving mental tension. Decreased production of neurotransmitter dopamine along with an increase in the oxytocin hormone results in an overall feeling of well-being and trust. Listed below are some of the major benefits of meditation I a student’s life.

Regaining Strength
Being students, you have to toggle between various activities and so strength and endurance are very important for you. Meditation helps you regain that strength. Breathing techniques improve your air intake and therefore you tend to get less tired. You gain calmness of mind and soul and can carry out your day to day activities very smoothly. Meditation helps you in gaining your mental, physical and spiritual strength. All you have to do is to sit in a quiet place and think nothing about the future or the past. Just be in the present!

Flexibility of Mind
With meditation comes a greater flexibility of mind. 15 minutes of meditation can lead your mind to work more efficiently.  You would be able to imbibe your lessons thoroughly and also be able to develop newer ideas in your mind. And most importantly, you would be able to feel the difference yourself. The functioning of your mind would improve significantly and you would be able to study for longer hours. Meditating for 15-20 minutes is equal to 1 hour of sleep and hence it is a short way to refresh your mind and start working again.

Relieving Stress
Meditation focuses on your inner peace and relieves your mind of any mental stress. Clear away the unnecessary thoughts overload that your mind is indulged into and get into a state of relaxation and tranquil mind. Increasing self-awareness is one of the key roles of meditation and it eliminates negative thoughts thus resulting in reduced stress levels.

Fighting Diseases
Meditation is a cure to many diseases like insomnia, high blood pressure, various heart problems and cancer. Regular meditation can increase your threshold of pain and relieve you of all kinds of diseases. Chronic diseases in students like arthritis, obesity and other respiratory diseases can also be cured through meditation. A significant balance is achieved in the circulatory system during meditation, as it cleanses the body of pathogens. Thus meditation causes a day by day strengthening of the body.

So, take a step towards a healthy life and include meditation in your day to day activity. This is not only recommended specifically for students but for people of all age groups. Because meditation is the “mantra” to a healthy and successful life.  


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