Wednesday 21 June 2017

YoYoga in Office

“Health is wealth”, but running for wealth and infecting your health is the tagline for the metropolitan cities these days. A comfortable air conditioned life comes in exchange of the pollution cost, which can only be paid at the cost of our health. “From next monday” is just an excuse given by our idle mind to skip workout. I have some affordable “Yoga” Asanas for your idle mind that can easily be done in office as well.

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1) Check-in for neck.

Of course, this asana is not about checking whether the boss is on a round or not. Here are some simple steps. Firstly, inhale while bending your head at 90 degree in your left direction and exhale while coming back.Repeat the same process for the right direction.

Note: Do keep your neck and spine long. Conduct the Asana for atleast 5 mins.

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2) Twist the wrist

After scrolling down on facebook timeline for hours, your hands need to take rest. So, rotate your wrist for 3 mins (in every 2 hours) for maintaining blood flow of your wrist joints. Stretch out your fingers and then make a punch and try not to punch any colleague as that’s against HR policies!!

Note: At least perform this exercise for 10 minutes a day and for coders (or IT based people) exercise no less than 15 minutes!!

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3) Revision of shoulder

Excess of work pressure,tends to damage your shoulders. Here’s a remedy: Breathe in, moving your shoulders up  and breathe out while moving them down. Give a little attention to the breathing cycle. Make sure your neck and spine are comfortably straight.

Caution: Do nine to eleven rotations and don’t forget to sing the song “shoulder-shoulder, meethi baatein bolkar. Dil tu chura le gaya”

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4) Walk out of the box

Not sure about if “think out of the box” gives you a creative idea or not, but “walk out of the box” will surely give your legs relief. Take a small tour of office campus after lunch or in the evening. Well, after lunch is more suitable for you as it helps in digestion.

Note: Try not to walk out from the office before the office timings!!

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5) Close the door of  the stress room

Staring at ant sized texts, moulded in times new roman for hours, is not an easy task. Work can wait, not your health. Keep your back straight, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Do breathe in and breathe out  for at least  5 minutes. Relax your body and unburden all stress.

Caution: Just don’t sleep while performing the exercise!!

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I end my lame joxx here and hope that you people will find time for yourself from  your busy office schedule to perform these easy and effective exercises.

“Build up your health. Do not dwell in silence upon your sorrows”

– Swami vivekananda

Written by: Umang Kalra


  1. Very nice and healthy blog. I would find myself very much fortunate if you, My Friend, take out some time to teach some of the poses of yoga, in person. Thank you and keep it up. Looking forward for your time.

    1. "very nice" is a big word for me by you. Thank you for your time.

      Yes, I will surely look over that.

  2. Haha.. Loved every bit of it.. Specially the punching part.. Definitely going to try all this in my free time.. Good job Umang

  3. Appreciable piece of work done by you.