Friday 13 October 2017

What is Peer Pressure and How it Affects an Individual?


First Friend: Hey! Let’s bunk school today and go to watch a movie!!
Second Friend: It’s important to attend classes today; we have to submit our assignments.
First Friend: It will be fun and it is just one time.
Second Friend: No, we cannot do that. Let’s go after school.
First Friend: Come on! It’s a great movie. We can’t afford to miss this one.
 Second Friend: Umm…ok then. Let’s go!

I hope you all must have got a little idea of what actually peer pressure is! Social pressure can be explained as the influence of a peer on an individual which gradually results in a change in his behavior, attitude, and way of conduct or in a sense even changes his lifestyle. When we are kids studying in nursery or K.G. it is our parents who play a lead role in our lives and decide who we should be friends with or where do we have to play or what do we have to eat? But as soon as we step into our own independent life, our parents acquire the second position while our peers or friends play the lead role and that is when influence plays a part in our lives.

Yes! You heard me correct. You, I or any other individual has the capability of imitating either the good or the bad in our friends or you may also say that regular slight pushes from your friends that encourage you to follow what he says is what peer pressure is. Peer pressure is something that happens unknowingly. Because we are with our friends almost every time, in school, in coaching, while playing, eating or hanging out together we try to be like them and admire their qualities.

Stresses in your life come from your peers when they force you to do something that you are not willing to do. This may come in disguise of very casual remarks like, “Come on! Just take one puff, it won’t do any harm!” Or “Let’s bunk the class and enjoy partying, it will be fun! You always tell a no, this time you will have to come”. These remarks initiate you to do what you know you shouldn’t and Alas! You fall into the trap. It is human nature to respond to such pressures and it varies from person to person how one responds to them. Some people are most likely to give in while others are able to stand their ground and resist.

Resisting peer pressure is logistically not that difficult. People who are low on confidence and moral are the ones who get easily influenced by people. If you have a rigid mindset and you are firm about your ideas then no one can influence you! You should know what is right or what is wrong for you and act accordingly.

But peer pressure does not always have a negative impact. We often hear our parents or adults worrying about the company that we have in school or the type of friends that we are making. They are very much interested in knowing how our friend circle is? Because they fear the bad impact that our friends would have on us but it is not always bad. Peers also have a profound positive influence like they encourage us to be more social which builds up our persona. We experience friendships and lasting bonds. Peer pressure builds up the confidence in us as they encourage us to showcase our talent and also shows us our right worth.

So, in the end, I would say that it ultimately depends on you, how to handle your peer pressure. Just be confident, know what’s good or bad for you and believe in yourself. You were born to be one of your own kind and so appreciate yourself.

Also, if you have your own story of how you handle your peer pressure, do share it with us. We would like to hear from you. 

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola


  1. "We experience friendships and lasting bonds."

    Nice line. Good blog.

  2. I think at workplace The power of peer can be seen at its best use when the organisational culture has successfully taken root in the hearts of employees, encouraging staff members to support each other, work productively, and to strive toward common goals.

  3. very well said that it's ultimately depends on you, how to handle your peer pressure. Just be confident and let the pressure out of your mind and start appreciate yourself.

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    Nice Blog I like it......
    Keep it up....

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  6. Great Article!!