Wednesday 6 September 2017

7 Things to Avoid Before Exams

Exams are necessary for a student as it brings out the best in them. Many students manage to stay calm and therefore they are able to give their best during the exams but many of them get nervous. A student should work on his/her management skills during exams to get rid of the stress. Here are the 7 basic things that a student should avoid in order to reduce the anxiety and stress levels.


It is very easy to get distracted when one is trying hard to concentrate. Everyone wants to do a group study but those are fortunate who really achieves the target called “group studies”. Group studies before examination is only beneficial if you have those friends who let you concentrate in your studies and not last night gossips. If you have such studious friends then go for group studies otherwise just study on your own.

Social Media
For a student, nothing should be important than studies and career. Social media was made for fun, to pass the time and to stress out your mind. Social media could play an important role if it is used in an efficient way and that efficient way could be like taking regular online assessments, quizzes, using educational app etc. but if you are addicted to social media then you would notice your 15 minutes study break turning into 30 minutes or even more. My advice to the students who are using social media is to switch off your gadgets and other devices installed with the social media apps while studying.

Long Notes
Students are advised to make short review notes that they can review in less span of time. Making long notes that takes longer time to review is not beneficial for students because the notes’ length would further increase confusion in their mind especially when his/her mind is occupied with the deadline of the date sheet of exams. Rather a student should try jotting down only the keywords for a topic which he/she can just go through before an exam.

Avoid Empty Stomach
No one can win a race with an empty stomach. Never sit to study if your stomach is empty. But if your stomach is empty then it will start gossiping with your mind about the delicious and yummy foods that you always desire to have. Also, here one should note that eating large quantities of trans fat food or junk food may also lead to slow processing of brain which will affect your learning power and eventually increase your stress levels.

Stop Comparing
It is very easy to get drained mentally by comparing yourself with others. If a student is only concentrating on his/her preparation then it will further boost the confidence level which will eventually help in tackling with the examination pressure and stress.

Unfavorable Environment
If a big test is coming your way then you should find a favorable environment around you where there exists some peace. Peace in the environment would ultimately calm down the hustle in your mind and it’s a fact that hustle free mind is a great learner.

Mugging Up
Sometimes it is advisable just mug up the topic to which one is dealing with for the very first time. But often it leaves the student in stress. A student could either deal with his/her stress or with the examinations. It is my advice to every student out there to give plenty of time to study which is only possible if the student starts studying much before the examinations.

Other than adopting these 7 points one can also prefer doing some yoga and breathing exercises as they are helpful in making your mind stress free and calm. These 7 things plus some yoga and breathing exercises could make you a good achiever and would definitely help you in increasing your grades.

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava


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