Thursday 31 August 2017

A step by step guide to improve your Study Skills.

Struggling to be a good student? Not to worry at all, it isn’t any magic. It only requires consistent efforts, little hard work and complete dedication. No one is born a perfect student. Everyone just follows a simple methodology of constant practice. This practice involves some steps:
  1. Prepare a Time Table
A timetable is a must to start an effective learning. It helps one to organize the subjects properly. With the help of a timetable, one can balance the subjects and can denote equal time to all the subjects.

  1. Discover your Learning Style
One should be able to identify one’s level of knowledge and understanding. The perfect way of studying should be clear to a student.

  1. Inculcate Reading Habit
A student must develop the habit of effective reading. Reading helps to increase the word power and enhances the vocabulary too. Effective reading builds imagination and broadens the mind. Thus, reading is one of the most important aspects of developing skills.

  1. Improve Notes-Making
Apart from reading, one should also note down important points and must ponder them. This will help in revising a topic quickly and precisely.

  1. Improve Listening Skills
A popular quote says,”If speech is silver, silence is gold.” This is a worthy point to think. Sometimes, it is worthy to be quiet. It helps to grow one's understanding. If we speak, we only say what we know but if we listen we will come to know what we are unaware of. A better listening contributes to better understanding.

  1. Improve your Communication
Good communication skills attract the people towards us. Our ideas and the way we express them introduce our true self. The more intellectual we are, the more influential we become. Thus, it is very important to socialize and communicate with people of good intellectuality.

One should also take a regular revision test on the basis of his understanding of the topic. This will help the student to assess his learning. Online tests and quiz portals are helpful for this assessment.

  1. Avoid Distraction
In order to become a good student and an effective learner, one should avoid distractions. They may be internal or external. There should not be any second thoughts at the time of learning. These may include television, games, computer, mobiles and also diversion of thoughts.

  1. Take Refreshing Breaks
You all might have heard,”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This follows in learning as well. Continuous studying can make anyone dumb. So, breaks are necessary to relax the mind and give it a refreshing exercise.

These simple steps can help you to not only become a good student but also an effective learner. So, get started today and revise your plans and take a step towards excellence.

All the Best to all!

Written by: Shalini Chauhan

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Why we love Study Material. (And you should too!)

What will be the first thing you do when you start studying? - A search for the perfect study material. Now what exactly is study material and how does it different from books?
Books are the combination of every minute detail and a long explanation of each and every topic whereas the study material is basically the study notes and the short and important explanation of the topics. Students can go with books when they have plenty of time and the purpose of studying is to enhance the knowledge. But if students are just left with few days before exam, they must go for study material or study notes.

Why study material is useful?
Study material is useful because now students want short and easy explanation of everything which they can learn and understand easily. Many techniques are used by the sellers to make their study material attractive and understandable. They even use flow charts and diagram. There is a fact that students can learn quickly and for longer time with visual images as compared to theory. So those who make these notes idea, they should focus on the diagrams, charts, graphs, images to explain the topic.

With the help of these study notes for classes, students can easily attain good marks in exam. He/she just need to understand things properly. A good study material for exam can replace a teacher if it is made in proper manner.

What are things that keep in mind before making study material?
It is made to make things easy not complicated and the main purpose of the study notes is that student do not need a teacher to make things simplified for himself/herself. So they should be made in the manner that student can just read the topic and it remains in his/her head. He/she do need to do cramming. Cramming and learning can make things worse for student because only learning can make student to forget the things in few days. But if he/she focuses on understanding the topic with the visual images, he/she remembers things even after exams and for longer period.

 A proper understanding of the topic is compulsory to get good marks.  And a proper understanding needs a proper study material

Friday 25 August 2017

Job: Just another benefit of Education!

Today in this blog, a very common but important topic would undergo discussion: Is Education only a medium to get employed? Are millions of children today receiving education just to get hired and follow a routine as exciting as watching a paint dry? By saying that “Getting hired is the only objective of receiving education” you are limiting the endless possibilities the word “Education” has in store for you.

For instance let’s take an example of William Shakespeare: One of the greatest playwrights, poets and actors of English Language. All he had in hand was his education and knowledge that lead him to be a great personality. Never in his life did he apply for a job or even urged to get one. He knew that his education alone could make him stand out of the rest of the world and that was true. Even today Shakespeare is known as an eminent personality of literature and his play entertain and educate the masses. Such is the importance of education!

