Tuesday 19 September 2017

Importance of Assessments

Being a student, I am sure you all might have gone through the anxiety during exams. The moment when you feel, Oh my god! Will I remember everything that I read? Will I be able to write the exam productively? What if I forget any point? I, myself, have been at such panic points. At this point, the students feel confused and low. The activity which can be of great help to reduce your mental pressure and can help to boost up your morale is none other than Self-Assessment, or simply, Assessment.

What is Assessment?
Assessment refers to an activity of analyzing the student’s learning and evaluating his performance on the basis of it. It is nothing but an analysis of a student’s understanding of the material.

Need of Assessments
Assessment is needed to identify where a student stands among the rest. It helps him to identify his flaws. The main objective of the assessment is to help the students to improve. The more the students will take such challenges, the more they will get to know where they lack and where they need to improve.

Importance of Assessments
Assessment has a vital role in assessing the students. It is a crucial step in the process of learning. It helps to analyze the performance of students. Through assessments, the students can evaluate if they really know what they are supposed to know and if the real goals of education are being met. It also helps the students to categorize themselves on the basis of their understanding of the course material. The students come to know of their level in a very clear cut manner. They can easily identify if they need more practice or not. It is important for the students to measure their success and take the sole responsibility of their learning methodology. Thus, assessment is of utmost importance in this context.

Moreover, students get a chance of exploring themselves. They come to know how effective their way of studying is. Also, it helps in motivating and empowering them to learn more. With the help of assessments, the students get a good writing practice and this improves their speed makes them confident for their exams.

Especially, before exams, the students must take regular revision tests and other such assessment challenges. This will help them to know if they are completely prepared or not. They will be able to retain the information more quickly and accurately.
Rather than cramming, a Regular self-assessment will give them a doubt free mindset. This will help them to perform positively in their exams and pass with flying colors.

Modes of Assessment
Assessments can be both, online and offline. Offline Assessments include taking oral or written tests, retaining the information read, preparing a questionnaire on your own, etc. Online Assessments includes taking online tests on computers, revising quick recaps, playing rapid quizzes and much more. Many online portals and education websites offer the facility of online assessment. These both modes of assessment are equally preferable among students.

So, next time when you feel stuck and doubtful about your preparation, take yourself on an assessing tour of your course material and let your mind decide if it has done enough or not!

All the very best to all!

Written by: Shalini Chauhan