Tuesday 31 October 2017

CBSE Sample Papers for class 9

CBSE Sample Papers for class 9

Examinations play an important role in every student’s life and so does CBSE Sample Papers for class 9 in setting up the future goals. A student’s aspiration and goals are almost 100 percent dependent on the marks he/she gets in the examination. Examination result becomes more crucial when it is of class 9th, as it is a mirror of the understanding of the basic concepts that is going to help a student in his/her board examinations the very next year after passing class 9 examinations. There is no doubt that a student with a better understanding of the CBSE syllabus, would do better in almost all the competitive exams he/she would choose to appear, from CBSE boards to UPSC level. Therefore, as a class 9th student, it becomes very important that you give your best in your class 9th preparation using the right source of knowledge, i.e, CBSE sample papers.

After a thorough research done at Talent4Assure, it was found by our team of Subject experts that most of the students in class 9 are very much confused regarding the understanding of the concepts. It was also found that the students’ problem increases more because of the flood of the sample papers in the market creating and leaving a student with a great hustle. In order to help out students with the problem, our team of experts carried out a research on almost all the sample papers available in the market. After the research work ended it was found that CBSE sample for class 9 is the best available option for the preparation of the examination.

CBSE sample papers are tested formulae that would guarantee high scores in your class 9th examination. The authenticity of the CBSE sample papers make it useful and more reliable during the preparations of class 9th examinations.

Our experts recommend the CBSE sample paper for the preparation of the examination because these sample papers are prepared keeping in mind the psychology level of a class 9th student.

We have prepared a list of advantages that a student could take using the CBSE sample papers prepared for the preparation of class 9th examinations.

This is one of the worse nightmares in a class 9th student’s life when he/she is going to appear in examinations. Every student in this phase needs something that could make him/her comfortable with the pattern of the examination for which he/she prepared so hard and going to get appear for. Experts at Talent4Assure found that the sample papers are designed in a way that could reduce the level of fear, anxiety and stress in a class 9th student’s life when he/she has his/her upcoming exams for which they are preparing. These sample papers contain previous year questions that are based on the regular pattern followed by CBSE syllabus. In this way, students not only get acquainted with the followed pattern but are also able to carry a self-assessment.

CBSE sample papers are a set of tried and tested formula:
These are prepared by CBSE itself, therefore, there is no doubt in its authenticity. CBSE sample papers for class 9 students contains the previous year questions with the detailed solution of the very critical problems as well, whose technique for finding a solution, a student could learn by himself/herself without seeking anyone’s help in person. As these solutions are authentic therefore a class 9th student could blind trust these offered a complete analysis of the problematic questions and apply the understanding to solve questions in the class 9th examinations.

CBSE sample papers for class 9 helps the students in revising the content:
As an expert on subjects, we are totally aware of the importance of revision in a student’s life. Revision improves the quality of marks up to 60 percent to 65 percent, and with this fact, it is also true that if the revision is done with the right and authentic source of knowledge then the same probability of getting higher marks increase to 70 percent to 80 percent from 60 percent to 65 percent.

Knowing the scheme of marking could also increase the probability of marks in an exam:
Every section in a particular exam sheet contains some weightage assigned to it. It becomes very helpful for a student if he/she gets acquainted with the marking scheme of each of the section of the paper. CBSE sample papers for class 9 would help a student in identifying the marks scoring questions with more weightage assigned.

Solving CBSE sample papers for class 9 help in enhancing numerical abilities. The sample papers issued by CBSE contains many questions that need advanced numerical abilities of Physics and Mathematics, to get solved quickly. Practicing from these N numbers of questions based on the syllabus, a student would be able to enhance the ability to solve even tough questions which require lots of calculations in a shorter period of time.

CBSE Sample papers for class 9 gives a student an idea of the time taken to solve the question paper:
Having an idea of the estimated time taken in solving a question would help a student in effective time management so that in the examination no question left without an attempt.