The fact that education and job are two distinct factors is clearly relatable from the above narrated example. Education has the power to create opportunities for an individual. If one is educated he does not have to ramshackle the market for jobs! Jobs on the other had are just a medium to earn a living. Millionaires and Multimillionaires today are at a level not because of their job but because of their education. As I mentioned earlier: “Education is a very vast word” and not just restricted to classroom training. It is education that builds up the confidence in you and instills in you the practical knowledge of the outside world. It makes you capable enough to equip your vital life skills. You can easily communicate with people of different age groups, standards and personalities and expand your knowledge.

Do not misinterpret my idea, as education is not the key to getting jobs is not what I meant to say. Let me make it more vivid to you in simpler words!

Education is like that topmost branch of a hierarchy which has both professional and personal benefits. It depends on the individual on how he wishes to grow the tree or can work them go hand in hand because I must say that restricting yourself to just getting jobs may prove to be a savage decision for you in the future!
Written By: Anamika Jakhmola

Thursday 24 August 2017

The Benefits of Online Tutoring and Learning

Online tutoring & learning is a kind of platform where anyone can participate virtually. They may learn on their own or can make others learn too. It is such a platform where distance doesn’t matter whether they belong to which places or what they do. This is a unique and new way for the growth and development of the education to take it to the new and higher level as much as possible.
I didn’t know about online tutoring & learning ever before. I got to know about online tutoring & learning when one of my friends got a job in such a platform. My friend made me aware about the online education system; he described that through online tutoring & learning we can provide best solution to make someone learn even to the distant places not even going to the target area. I got curious to know more about the benefits of online tutoring & learning after I heard that this kind of education system also exists.

When you have a good command over any subject, any topic or might you have such a talent that no one knows much better than you, they you may teach them as a tutor through which you can earn money as well.

On the other hand, if you want to learn and want to practice on any work or any project then you can take help and solutions from the tutors or experts as well.

Such a commendable medium for education, online tutoring & learning can be used any-where, any-time whether you are in the office or at home. Distance and in person presence doesn’t matter at all. The main purpose of online tutoring & learning is to diminish the wall of difference in the education system and make it available for all at anytime.

As the age is no bar in online tutoring & learning system therefore maximum number of population can take benefit from the resource not even spending a long length of their time.  They can communicate or share their views on any topic, sort out query or can also discuss and develop new theories and ideas according to their need with each other.

Online tutoring & learning is the best way for the growth of the knowledge and education. People must be aware about such kind of a platform. 

Written By: Rajat Gupta

Wednesday 23 August 2017

How N.C.E.R.T Solutions can help you?

Some questions never came with an answer. Luckily the questions in N.C.E.R.T textbooks come with answers. You need to put in some efforts to find them nevertheless. For finding answers to N.C.E.R.T textbook questions, you have a few options. Let's dive directly into the options you could use to find answers to these questions. 

The first method that you could use is to buy books giving you solutions of the questions present in the N.C.E.R.T books. The solutions present in such books are detailed and comprehensive. These solutions, more often than not, are enough to suffice most of the needs of the students like you. While they come in handy when you are studying, let's face it, books aren't easy to carry around. And these books, which are highly detailed, are bulky and difficult to carry around. Many of these come in parts but then carrying those around is difficult as well.

An alternative method to the aforementioned is to use something which you carry with you almost all the time. You guessed it right, your mobile phone. Your mobile phone stays with you almost always and can act as your gateway to a lot of information. There are apps available that give you 
N.C.E.R.T textbook solutions for free or a little amount of money (much cheaper than the book would cost). These solutions are highly detailed and often give you steps to solve the problem along with references to the topics used in the solution. This is critical to you as a student since you are constantly bombarded with a lot of knowledge due to which you tend to forget which topics belong to which chapter. You can check answers just about anywhere you want to. Word of caution: when I say anywhere, it excludes the examination hall.

Mobile apps also give you links to videos explaining various concepts through animations and visualizations which makes the process of studying highly interactive. This enables you to understand the concepts better thus helping you solve the problems yourself. And trust me, solving the problem yourself would give you a certain degree of satisfaction and self-confidence which is highly appreciated when you have an exam. 

I, for one, would definitely choose mobile apps for getting solutions of N.C.E.R.T textbook questions for the reasons mentioned above. If you need more reasons, download such an app and find the reasons that appeal to you by yourself.

                                                                                            Written By: Syed Ali Mudassar

Friday 18 August 2017

Online Education

With the advent of technology, the field of Education has transformed to a much greater extent. The invention of computer with the blend of ‘internet’ has offered much ease to the students across the globe. Students can access information at anytime, anywhere in the world.

The trend of ‘Online Education’ or ‘E-Learning’ has been increasing rapidly. Since the emergence of smart phones, education has become a pocket material.  Whether it is basic science or rocket science or be it arithmetic or calculus or simple unitary methods or be it English grammar or be it any competitive exam , each and every topic is available online with a thorough explanation which offers complete understanding. The mode of availability includes both notes and videos. Not only study materials but also quick recaps and revision tests are available to keep a regular check and then assess the understanding of a student. It helps the students to assess themselves.

The one of the biggest advantage of online mode of education is that the students are provided the ease of putting up any query at any time. The answers are provided immediately to uproot the doubts instantly at the moment. Also, there is no need to carry the piles of books everywhere because the information you want, is now just a click away. Online Education has made searching a topic much easier than ever before.  
This mode of study is also beneficial for our nation’s economy. This technological revolution in the field of education has opened new and broader horizons for us. According to a recent survey conducted jointly by Google and KPMG, the Indian Online Education Industry will hit $1.96 billion by 2021. The main factor responsible for this is the increased internet penetration amid a surge in smart phone ownership. This increasing trend of Online Education will boost up the economical status of our country in near future.

Online Education provides students innovative and creative thinking. Students are provided with more than one way of solving a certain problem which, in turn, broadens their mind and helps them to think in other way also.
Now, it’s high time our education system should also realize the need of introducing online mode of study in the curriculum.

Written by: Shalini Chauhan

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Exam Tips for Students!

Whenever a student starts studying for exam, things that come to his/her mind is: where to start from? How to start? What to do next? These are the things which are not taught in schools. A proper guidance is necessary for students preparing for exams
Here are some tips for preparation, which every student must follow during the exam time.

1.     Make a proper schedule-
Before starting anything for your preparation, it is necessary to have a proper schedule to manage time. Students should divide their time according to their needs.

2.     Do not be a bookworm
Some students have tendency to study 24*7 to get good grades in exams, which is totally wrong. If you want to score good marks and enhance your knowledge, it is better to study for few hours on daily basis than to spend the whole day in front of books.

3.     Health is wealth
You can only be able to study, if your body allows and supports you. Some students complain of headache, insomnia, back pain, and stomach ache during exam days. These problems occur only because students generally neglect their health to study, without realizing its consequences. So it is advisable to students to take a healthy and balanced diet, to sit in a comfortable posture and to not sit continuously for long hours.

Practice tests are compulsory if you are aiming high for your exams. Time to time tests are compulsory to get a proper judgment of your performance at that point of time and makes you know that which subject needs more hard work and practice.

5.     Do not go for marks only
While preparing for exams, students should remember that they are studying for excellence and not just for marks. Students today are just blindly running in rat race and their only focus is to attain the top position.  For this, they are just cramming things which is making their foundation weak. Not only students, but also parents should have a check on their child, whether he/she is just cramming or understanding things.

6.     Have plenty of sleep.
A good sleep is necessary during exam preparation time for the students. Lack of sleep can affect their concentration power and make them feel sleepy the whole day. It is important to take at least 8 hours of sleep to make your brain work healthily.

7.     Try to make most of your morning time
“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
It is not only a proverb but also a fact. Waking up early makes your mind and body sharp and active. Students, who studied for whole night, thinking that would be more beneficial, are just doing it the wrong way. Best time to study is in the morning. Try to wake up early and have a heavy breakfast and then follow your exam preparation schedule.

8.     Stay active
“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”
Never study continuously for long hours. Take a break after every one hour and take out some time for outdoor activities. This will make your body active and improve your concentration.

If, a student wants to achieve good result then remember, hard work and smart work are the keys to success. 

Written By: Himani Raghav

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day
Greetings to all the readers or should I say HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL! I think today no greetings will be more suitable other than this.
Our nation, our motherland, has completed 70 years of, its independence, and its freedom. It was the dawn of August 15, 1947 when our first prime minister Late Pt. Nehru unfurled the tricolour and addressed the nation with pride and honour. It was this day when our motherland came to life actually.  This milestone was not achieved in one day but took 200 and numerous efforts by our countrymen.
I can imagine, how difficult it would have been to spend the night of August 14. I am sure nobody had fallen asleep that night. Every eye was full of new dreams, new desires and new hope. Everyone was full of enthusiasm. They were going to become a part of that historical moment which will embark a new beginning of our nation on global paths.

