Thursday 28 September 2017

Online Education with Volte


Technology is playing a vital role in our day to day life, whether we take its involvement into our household works or we take its contributions in our education. Technology reduced the physical exhaustion and made our life more comfortable. Technology revolutionized the system of education as now one can learn anything of his or her own interest without actually being physically present at the Centre of learning. Earlier the introduction of technology to the education system was highly debatable but improvisation of the technology changed the scenario.
Here, the most important thing to note is that 95% of the technology is totally dependable over the speed of the internet. Therefore, it became necessary to improvise the speed of internet from 2G to VOLTE. This change from 2G internet to 4G internet has given a boom to learning. Voice over long-term evolution or simply VOLTE technology which supports 4G internet provided the students with 3x and 4x speed as compared to 2G and 3G internet.
As VOLTE technology enabled our mobile handset to run over advanced internet facility therefore with the help of 4G network majority of students and even teachers got the variety of learning tools at their fingertips. This learning through the internet and VOLTE technology is called as Online learning which is much more comfortable compared to the traditional regular classes.
Here are some advantages of VOLTE technology in online education, which would eventually benefit a learner.
Teacher-Teacher-Student communication
The advanced technology of the fast internet has given a wide scope of skill improvement on both the ends. It allowed a teacher to communicate and learn from the other teachers across the globe which ultimately helped in the elimination of the shortcomings in the teaching methods and providing a student with the best available solutions. Students also got the benefit as they could now, using the online education, get in touch with other students as well as with the best teachers in the world at any point of time.
Development of research skills
VOLTE technology and its application to the online education, has provided a student with a link to a huge expanse of knowledge available online. A student can do research on their favorite topic and make the best notes. This linked opportunity enabled a student to practice research which would ultimately give advantageous skills of researching needed if a student goes for higher studies.
Comfort + Online education = Better results
It’s observed that a huge number of students do not give a satisfactory result when they are opting for face to face learning, but the same student is much more productive when learning online. Online education with a VOLTE technology could be a treasure for such students who promise a better result in their own pace.
There are numerous examples available online, if one does the research, that when education is mixed up with the latest technology it provides better outcomes. I will give you some outstanding ones to provide you with the realistic picture of the benefits of online education.
The Flipped Classrooms
This is a new method of making a student more interactive and productive. This is a kind of gift to those students who can learn better at home watching and be listening to videos and audios provided by their teachers. The next day, the same teacher calls for a group discussion between the students where they can share their knowledge and develop a new set of understanding to the concept, a more realistic and applicable one.
Apps like Self-enabler allows you to assess yourself using your mobile. It allows a student to solve questions of the classes and chapters of their own choice which acts like a mirror in which students can judge his/her knowledge on his/her own. A student can use these apps to check their everyday understanding of the concepts taught in their classes on a very particular day. This also enables a student to ask questions in the classroom, which is obviously making a student more interactive, and no doubt in the improvement in marks.
I encourage you to think more ways in which technology has improved education and give your valuable comment.

Written By : Shoryabh Srivastava


  1. Online education is best option for all and its completely time saving..

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  5. Online Education help a lots of people in their studies

  6. Online Education help a lots of people in their studies

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  8. Online Education help a lots of people in their studies

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