CBSE Sample papers for class 9 students also help in self-assessment:
Self-assessment is very important for a class 9th student from the exam point of view because a self-assessment prevents a student from making the same mistakes in exams again and again and also helps in increasing speed and accuracy.

The Internet is available with the CBSE sample papers for class 9 and all you have to do is to search it from an authentic site. You can consult our experts as well before deciding which CBSE sample paper is the best suited.

It ultimately depends on the student how they wish to carry forward their study strategies. We lend a helping hand by providing different kinds of study materials on our website, SelfEnabler. SelfEnabler is an online assisting tool designed, keeping in mind the requirements of various students. One could find a fully solved sample paper on our website .

We hope that you found this information useful and feel free to ask your query to our experts.

                                                                                     Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava

Friday 27 October 2017

NCERT Solutions for Class 9th


To find the best NCERT Solution for class 9th, every 3rd student today is confused in the jungle of solution papers widely available in the market as where. If you are also one of them then this page would lead you to some conclusions for finding the right source for NCERT solutions for class 9th. Our best Subject Matter Experts are involved in preparing the best set of questions from very minute details from the CBSE syllabus for class 9th, followed extensively in the majority of the Indian schools.

The biggest problem that a student faces to tackle within his/her entire school life is the problem in understanding the basic premise of the concepts taught in according to the CBSE syllabus for class 9th. This lack of understanding becomes a hurdle in scoring good marks which ultimately ruins the want of studying and participating in various competitions due to lack of the confidence. The only best way of dealing with this hurdle is revising every detail of the topic by going in depth with the help of NCERT solutions for class 9th.

Now the problem is to “Find the best technique to revise” the CBSE class 9th syllabus. If a student finds an interesting technique of revising the content taught in the class then it becomes far more easy to learn and keep the things in the memory, for a long period of the time. The Knowledge Associates at Talent4Assure Assessment are involved in preparing those interesting techniques which would not only give you best NCERT solutions for your class 9th syllabus but also would lead you to the in-depth of CBSE syllabus. 

After doing a thorough research, our team of experts has found that the best and interesting way to increase the knowledge and understanding of the chapter is to deal with the MCQ questions for class 9th. According to the psychology of the human brain, it remembers those things for a longer period which it can identify from many given options. Identification of the things is only possible with a good understanding of the matter. When a student of class 9th grade or any other, puts his/her mind for MCQ questions for class 9th in search of the NCERT solution then for obvious reasons, would be able to solve those questions for which his/her understanding is up to the mark. But for the questions in which the attempt of solving it failed, he/she has to go through the chapter again to identify that correct answer from the given options. This would be a mental exercise which would increase the ability to memorize and keeping the content in the mind for a longer period of the time.

SelfEnabler, prepared by the Talent4Assure, could play a bridge between a class 9th student and the best prepared NCERT solutions for class 9th by an experienced team of experts. Experts here have a clear understanding of the content of the CBSE syllabus and are preparing MCQ questions with minute details to clear the doubts of the student, especially those who are in class 9th. A class 9th student has to be very particular about the subject’s knowledge as the very next year he/she has to appear for his/her boards, which means that a class 9th student, suddenly would move from a school to a national level competition. Our experts are aware of the seriousness of the boards and they also know the importance of basic concepts helping a student in getting a higher score.

As mentioned earlier, how identification of the correct answer from many available options would help a student in his/her self-assessment, therefore our focus is to make a student enable to identify that correct answer from the given number of options for a particular question making NCERT solution for his query, which is only possible to answer when whole concept there in the CBSE syllabus for class 9th is clear to him/her.

Nowadays, due to the increased number of students in a classroom, teacher-student one to one interaction is becoming very much difficult, leaving a student with lots of doubts for which he/she thinks that interaction with his/her teacher is the only solution. But at Talent4Assure, we are aware of the fact that self-study is the greatest guide helping in clearing the doubts. When a student goes through the NCERT solutions for class 9th prepared by experts of the particular subjects where the difficulty is there, the problem in identifying the correct answer would automatically direct a student to his/her course book. In order to find the correct answer he/she will check the chapter again and again till he/she finds the answer, and this reviewing of the chapter would ultimately form the base of a student with much more clear understanding of the concepts and theories which would for sure help a class 9th student, not only getting a good score in the present class but also enable him/her to compete at the national level in the coming years.

It has been observed that students, especially of class 9th, devoting much of their time in searching NCERT sample papers for class 9th, in the market as well as on the internet. But if that time is consumed in self-studying and the internet facility is used for solving MCQ questions of class 9th then there is no doubt that the results will improve. A student by using internet facility on a PC or on a smartphone can reach subject wise questions made by our experts. The authentication of the questions has no doubts because we publish our questions for the use after verifying it from various sources one of which is NCERT/CBSE itself which is the most authentic source of education available from the Indian Government.

Here, at the Talent4Assure we don’t believe in providing NCERT solutions for class 9th rather we believe in enabling a student so that he/she could guide self in reaching the solution of his/her query. This is why our method is different and much more successful than the variety of NCERT solutions available in the market leaving a student with only doubts and confusions, related to choice and authentication.

                                                                                                                     Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava

Friday 20 October 2017

Keep Forgetting Study Notes Despite Studying It Again and Again?


Learning and acquiring knowledge becomes completely useless if one could not recall it at the right point of time but when it comes to remembering something, we forget that learning and remembering are not possible without development. Without the adequate development of the right techniques of memorizing things, learning would not create any impact.

If you want to be a good learner and if you really want to recall your content of the syllabus memorized, then you must have to learn the application of the methods that you will be learning from now, through this blog, instead of just simply reading it.

First of all, I would like to deal with the most frustrating problem, i.e, forgetting things that you have already learned using your study notes. Just take any random study note prepared by you and try to describe the main plot or important takeaways. Finding it difficult? No worries, you are not the only one dealing with this problem, the world is full of people facing this problem.

The most important thing is that we must learn that remembering is a dual action. We can divide action of remembering into two-way processes. These two processes are Identification and Recalling.

Identifying something is the most important ability of the memory. It is important because it helps us in identifying a Pitbull dog and a bull only by watching it. This ability also helps one when someone calls his/her name. The same is happening right now when you are reading this blog by identifying each and every single word of it and the same happens when you are reading your study notes.

Recalling study notes, on the other hand, is little more difficult than Identifying. If I am asking you "Which of the Indian state’s capital is called the Pink city?". Finding it difficult to answer? Now if you are finding this difficult that means you would find easy if the same question is asked as " Is Jaipur the Pink city of India ?". Recalling something is very important in order to take the advantage of what we have learned. Just preparing the study notes is not enough if we fail to recall it when necessary.

 After thorough psychics studies, some psychologist came up with the idea of "The Question Book Method", In which we are doing nothing just making simple study notes. But here there is a little difference between the regular study notes and The Question Book Method of preparing notes.

In the later one, we are preparing study notes which do not summarize the main points of the syllabus but asking questions from the syllabus. For example, if you would make study notes of this blog then you would be writing, according to the question book method,

"Q.What are the two different processes of learning?
  Ans: Identification and Recalling ".
  See the difference.

Now when reading a book, quickly make questions and test yourself. This method would also help in the self-assessment. In order to keep this method interesting, try to avoid going overboard. If you try to learn every single point of your syllabus then it could kill your interests in reading as well as in making questions. Only creating 15 questions maximum would be good enough for the study notes dealing with one of your chapter of the syllabus. It would be more beneficial if you put the page number in front of the questions as it could help you in recognizing the page number consisting of the big answers.

If you find this method a beneficial one then do comment your valuable opinions.

                                                                    Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava.

Friday 13 October 2017

What is Peer Pressure and How it Affects an Individual?


First Friend: Hey! Let’s bunk school today and go to watch a movie!!
Second Friend: It’s important to attend classes today; we have to submit our assignments.
First Friend: It will be fun and it is just one time.
Second Friend: No, we cannot do that. Let’s go after school.
First Friend: Come on! It’s a great movie. We can’t afford to miss this one.
 Second Friend: Umm…ok then. Let’s go!

