Tuesday 5 September 2017

A Letter to a Teacher!

The Third Parent
5th September 2017

Today, I was sitting on my desk and a random thought crossed my mind. I was remembering one of the mischievous moments I lived in my school life. I recall how my teacher was just chilled about the whole scenario. It forced me to introspect. I was an extremely naughty student and the teachers would still excuse my behaviour in class.

Teachers are those beings who don’t ask for anything in return. They would care for you from the bottom of their hearts. Whenever you failed in a subject, they’d scold you initially, but eventually, they will help you recover your grades and also, your lost confidence. Whenever you would be disturbing them in their respective classes, they’d be mad at you but when you would bump into them during lunch break, they’d crack a joke at you, pat your back and would tell you that you can overcome any obstacle you were facing at that moment.

Teachers can be present anywhere on this planet. They could vary from being your school teacher to your private music tutor or even the person who guides you with your passions and aspirations. People say that every person in your life is meant to teach you something valuable. Maybe, they could give you an advice on a small issue, or they could even leave a huge lesson in life, for you. But nonetheless, it is a blessing to be surrounded by different kinds of teachers. Today, through this open letter, I want to thank every teacher that’s ever been a part of the life of every student.

Today, when we face real issues, we don’t have much problem in pulling ourselves together and facing those obstacles with a strong attitude, which is attributed to the lessons we got from our teachers. They have made us strong. They have made us what we are today. Why do some teachers look like, they only want to show us down when they actually don’t intend to? That’s because similar to every being, they also get worried when we stumble for too long. I realized, today, that all of my teachers were my greatest friends, who unconditionally loved me and wanted me to succeed. Their success lied somewhere in our success.

Today, I miss my teachers a lot, be it my dance teacher or my private tutor. Their support makes me strong and I feel invincible by their belief that I will be successful in my life, irrespective of the number of times, I fall. Their lessons that will last lifelong, and will always help me overcome any situation in my life.

Wherever my teachers are now, I just want to let them know that I’m happy and I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, only because they stood by my side, when I myself doubted that I could do well in life, and reach the sky. Teachers are a gift from God. You can tell so by looking at how they love each of their students equally and uniquely. They make you feel special and will always be next to you, when you need them.

Thank you teachers, for your constant support and belief in us!

                                                            HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola