Saturday 5 August 2017

Online Scholarship Test

The surreal world of internet has made every small thing easy and feasible for us. From posting pictures on the web to conducting online examinations, everything has become so handy that humans need to put in only a little effort. With this growing technology has also grown the number of services delivered. Delivering online lectures, conducting live sessions and giving online scholarship tests are all a step towards a digitally empowered India.

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A scholarship is an award of financial assistance, provided to students who excel in the online examination. It is a good opportunity for students to raise funds for their education. All it takes is a showcase of your talent. Online Scholarship Tests are a great platform for students of good aptitude levels to enhance your academic skills.

One such scholarship test conducted on PAN India level is BEST. BEST is an Online Scholarship Test being conducted in India for the first time to bring into light students with exceptional values. BEST is a free scholarship test where every student whether privileged or unprivileged can participate.

Money has always been an issue for students from backward societies, which hinders their participation. But such is not the case with BEST.

BEST is a global platform for students where you will also be awarded scholarship rewards and cash prizes of about one Lakh. Moreover, best aims at uplifting the students of the weaker sections of the society and to support this cause BEST promotes free registration policy. Another exclusive benefit of this free scholarship test is that it also provides a free subscription to our online assessment tool: SELF ENABLER; Where you also practiced for a scholarship test. Every child who participates would be awarded a certificate.

The benefits don’t end here. BEST is just a medium to bring into light the benefits of online scholarship test. As the world is moving towards technological advancement so is the need for these online scholarship test to assess where you stand among the rest of the world.

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                                                                                                   Anamika Jakhmola


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