Friday, 6 October 2017

Is Skill-Oriented Education Necessary in Schools and Colleges?


No doubt that with technological and educational advancement, better prospects of learning have come up but at the same time what we need to understand is that are these advancements taking place in the right direction? Should advancement head towards a technological development or it should take place towards a skill-oriented education.

One of the many reasons that are the cause of lack of employment in India is the deficiency of a skill-oriented education. The children of our country are very well-off with the theoretical education but they lack the skills that are needed in the employment sector. Schools and colleges are still stuck up with the same curriculum that teaches them the same old theories that have been invented for centuries now! Even reputed engineering colleges have not taken up skill-oriented learning, which is a reason why students find it very different when they complete their graduation and take up their training sessions.

Seeing today’s scenario, it is essential to integrate skill development and education and only then can skilling take wings. Skill development is an essential part of education and is equally important for school as well as college students. But what are the changes that are to be implemented in schools and colleges to enhance this learning? Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in an interaction with the schools and colleges had said that "I believe that the syllabus in our universities and schools should be changed and 25 percent of it be dedicated to skill development. When the students pass out of senior secondary schools, they should have two certificates - of passing 10+2 examination and of a specific skill acquired by him during schooling," Well this is indeed a brilliant idea! We need to start from the root of the system and the first thing that should be focused on is the syllabi. Schools and colleges syllabi should be reduced to about 25% and students should be fed with an appropriate amount of knowledge. Also, universities should provide children with an education that would give them an idea of the job industry these days. Making children career oriented is what should be the main focus of colleges these days because it would help the students a lot in performing and progressing well in their career.

Keeping the Indian population in mind, there is an acute need for training the young workforce, just to shape them in a better way. Skill development programs could be launched in schools and colleges that would provide a classroom environment where children are able to express their thoughts, view, expressions and can access an environment where they are independent and can speak their minds.

In today's world, there are ample opportunities and skill-oriented courses that one can choose from and excel in. However, the Indian thought process is more clued onto the typical traditional academic streams and careers in the field of engineering, medicine, accounts, MBA etc. But there is much more beyond the horizon that can even lead to better career prospects. So, it is very crucial to include skill education in the student’s curriculum for his brighter future ahead.

Written By: Anamika Jakhmola