We have come a long way since then. INDIA has emerged as one of the supreme power of the world today. It has proved that once started no destination is far enough to be reached, once thought no work is impossible to complete. Our toil and efforts have made our country to shine on the world map. The fact that , a country where not even a needle was manufactured before Independence, is now the world's largest steel producer and exporter, is enough to convey that What we have become and where we have come.
The country which had been looted several times by the invaders, still today contributes 6.3% share of world's income, the fourth largest in the world in terms of real GDP.

The country which was once lagging behind in the field of education, which could not give enough resources to its citizens, where people were not even aware of themselves, has now come on that point of its journey where it has the calibre to make people admire of its achievement. The time when missiles and nuclear power were only possible for some powerful economies, India was working on its first missile. Today here we are, India has given milestones like AGNI and PRITHVI.
How can anyone forget the foundation of science and technology, the Mathematics. It was us, our country, India who gave the world the Number System and the ZERO which is the basic of number system.
India has given the world many remarkable personalities like Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Dr. C.V.Raman, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and so many more. This list is so big that I can't name every one of them.
These 70 years have brought so much for us that it is impossible for me to even bind half of it in this single post
But yes, a thing which always curts me from inside is that there are still some areas where we still lag behind, where we have to still work a lot. The main domain is the thinking of people. Even today, there exists some people who have a narrow thinking. They still live in the, so called, Orthodox society. In this 21st century where women are doing much better than men in almost every field, some people still think women to be a home material. The aggression and the insensitivity of the young generation was not something which our leaders dreamt of. When I see newspapers burning with rape issues, for a moment, I feel shameful being an Indian. When I see any child with eyes craving for food, craving for knowledge, I feel helpless being an Indian.
We must realize the fact that we are not known by the country but the country is known by us. If we, the Indians, will not uplift our nation then who else will.
We need to realize that something Independence is not something materialistic but it is realistic. Independence is when we will really be free from these stereotypes and when we will really understand the essence of it.

The day, we will achieve this independence, will be the real independence for every one of us. That day, I AM PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN, will be of real meaning to all of us.

Keep working to bring the change not for one day but for every day. Make everyday an INDEPENDENCE DAY!
Written By: Shalini Chauhan

Saturday 12 August 2017

'BEST' Online Scholarship Test


          As we all are very well aware of the fact that in this modern era, the most powerful weapon to bring a change is Education. But to our dismay, most of the children are deprived of this basic right. The future of a nation the children are unable to get the right education. The main factor responsible for this is the lack of financial resources. Despite having the caliber, most of the students are unable to get what they deserve. So, the easiest way to provide education to economically weaker sections of the society and to the deserving candidates is scholarship. 

The online scholarship is an opportunity for all of them who wish to bring a change with their thoughts but are unable to do it due to the lack of finances. This initiative is a hope to many of the deserving candidates.
We, at Talent4Assure, are playing our part in this pious deed of providing education with our online scholarship program 'BEST'. This program is for all those students who lag behind in the field of education but are able to make the most of their minds. 

Every student who dreams of Books, whose inner-self craves for knowledge should go for that every means which is a step ahead in their journey. The best way to do this is to apply for an online scholarship test. BEST aims at providing every possible means to get an education. To get started, you must apply for the scholarship test first.

BEST will also provide you the material for preparation of the test. So, every student who wishes to acquire knowledge must go for this golden opportunity.
The world of books is waiting for you. Make your first move towards the world you wish for. Apply for the online scholarship for free and get started today!!  

                                                                                                                Written By: Shalini Chauhan

Friday 11 August 2017

Importance of Time Management in Student Life

“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes”                                                                                                                 Crystal Paine

What oxygen is to life, that time management is to success. One cannot live without oxygen, in the same way one cannot succeed without proper time management.

What exactly is time management?
Time management is a process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities and use it accordingly. In simple words, time management is using your time effectively and efficiently.

Time management is necessary in every point of life.

But unfortunately most people fail to do this. Time management is something which is not taught to us by teachers or parents. We have to do it on our own. Time management is most important get good score. Everyone has books, syllabus, notes and time, but it is the management of time that makes all the difference.

