Wednesday 21 June 2017

YoYoga in Office

“Health is wealth”, but running for wealth and infecting your health is the tagline for the metropolitan cities these days. A comfortable air conditioned life comes in exchange of the pollution cost, which can only be paid at the cost of our health. “From next monday” is just an excuse given by our idle mind to skip workout. I have some affordable “Yoga” Asanas for your idle mind that can easily be done in office as well.

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1) Check-in for neck.

Of course, this asana is not about checking whether the boss is on a round or not. Here are some simple steps. Firstly, inhale while bending your head at 90 degree in your left direction and exhale while coming back.Repeat the same process for the right direction.

Note: Do keep your neck and spine long. Conduct the Asana for atleast 5 mins.

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2) Twist the wrist

After scrolling down on facebook timeline for hours, your hands need to take rest. So, rotate your wrist for 3 mins (in every 2 hours) for maintaining blood flow of your wrist joints. Stretch out your fingers and then make a punch and try not to punch any colleague as that’s against HR policies!!

Note: At least perform this exercise for 10 minutes a day and for coders (or IT based people) exercise no less than 15 minutes!!

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3) Revision of shoulder

Excess of work pressure,tends to damage your shoulders. Here’s a remedy: Breathe in, moving your shoulders up  and breathe out while moving them down. Give a little attention to the breathing cycle. Make sure your neck and spine are comfortably straight.

Caution: Do nine to eleven rotations and don’t forget to sing the song “shoulder-shoulder, meethi baatein bolkar. Dil tu chura le gaya”

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4) Walk out of the box

Not sure about if “think out of the box” gives you a creative idea or not, but “walk out of the box” will surely give your legs relief. Take a small tour of office campus after lunch or in the evening. Well, after lunch is more suitable for you as it helps in digestion.

Note: Try not to walk out from the office before the office timings!!

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5) Close the door of  the stress room

Staring at ant sized texts, moulded in times new roman for hours, is not an easy task. Work can wait, not your health. Keep your back straight, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Do breathe in and breathe out  for at least  5 minutes. Relax your body and unburden all stress.

Caution: Just don’t sleep while performing the exercise!!

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I end my lame joxx here and hope that you people will find time for yourself from  your busy office schedule to perform these easy and effective exercises.

“Build up your health. Do not dwell in silence upon your sorrows”

– Swami vivekananda

Written by: Umang Kalra

Saturday 17 June 2017

An Open Letter to a “Father"

Dear Dad,
Today I, not only as your daughter but as a daughter to every dad, pens down my thanks to you and to every remarkable individual who needs to be pulled into light so that he is credited with the appreciation and love that he always deserved but never asked for. Fathers are like a translucent protective shield which even if not visible protects his children from the evils of the world. They are like a knowledgeable book that only gives but never asks for anything in return. But Dad, even if you never put your feelings into words, I can still connect to the rhythm of love, care and affection that your heart transcends.  


Father, now that  I am growing older does not mean that I have forgotten the joyful thrills of my childhood. I still remember the horse rides on your back, I remember how you stood behind me when I learned to ride a bicycle, how you saved me from the scolding of mother and always supported me whenever I quarrelled with brother. But even in the smallest things lay your hidden care that was beyond my understanding then; and now that I have realised that inside that hard strict composure stands a hidden lovable man, I find a best friend in you.
       Dad, I thank you for having faith in me, when I had lost one in myself. Your display of overwhelming patience and grace has led me so far in this long run of a thing called “life”. If it were not you, I would never have been able to trust my choices and learn to be self-sufficient.
            When I was a child, I used to criticise you every time you scolded me and sworn not to talk to you again, but today I miss those remarks which were a true sign of emotions and showed that it is you in this cruel world who cares for me. I felt as if there was someone right behind my back to hold me every time I fall and I strongly believe that no matter whether I stay close to you or far away, your love will always manage to protect me.

        Today, I would not limit my thanks to a father but I acknowledge every woman and man who raised their children being both the mother and the father. To every father who disguises as a mother and to every mother who plays the part of a father you alone are the true inspiration of your children because courage and strength to disguise as both parents are no less than being a superhero.
           And talking about my dad, one of his sayings that constantly lingered in my mind all through I was writing this letter says:  
“Each day is a start of a new chapter of your life, So forget what’s already written and focus on what’s to be written.”
“Yes dad, I will remember this for a lifetime and I hope that in the end, I write a good book for myself. A book worth reading!!”

             Life without your undebatable support is like a puzzle. Thank you father, for not only giving me wings to fly but also teach me how to fly.
Always your little Champ.

                                                                                                                          Written and Edited By:   ANAMIKA JAKHMOLA

Friday 9 June 2017

It's all about English Vinglish !!

 It is only about yesterday when I was travelling back home from the office in an auto that I happened to meet this driver who started a conversation with me and I was astonished to find that he spoke exceptionally fluent English. On being asked about how come he manages to speak such good English he answered “When I was a child I used to look at the television and wonder if ever I would be able to speak so well. It was only then that I decided that no matter what career I pursue in my life, one desire that I will strive to fulfil is to speak good English”

We all know that spoken English has nowadays become an important criterion in every field of life. Be it in your job, at school, in college or just for the sake of being an intellectual, the more you speak well, the more you will be able to impose a good impact. But the question is why people still hesitate in speaking English? Why that speaking good grammar has become a thing no less than a haunted house of which people are scared?

