Friday, 9 June 2017

It's all about English Vinglish !!

 It is only about yesterday when I was travelling back home from the office in an auto that I happened to meet this driver who started a conversation with me and I was astonished to find that he spoke exceptionally fluent English. On being asked about how come he manages to speak such good English he answered “When I was a child I used to look at the television and wonder if ever I would be able to speak so well. It was only then that I decided that no matter what career I pursue in my life, one desire that I will strive to fulfil is to speak good English”

We all know that spoken English has nowadays become an important criterion in every field of life. Be it in your job, at school, in college or just for the sake of being an intellectual, the more you speak well, the more you will be able to impose a good impact. But the question is why people still hesitate in speaking English? Why that speaking good grammar has become a thing no less than a haunted house of which people are scared?

The answer is “fear”.

Fear of your mind. Fear of thinking what others will perceive of you if something goes wrong. Fear of thinking that you are speaking a foreign language. Have you ever thought why it was so easy for us to learn Hindi? No? Then let me tell you. It was because you took Hindi to be your own language something that comes naturally to you and if you implement the same idea on English you will surely succeed.It is not necessary that only coaching classes can teach you to speak English, what is necessary is that you just have to read and expand your vocabulary and knowledge. You have to get that confidence in you, no matter whether you are right or wrong. Just like “Only practice makes a man perfect” similarly “The attractiveness of good spoken English cannot be overstated”.
                                                                                                                          Written & Edited by:

                                                                                                                        ANAMIKA JAKHMOLA.


  1. Ya it's true coz fear iz obstacle of excellence.
    Nobody say anything if U have the ability to
    prove his/her wrong.

  2. A nice effort Anamika to start with......don't hesitate to share more and don't let us wait much....... ����

    1. Thankyou sir...Yes I will try to improve with every blog I post...and would soon be back with another one.

  3. keep it on buddies... awesome