I hope you all must have got a little idea of what actually peer pressure is! Social pressure can be explained as the influence of a peer on an individual which gradually results in a change in his behavior, attitude, and way of conduct or in a sense even changes his lifestyle. When we are kids studying in nursery or K.G. it is our parents who play a lead role in our lives and decide who we should be friends with or where do we have to play or what do we have to eat? But as soon as we step into our own independent life, our parents acquire the second position while our peers or friends play the lead role and that is when influence plays a part in our lives.

Yes! You heard me correct. You, I or any other individual has the capability of imitating either the good or the bad in our friends or you may also say that regular slight pushes from your friends that encourage you to follow what he says is what peer pressure is. Peer pressure is something that happens unknowingly. Because we are with our friends almost every time, in school, in coaching, while playing, eating or hanging out together we try to be like them and admire their qualities.

Stresses in your life come from your peers when they force you to do something that you are not willing to do. This may come in disguise of very casual remarks like, “Come on! Just take one puff, it won’t do any harm!” Or “Let’s bunk the class and enjoy partying, it will be fun! You always tell a no, this time you will have to come”. These remarks initiate you to do what you know you shouldn’t and Alas! You fall into the trap. It is human nature to respond to such pressures and it varies from person to person how one responds to them. Some people are most likely to give in while others are able to stand their ground and resist.

Resisting peer pressure is logistically not that difficult. People who are low on confidence and moral are the ones who get easily influenced by people. If you have a rigid mindset and you are firm about your ideas then no one can influence you! You should know what is right or what is wrong for you and act accordingly.

But peer pressure does not always have a negative impact. We often hear our parents or adults worrying about the company that we have in school or the type of friends that we are making. They are very much interested in knowing how our friend circle is? Because they fear the bad impact that our friends would have on us but it is not always bad. Peers also have a profound positive influence like they encourage us to be more social which builds up our persona. We experience friendships and lasting bonds. Peer pressure builds up the confidence in us as they encourage us to showcase our talent and also shows us our right worth.

So, in the end, I would say that it ultimately depends on you, how to handle your peer pressure. Just be confident, know what’s good or bad for you and believe in yourself. You were born to be one of your own kind and so appreciate yourself.

Also, if you have your own story of how you handle your peer pressure, do share it with us. We would like to hear from you. 

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Advantages of Online Classes Over Regular Classes


The most fundamental concept that almost the whole world follows is the concept of regular classes. Regular classes are the most traditional concept which is well accepted throughout the world. But these regular classes have some drawbacks also, like paying thousands to attain education in the prestigious institutions, physical presence in the classes. Most of the time in the regular classes one has to sit continuously for as long as 8 to 9 hours or even for more which becomes so uncomfortable. Also, a student while sitting in the busy classroom might be facing some problems with the understanding of the content of the syllabus or there could be a compromise going on with the choice of the study which he/she wanted to study exactly.
No wonder why online education is considered as a revolution in the contemporary education. Millions of students all around the world are taking online classes and having at least one online degree. Online education and learning have opened the door to a variety of opportunities to a large number of students out there seeking knowledge.
Nevertheless, still online education is considered not smart enough compared to regular classes, by many stereotypes. These people still believe in the concept of spending huge amounts and years of life in going and attending regular classes. These ideologies still discourage many of the students all around to opt for online education and learning.
I have gathered some advantages of online learning and mentioned it below. Have a look at these valuable points. Maybe it helps you to change your attitude towards the online education and learning.
1. Freedom of choice in learning
Where regular classes allow a student to choose whatever he/she wants to study but involves lots of investment in tuition fee, travelling etc. online learning reduces these efforts and provides the student with a freedom to choose between all the courses that are available in the syllabus of their regular classes. A student while sitting at home can freely choose the subject he/she wants to learn. For example, if a student wants to study about the Drainage basin then with a simple click on Google.com web search he would be available with a variety of contents from which he/she could choose freely what content to study.