1. Make a proper time table
Before start studying, students should make a proper schedule according to his/her need.  Planning is important because it allows students to analyze that how much time should be given to particular topic and subject.

2. Prioritize your subjects
First step for time management is to set your priorities. Some subjects need more attention and hard work than others, so it is important to divide your time accordingly between the subjects.
Also every student has his/her weak section so he/she should give more time to those subjects.

3. Give attention to topic also
After dividing subjects, it is important to divide time on topic also. Different topics need different time and labor.

4. Practice
 There is an old adage-“ practice makes a man perfect”. Practice tests are very important before final exam. No one gets succeed just by learning the whole syllabus. Tests are important to judge the student’s performance

5. Focus on health
This is the step which students often skip while studying. Never take your health for granted. Take 15 minutes break after every one hour to refresh. Drink plenty of water. Eat balanced diet.

6. Do not take stress
 Stress is the biggest enemy of the human. If you want to achieve something in life, it is important to stay healthy not only physically but mentally also. For this you can do meditation and exercise.

At last, it is necessary for student to manage his/her time and utilizes every second efficiently. Because “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Saturday 5 August 2017

Online Scholarship Test

The surreal world of internet has made every small thing easy and feasible for us. From posting pictures on the web to conducting online examinations, everything has become so handy that humans need to put in only a little effort. With this growing technology has also grown the number of services delivered. Delivering online lectures, conducting live sessions and giving online scholarship tests are all a step towards a digitally empowered India.

                                                   Image source: Google

A scholarship is an award of financial assistance, provided to students who excel in the online examination. It is a good opportunity for students to raise funds for their education. All it takes is a showcase of your talent. Online Scholarship Tests are a great platform for students of good aptitude levels to enhance your academic skills.

One such scholarship test conducted on PAN India level is BEST. BEST is an Online Scholarship Test being conducted in India for the first time to bring into light students with exceptional values. BEST is a free scholarship test where every student whether privileged or unprivileged can participate.

Money has always been an issue for students from backward societies, which hinders their participation. But such is not the case with BEST.

BEST is a global platform for students where you will also be awarded scholarship rewards and cash prizes of about one Lakh. Moreover, best aims at uplifting the students of the weaker sections of the society and to support this cause BEST promotes free registration policy. Another exclusive benefit of this free scholarship test is that it also provides a free subscription to our online assessment tool: SELF ENABLER; Where you also practiced for a scholarship test. Every child who participates would be awarded a certificate.

The benefits don’t end here. BEST is just a medium to bring into light the benefits of online scholarship test. As the world is moving towards technological advancement so is the need for these online scholarship test to assess where you stand among the rest of the world.

                                                                                                   Written By:
                                                                                                   Anamika Jakhmola

Why Scholarships for Students are Necessary?

In a country knees deep in poverty, scholarships for students come forth as a great means of imparting education to everyone who has the will to study but can’t afford it without some financial aid. Amongst the poor, there are a lot of people with exceptional minds struggling to get into colleges since the fee demanded by the colleges is too high. In such cases, scholarships for students come as a much needed respite from this constant act of giving up on dreams just because they don’t have enough capital to fulfill them. Look around you, there would be a lot of faces who gave up some dream or aspiration because they couldn’t get into a college because they didn’t have enough funds to pay the tuition fee for the college or the multitude of costs associated with education.

Scholarships for students are a necessity since the cost of education is rising while the economy is still going down every passing day. Due to the adverse financial conditions in the country, the need for scholarships is growing. People belonging to the middle and lower classes of the society now find it hard to obtain the funds for the education they seek to get. Everything is getting so expensive that a lot of households can’t even afford hostels for their kids, and hence the students have to commute from their homes which is preferably somewhere close to their residence since even commuting has become a costly affair these days. Taking education loans is no longer a good option since people have a lot of debt already, and education loans just add up to the pile. Hence it all comes down to scholarships. While education is costly, it is definitely worth the amount of pain you would go through for achieving it. So, if any of this scared you, don’t be afraid since the road might seem tough, but the destination makes it worth the while. Such is the power that education yields. And scholarships just make it easier for you to reach out to own the power yourself.

