Saturday 23 September 2017

How National Scholarship Will Help You Get a Better Grip On Your Studies


Mr. Rajat Gupta was never sure how he could become a mechanical engineer, which was his lifelong dream. The financial burden and prices of books seemed to be unbearable for him. As soon as he got to know about the national scholarship program which existed to overcome those hurdles created by the financial crisis in a student’s life.

Because of these scholarship programs, there are hundreds of students out there who get admissions for higher studies and are able to take a step forward to achieve their dreams. These scholarships help them conquer the financial setbacks which act like a wall between student and his/her dreams.

In a student’s life, the main motto should be focusing on his or her studies rather than paying the bills. Here, scholarships play an important role. I remember a survey conducted by the U.S Board of Labor Statistics in 2009 it was recorded that there are 45 percent of the students who are working for wages while attending the schools/colleges which ultimately leave him or her with less time to focus on the studies. If a student is aware of any National Scholarship program then he or she could take the benefit from it and make himself/herself enabled to just focus on the primary duty of his or her as a student.

The funds that a student could win from taking part in a scholarship program would not only provide a grip on the subjects during the course but also cover the costs of accommodation, tuition and travel.

There is also a myth that exists in regard to the scholarships which is that many of us think that scholarships are designed for those students who are suffering from a great financial crisis and are living in the search of financial assistance to fulfill the demands of their course. But the truth is that applying for the scholarship and winning it would be beneficial for a student in many other ways with the recipient of the award. A student could compete to get the scholarship funds as well as he would also get the recognition and prestige which could add up to the student’s educational transcript.

Just winning a scholarship will definitely boost the self-esteem of a student. It is also true that applying for the scholarship does not mean that you would win it also. Doesn’t matter one can try to win it next time.   

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava


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