Friday 22 September 2017

Why You Should Stop Pursuing Stereotype Courses


What!! Are you planning to pursue the same B.Tech, MBBS, B.Ed and other such stereotypical courses after completing your school? Well then! You will only become yet another engineer, doctor and teacher who would then spend ample time to find a decent job for yourself. But is it that you really want to do! Do you not think of stepping out of the league and pursuing something different? Something unusual and not so common! If so, then I would say that you are thinking in the right direction. It is time that you pursue something distinctive that would open doors of career opportunities for you. Here’s why you should stop pursuing just another stereotypical course.

Diverse Variety of Courses
Times have gone when every household either had one doctor or one engineer. Today there are a series of courses for students to choose from. All you need to know is your field of interest and you can pick up your desired course. Fashion Designing, Bachelors in game design, Bachelors degree in Ecotechnology and other such fascinating courses exist that hold a great career prospect for you in the future. So, there is no need for you to pursue the same stereotypical course.

Better Ways to Explore Yourself
With a series of different courses comes a series of opportunities to explore oneself. You can go for anything you like. For instance, if you love clicking pictures you can pursue a course in photography, if you enjoy traveling you can pursue a course to become a travel guide, if you want to become a journalist you can pursue journalism and so on and so forth. Hence, as I told you earlier, you will get a clearer gist of what you are actually meant to be.

Reduces Career Prospects
Following the same monotonous affair of becoming the same old Jane and doing the same old study sounds too boring. With every second child pursuing the same degree, the value of the course also decreases and so does the value of the student doing the course. As more and more students pile on the same course, it gives birth to more and more universities offering the same course and this reduces the significance of the degree. Whereas, if you pursue a different course there is not much traffic and your chances of learning and becoming successful are more.

Increases Competition
As a maximum number of the population is running behind the stereotypical degrees, it becomes important to excel in the field to gain some prominence. That is a little difficult as with more people comes more competition. So, why not choose a path less trodden by to shape your destiny. A new path would, of course, have more difficulties but these difficulties will help you achieve success.

So, what are you still thinking! Just break the line and choose a career or filed that interests you. For success will only come your way when you enjoy the work you have chosen for yourself!

 Written By: Anamika Jakhmola


  1. Very good points there. I've spoken to numerous teens about career aspirations and most boys say they'd be interested in IT/Computer Science, but usually they think they'll be putting the finishing touches to the next Call of Duty, hate maths, and have never coded. So I think crap career guidance has a lot to answer for.

    I would think a lot of students might decide differently about their choice of degree if they got 2 things;
    1. detailed data on average salaries they could expect over the course of their resulting career.
    2. Some work experience in the specific sectors they are interested in working in - even a week would serve as a massive reality check for most kids who (understandibly) might not realise the humdrum existence they are signing up for!

  2. helpful for many students.............