We at Talent4Assure run BEST, our program which provides scholarships for students who are underprivileged as well those students who deserve the scholarship, because let’s face it, the number of students who don’t need any scholarships to study is quite low given the current state of the economy. By providing scholarships for students who deserve the scholarship, we try to reinforce the ideal education system we have in our minds wherein education is within the reach of all those who seek to get educated.

Written By : Syed Ali Mudassar

Friday 4 August 2017

Importance of NCERT Books

No society can progress forward without educated people. The importance of education was realised by the Indian government and hence, in 1986, the National policy on Education was approved by Indian parliament and a national system of education was created. The National policy on education recommended a common core education system called NCERT throughout the country. NCERT books are designed keeping in mind the child’s psychological level and the solutions of the questions designed depend upon the understanding of the chapters incorporated in the NCERT books. Most of the schools in India use NCERT books to complete the syllabus designed by CBSE.

The knowledge that NCERT books have and the solutions of the questions designed can make the children or students aware and updated while making them open minded. But to understand and make good use of all of the information inside the NCERT book, it is very important that after acquiring knowledge from the NCERT book in the school, it is tested over again when the student returns back home. The easiest way to test one's understanding of the chapter taught in the school is by going through the NCERT book solutions. This could be easily achieved by testing one’s self by solving questions designed from the very depth of the chapter. Students need a set of questions that not only tests the knowledge of the student but also motivates them to apply their understanding of the chapter in the NCERT books to solve the questions. If the questions designed for the student’s self enhancement is based over each and every line of the chapter then the student would have to read the chapter again and again to solve each and every question of the NCERT book solution set paper. Reading chapter again and again would not only help the student to solve each and every question of the set paper but would also enhance the knowledge and understanding of the chapter which would eventually help the student to apply his/her knowledge to the practical world.

The knowledge gained through education from NCERT books always enhances the confidence of an individual to compete with the outer world. Right education means right knowledge and with right education and knowledge one can be more productive not only towards the society but also towards the nation and to the very large extent towards the entire world.

Written By: Shoryabh Srivastava 
(Subject Matter Expert, Geography)

Wednesday 2 August 2017

E-learning or learning at coaching centers? What’s better?

With these ever changing methods of delivering education, humans have progressed from traditional on-campus classroom environments to customized online sessions. With the advent and evolution of the internet, E-learning has gained new grounds in the field of delivering education.

                                 Image result for e learning
But, have you ever thought, what leads to an increase in the number of students who are using e-learning portals?  Let’s throw a light on some major advantages of E-learning that has greatly increased its demand in the market. Nothing can ever be as easy as learning without carrying the burden of books on your shoulders. Yes, first and foremost you are saved the labor of carrying heavy books to the coaching centers. It also helps in easy management of data as all the data is stored in a single system and you are not required to safely store your books for future reference. All you have to do is, plug-in your laptops and get ready to be acquainted with an ocean of knowledge.

Image result for e learning 

Modern technology has made online learning very easy as e-learning portals use videos, audios, and 3-D designs to explain various concepts which can be effortlessly understood. This not only enhances a student’s virtual imagination but also broaden the minds of students to think in various directions. A much greater range of media like simulations, interactions, scenarios and visual story telling can be used. Unlike coaching centers, there is no time boundation.  One can start learning anytime, anywhere thus giving preference to increased personalization of scheduling a factor critical for modern learners. E-learning in a way turns the world into a classroom or just the corner of your bedroom if you prefer. Stopping, starting, replaying a particular video or audio are some features of E-learning that cannot be applied in a physical classroom.
     Image result for coaching centers

Coaching classes nowadays have become more of a trend and crowd puller than an effective method of teaching. Multiple batches with more than hundred students in a particular batch make the learning less effective owing to the distractions one faces in a classroom. Also, students are not able to retain completely whatever has been taught in the class. On the other hand, one minute of classroom time is not equal to one minute of online training. A Larger rate of knowledge is retained when a student studies all by himself without any hindrance in his understanding.  

E-learning in a way acts as a one-stop platform, which provides you knowledge of every individual subject and topic -”All at one place”. No matter whether you were able to attend a particular lecture at a specific time, you can always go back and learn again whenever you have time.

Traditional ways of learning are more into use as this method is being carried out for ages and has also led to the emergence of coaching centers, but that does not state the fact that this method is the best. Advancement has always been the law of the world and with an advancement towards  E-learning, we are taking a step further toward digital India.

                                                                                                      Written By:
                                                                                                      Anamika Jakhmola