Monday 18 September 2017

Things to do after exams are over

Things to do after exams are over

We all study hard to get the best possible results of our exams. Along with studies we all also deal with the questions of relatives asking our plans once the exams are over. The number of questions keeps on increasing as the exams days come to an end. After the exams are over, students have one to two months in their hands before the next academic session starts. It is always good to plan something rather than to remain clueless with what to do to spend the free time after exams.

Here in India, students have a lot of options on which they can invest their free time and take the benefit from. I have listed some of the best possible after exams opportunities that a student can grab to spend their leisure time.

Learning Languages
If you are curious to know the world that exists beyond your own culture then learning different languages is a good option. The free time that you are getting after your exams is enough to master the basics of any language. Languages are the definition of any culture. Understanding new languages bring you closer to a new culture. Moreover, in future, these language courses could give you a benefit in your employment field.

Join Extra-Curricular Classes
It is observed that modifications in the technological accessories or gadgets have made children lazier and prone to health hazards. As a child, you can choose this free time to do some extracurricular activities and as a student, you can join classes (yoga, swimming, drawing, etc.) and learn the right techniques to perform your fun activity or hobby. The things learned are never forgotten therefore you would be able to practice this art and techniques even after you join your academic session again after completing the after exams free time.

Learn to Read
There are many numbers of students who love to read but there are also a huge number of student who is far away from the habit of reading. Reading books increases the sitting stamina which in future would help you out when preparing for big competitive exams. One can develop the habit of reading in this free after exam time by joining the local library. In the library, one can develop the choice of books and spend their time in reading them. It’s a well-said quotation that "books are our best friend" which eliminates the need of any other option needed to spend the time with.

If you really want to learn some new things and values in your life then you can for sure consume this free time volunteering with your nearest available NGO. This is the best way to learn empathy and also this will help you out in your personality development. Moreover, this would also make your curriculum vitae more attractive in future.

Watching T.V
There are lots of things being broadcasted over the television. One can choose to spend their time watching cartoons as they can also teach numerous moral values besides entertaining. If you are a travel lover, then there are numerous travel shows that can take you to distant places without spending a single penny from your pocket. If you love cooking then you can learn to make new dishes from cooking shows that are on air. You can make a list of movies that are there for children of your age like Harry Potter, Jungle Book, Home Alone etc.

I hope that these ideas mentioned above would help you out in planning a meaningful holiday and you would not waste this precious free time after your examinations. This precious time could be utilized in building up your personality. Do Not Waste It.

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola


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  4. Learning new language also-
    1 Improves Decision making skills
    2.Improves memory
    3.Increases Attention span
    4.Improves Ability to Multitask
    5.Increased perceptual Sensitivity
    6.Better Cognitive Abilities
    7.Improves First language
    8.Delayed Onset of Dementia

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