Saturday 17 June 2017

An Open Letter to a “Father"

Dear Dad,
Today I, not only as your daughter but as a daughter to every dad, pens down my thanks to you and to every remarkable individual who needs to be pulled into light so that he is credited with the appreciation and love that he always deserved but never asked for. Fathers are like a translucent protective shield which even if not visible protects his children from the evils of the world. They are like a knowledgeable book that only gives but never asks for anything in return. But Dad, even if you never put your feelings into words, I can still connect to the rhythm of love, care and affection that your heart transcends.  


Father, now that  I am growing older does not mean that I have forgotten the joyful thrills of my childhood. I still remember the horse rides on your back, I remember how you stood behind me when I learned to ride a bicycle, how you saved me from the scolding of mother and always supported me whenever I quarrelled with brother. But even in the smallest things lay your hidden care that was beyond my understanding then; and now that I have realised that inside that hard strict composure stands a hidden lovable man, I find a best friend in you.
       Dad, I thank you for having faith in me, when I had lost one in myself. Your display of overwhelming patience and grace has led me so far in this long run of a thing called “life”. If it were not you, I would never have been able to trust my choices and learn to be self-sufficient.
            When I was a child, I used to criticise you every time you scolded me and sworn not to talk to you again, but today I miss those remarks which were a true sign of emotions and showed that it is you in this cruel world who cares for me. I felt as if there was someone right behind my back to hold me every time I fall and I strongly believe that no matter whether I stay close to you or far away, your love will always manage to protect me.

        Today, I would not limit my thanks to a father but I acknowledge every woman and man who raised their children being both the mother and the father. To every father who disguises as a mother and to every mother who plays the part of a father you alone are the true inspiration of your children because courage and strength to disguise as both parents are no less than being a superhero.
           And talking about my dad, one of his sayings that constantly lingered in my mind all through I was writing this letter says:  
“Each day is a start of a new chapter of your life, So forget what’s already written and focus on what’s to be written.”
“Yes dad, I will remember this for a lifetime and I hope that in the end, I write a good book for myself. A book worth reading!!”

             Life without your undebatable support is like a puzzle. Thank you father, for not only giving me wings to fly but also teach me how to fly.
Always your little Champ.

                                                                                                                          Written and Edited By:   ANAMIKA JAKHMOLA


  1. Most difficult thing in this world is to make someone emotional with your words. But I would proudly say that you made me emotional with your words. This letter is so true and right from the heart that it touched my heart. Keep it up. ��

    1. Thank you for your inspirational words.

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