2. No uncomfortable chairs
Many of the students suffer from severe back pains due to the uncomfortable chairs there in the regular classrooms. Students who are opting for online classes would eliminate the risk of back pain as they are choosing a hustle free environment at their comfort zone where they can study from the study material all available online and for which they are not even physically traveling to the busy and uncomfortable environment of regular classrooms.
3. A better Curriculum Vitae
A number of degrees in your CV always look good. More the number of degrees in your CV, more the chances of you getting hired. Nowhere, it is also not possible to attain a maximum number of degrees by physically attending all the regular classes but one can opt multiple degrees of his/her own choice by learning from online classes. It is good to remember that a number of degrees in your CV means that you are a learner and always ready for opportunities.
4. Hobby and learning: Hand in Hand
Regular classes have a fixed schedule or one can say timetable which each and every student has to follow in order to get the degree. Above all these regular classes have a fixed attendance system which every student has to fulfill just to appear in the examination. But the online learning provides a student with, what is called as a Self-paced label. The self-paced label simply means that an online learner could choose his/her favorable time in which he/she wants to attend the online classes. This self-paced option of online learning leaves a student with the time to work on his/her hobbies also, which gets absent while following the fixed schedule of regular classes.
5. Less expensive
Online classes are less expensive from regular classes. It also saves the money and time spent on traveling which could be utilized on fulfilling other hobbies. It is also that many online courses are completely free of cost. Also, a student can give online scholarship tests for which he/she don’t have to pay a single penny.
Online learning is beneficial in many terms from their counterparts in regular classes. Being cheap and comfortable are the two main positive points of online learning.
If you want to learn then you are just one click away.

  Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava

Friday 6 October 2017

Is Skill-Oriented Education Necessary in Schools and Colleges?


No doubt that with technological and educational advancement, better prospects of learning have come up but at the same time what we need to understand is that are these advancements taking place in the right direction? Should advancement head towards a technological development or it should take place towards a skill-oriented education.

One of the many reasons that are the cause of lack of employment in India is the deficiency of a skill-oriented education. The children of our country are very well-off with the theoretical education but they lack the skills that are needed in the employment sector. Schools and colleges are still stuck up with the same curriculum that teaches them the same old theories that have been invented for centuries now! Even reputed engineering colleges have not taken up skill-oriented learning, which is a reason why students find it very different when they complete their graduation and take up their training sessions.

Seeing today’s scenario, it is essential to integrate skill development and education and only then can skilling take wings. Skill development is an essential part of education and is equally important for school as well as college students. But what are the changes that are to be implemented in schools and colleges to enhance this learning? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in an interaction with the schools and colleges had said that "I believe that the syllabus in our universities and schools should be changed and 25 percent of it be dedicated to skill development. When the students pass out of senior secondary schools, they should have two certificates - of passing 10+2 examination and of a specific skill acquired by him during schooling," Well this is indeed a brilliant idea! We need to start from the root of the system and the first thing that should be focused on is the syllabi. Schools and colleges syllabi should be reduced to about 25% and students should be fed with an appropriate amount of knowledge. Also, universities should provide children with an education that would give them an idea of the job industry these days. Making children career oriented is what should be the main focus of colleges these days because it would help the students a lot in performing and progressing well in their career.

Keeping the Indian population in mind, there is an acute need for training the young workforce, just to shape them in a better way. Skill development programs could be launched in schools and colleges that would provide a classroom environment where children are able to express their thoughts, view, expressions and can access an environment where they are independent and can speak their minds.

In today's world, there are ample opportunities and skill-oriented courses that one can choose from and excel in. However, the Indian thought process is more clued onto the typical traditional academic streams and careers in the field of engineering, medicine, accounts, MBA etc. But there is much more beyond the horizon that can even lead to better career prospects. So, it is very crucial to include skill education in the student’s curriculum for his brighter future ahead.

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola