Saturday 3 June 2017

A piece of paper cannot decide my fate

A 12th standard student aimed to score 98% in his exams but on failing to achieve the desired target, he committed suicide. This is a grave example of how trifle matters in life affect students to such an extent that they are forced to take unjustified decisions in life. But the question is why get depressed? How can a mere piece of paper and some combinations of numerical digits decide your future? Why limit yourself to only reading and writing when there are limitless possibilities in the vast world. All you have to do is focus on the voice of your inner being and discover yourself.  There are a wide range of options to look upon rather than limiting one’s self to the limited world of syllabus.

One might not be good at studies but the same person could be better than the herd in playing some sport.Let’s take an example of cricket. Now, what happens in cricket? There is a batsman, who bats every ball? No? There also, one can miss a ball or number of balls? That does not mean that the batsman should stop facing the other ball. He faces another ball and then a series of balls and there comes a ball on which he hits a six, which may get as high as to break all other records. Now, we can connect this game of cricket to real life.

Here, in the cricket of life, you are the batsman and exams and numbers are like the baller and balls. If you miss a ball it does not mean that you should leave the bat and sit in the corner and wait for your death to come and take away all your miseries. No, you should wait for another ball and try to hit it with more strength than the previous one, who knows that you could possibly convert that ball into a record breaker six.  

Always remember that there is nothing called difficult in this world. If some xyz person can create some mathematical formula using his 2 KG of brain, which is a universal truth, then why can’t you with the same 2 Kg of brain learn that same formula? The solution is practice. The more you practice, the more you become perfect in the same action.

Knowledge Associate: Shoryabh Srivastava

Edited by: Anamika Jakhmola

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  1. Nice post
    I must say it is the perception that matters only.