Friday 20 October 2017

Keep Forgetting Study Notes Despite Studying It Again and Again?


Learning and acquiring knowledge becomes completely useless if one could not recall it at the right point of time but when it comes to remembering something, we forget that learning and remembering are not possible without development. Without the adequate development of the right techniques of memorizing things, learning would not create any impact.

If you want to be a good learner and if you really want to recall your content of the syllabus memorized, then you must have to learn the application of the methods that you will be learning from now, through this blog, instead of just simply reading it.

First of all, I would like to deal with the most frustrating problem, i.e, forgetting things that you have already learned using your study notes. Just take any random study note prepared by you and try to describe the main plot or important takeaways. Finding it difficult? No worries, you are not the only one dealing with this problem, the world is full of people facing this problem.

The most important thing is that we must learn that remembering is a dual action. We can divide action of remembering into two-way processes. These two processes are Identification and Recalling.

Identifying something is the most important ability of the memory. It is important because it helps us in identifying a Pitbull dog and a bull only by watching it. This ability also helps one when someone calls his/her name. The same is happening right now when you are reading this blog by identifying each and every single word of it and the same happens when you are reading your study notes.

Recalling study notes, on the other hand, is little more difficult than Identifying. If I am asking you "Which of the Indian state’s capital is called the Pink city?". Finding it difficult to answer? Now if you are finding this difficult that means you would find easy if the same question is asked as " Is Jaipur the Pink city of India ?". Recalling something is very important in order to take the advantage of what we have learned. Just preparing the study notes is not enough if we fail to recall it when necessary.

 After thorough psychics studies, some psychologist came up with the idea of "The Question Book Method", In which we are doing nothing just making simple study notes. But here there is a little difference between the regular study notes and The Question Book Method of preparing notes.

In the later one, we are preparing study notes which do not summarize the main points of the syllabus but asking questions from the syllabus. For example, if you would make study notes of this blog then you would be writing, according to the question book method,

"Q.What are the two different processes of learning?
  Ans: Identification and Recalling ".
  See the difference.

Now when reading a book, quickly make questions and test yourself. This method would also help in the self-assessment. In order to keep this method interesting, try to avoid going overboard. If you try to learn every single point of your syllabus then it could kill your interests in reading as well as in making questions. Only creating 15 questions maximum would be good enough for the study notes dealing with one of your chapter of the syllabus. It would be more beneficial if you put the page number in front of the questions as it could help you in recognizing the page number consisting of the big answers.

If you find this method a beneficial one then do comment your valuable opinions.

                                                                    Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava.