Monday, 11 September 2017

5 Best Techniques to Create NCERT Notes


If you are a student and giving it hard enough to succeed in the upcoming exam then one of the skills that can help you is an effective note making. Note making is a very valuable skill if you want hustle free exam days. Notes are very valuable for recalling and remembering information. The only problem is that most of us are not aware of the right techniques of making notes. Even I was not aware before I did some research on note making and analysing which study material  should I prefer for making effective and helpful notes.
In my research, I found that study materials from NCERT are most helpful in making notes before exams. These NCERT study materials are authentic and therefore the notes that you all will prepare using these notes would be reliable. Now the question is how to make notes?
Here are 5 techniques, following which any student can achieve the target of making effective notes:

1. What type of learner are you?
It is very important to know what type of learner you are. Figuring out the type is very much important because this would help you out in choosing the right technique of note making. There are total 6 types of learners out there in the world. For example, some students are visual learners and therefore they are using different colors to mark the important points, some students are straight learners and prefer using lines and circles to mark the important points.
Students should find out the right technique according to the type of learner they are and should try to apply those while making notes.

2. What is the purpose of making notes?
Students before making notes should have an idea of the purpose of making notes. Having the idea would help the students to hit the main points more easily without getting confused in the jungle of words. Knowing the exact purpose of notes making will help students to save time and prevent his/her mind from making strategies that are meaningless and time-consuming during the exams.

3. What points are to be recorded?
This is the biggest hurdle a student faces when it comes to making short notes. It is a problem of many including me, that when we sit in front of our NCERT books we start developing a feeling of knowledge or whatever it is, that each and every text of the book is an important one. This could be overcome by paying attention to the classroom lectures and recording the comments of the teacher while they are teaching. Teachers do not comment on each and every line of the book rather they focus on the key points during the lectures, therefore, being attentive in the lectures is also very much important for making short notes.

4. What is your syllabus?
Having an idea of the syllabus for which the students are going to make notes is also very important. Students generally prefer using internet sources to study and making notes. Here, it is a fact that the internet and other secondary sources of information contain a large amount of data. Therefore, having an idea of the original syllabus could help students to make a link between the large quantity of data available and the information required according to the syllabus.

5. What are the technologies available for a student?
There is a wide range of technologies available out there over the internet through which students can take benefits. Students can use Youtube channels to learn if they are good visual learners. They can make notes according to the video lessons. If students prefer taking aptitude tests then programs like Being Enable Scholarship Test or BEST provides a platform to evaluate student’s skills. Students can prefer using tools like Self Enabler to test their knowledge and understanding of the chapter from the NCERT books and moreover tools like these helps a student in finding out the points that they had missed out while making notes.

Hope these points would be beneficial for the majority of the student out there. Remember that if you learn these techniques of note making at this age, you will always remain at the top and it doesn’t matter whether you are appearing in an exam or in any presentation of your office you will always benefit from these notes making techniques.

        Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava


  1. I fully agree with all the points.
    1.Paying keen attention to the teacher in the class is very important and a student can make brief notes in the class room itself.
    2. Correct understanding of the syllabus and the subject is very essential, otherwise one may make wrong notes.
    3.One should imagine as many questions as possible and that too from different angles and write notes as possible answers to them. One can edit and revise the answers as you get more points.
    4.Notes should be written out of understanding, and not mechanically for rote learning.
    5. Remember:no one can teach you; you can only Learn.

  2. I also agree from your points sir. Thank you for your valuable additions in my blog. I am thankful to you that you took out some time from your busy schedule to read this blog. Your comment has made my blog a very precious one.

  3. Notes making is actually a technique, everyone doesn’t have an idea about it and I’d like to refer them to this post. It has highlighted one of the important point of nowadays!