The answer is “fear”.

Fear of your mind. Fear of thinking what others will perceive of you if something goes wrong. Fear of thinking that you are speaking a foreign language. Have you ever thought why it was so easy for us to learn Hindi? No? Then let me tell you. It was because you took Hindi to be your own language something that comes naturally to you and if you implement the same idea on English you will surely succeed.It is not necessary that only coaching classes can teach you to speak English, what is necessary is that you just have to read and expand your vocabulary and knowledge. You have to get that confidence in you, no matter whether you are right or wrong. Just like “Only practice makes a man perfect” similarly “The attractiveness of good spoken English cannot be overstated”.
                                                                                                                          Written & Edited by:

                                                                                                                        ANAMIKA JAKHMOLA.

Monday 5 June 2017

World Environment Day : Where are we standing?

"Climate change is coming much faster, we have seen some extraordinary extreme weather patterns. If we consider this universe a vast ocean then our planet earth is just a small boat. If this boat sinks due flood then we all have to sink together. "
If we consider Shakespeare’s quotation correct that we all are actors in this world then we all are fictional characters, solving fictional problems. I want everyone to see climate change in a way  that needs urgent solutions. We humans did lot of development converting the natural landscape into concrete jungles of towering buildings and cemented roads which hampered the natural circulation of air and parcel of water into the surface of earth leading to the formation of urban heat island and water scarcity due to drying up of underground water resources.
Our deeds also led to the loss of several species of fauna like Dodo, Messenger pigeon, Tasmanian tiger, The Great Auk, The Quagga etc. I personally feel the anger while reading and coming to know how settlers and explorers completely wiped out the entire species of these animals to alter the natural landscape in accordance to their comfort.
The difference between those early settlers and us is that we are doing this knowingly. We know the bizarre consequences that these changes in the environment could bring to us, still many powerful nations are continuing with their practices of heavy industrialisation to a much larger extent. If we have to fight climate change we must understand the fact that more than 90% of our economy relies upon fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, natural gases etc. Oil powers most of the transportation sector, coal and natural gas powers most of the electricity. Now the rapid development based on these fossil fuels would lead us to search for new sources of energy as soon as possible because these natural sources of energy are limited in nature. There comes another problem when it comes to producing fossil fuels.
According to Zimmerman, Resources are not, they become and to make resources it needs a clearance of forests and other natural resources for fuel, food and other forms for the source of energy in the transformation of natural thing into resource to satisfy the unwanted, unfulfilled desires of the world’s most cunning and greedy species that is “Humans”.
The problem that I find most irritating is that the more I know about this problem, the better I realise how less I know about the issue.
As a Geographer, I have travelled from mountains, extreme wilderness to most polluted cities of India. I have seen cities choked by pollution like Delhi. In North Eastern India I’ve met farmers who are still trying to go organic so that the market becomes free from chemicals and pesticides that are extremely harmful for our body and health. I’ve travelled from mountains to the rain forests of India and saw the human modification of natural environment for sight seeing and establishment of hotels. All that I saw and learned in this journey so far has disturbed and terrified me.
Now think about the shame that all of us will carry when our future generations will look back and realise that we had the possibilities to stop this unfairness to  nature but lacked the willingness to do so.
 “We are the last best hope of earth. Let’s take steps together to protect it or else we and all living things that we cherish are history.”

Knowledge Associate: Shoryabh Srivastava
Edited By: Anamika Jakhmola

Saturday 3 June 2017

A piece of paper cannot decide my fate

A 12th standard student aimed to score 98% in his exams but on failing to achieve the desired target, he committed suicide. This is a grave example of how trifle matters in life affect students to such an extent that they are forced to take unjustified decisions in life. But the question is why get depressed? How can a mere piece of paper and some combinations of numerical digits decide your future? Why limit yourself to only reading and writing when there are limitless possibilities in the vast world. All you have to do is focus on the voice of your inner being and discover yourself.  There are a wide range of options to look upon rather than limiting one’s self to the limited world of syllabus.

One might not be good at studies but the same person could be better than the herd in playing some sport.Let’s take an example of cricket. Now, what happens in cricket? There is a batsman, who bats every ball? No? There also, one can miss a ball or number of balls? That does not mean that the batsman should stop facing the other ball. He faces another ball and then a series of balls and there comes a ball on which he hits a six, which may get as high as to break all other records. Now, we can connect this game of cricket to real life.

Here, in the cricket of life, you are the batsman and exams and numbers are like the baller and balls. If you miss a ball it does not mean that you should leave the bat and sit in the corner and wait for your death to come and take away all your miseries. No, you should wait for another ball and try to hit it with more strength than the previous one, who knows that you could possibly convert that ball into a record breaker six.  

Always remember that there is nothing called difficult in this world. If some xyz person can create some mathematical formula using his 2 KG of brain, which is a universal truth, then why can’t you with the same 2 Kg of brain learn that same formula? The solution is practice. The more you practice, the more you become perfect in the same action.

Knowledge Associate: Shoryabh Srivastava

Edited by: Anamika Jakhmola