Friday 18 August 2017

Online Education

With the advent of technology, the field of Education has transformed to a much greater extent. The invention of computer with the blend of ‘internet’ has offered much ease to the students across the globe. Students can access information at anytime, anywhere in the world.

The trend of ‘Online Education’ or ‘E-Learning’ has been increasing rapidly. Since the emergence of smart phones, education has become a pocket material.  Whether it is basic science or rocket science or be it arithmetic or calculus or simple unitary methods or be it English grammar or be it any competitive exam , each and every topic is available online with a thorough explanation which offers complete understanding. The mode of availability includes both notes and videos. Not only study materials but also quick recaps and revision tests are available to keep a regular check and then assess the understanding of a student. It helps the students to assess themselves.

The one of the biggest advantage of online mode of education is that the students are provided the ease of putting up any query at any time. The answers are provided immediately to uproot the doubts instantly at the moment. Also, there is no need to carry the piles of books everywhere because the information you want, is now just a click away. Online Education has made searching a topic much easier than ever before.  
This mode of study is also beneficial for our nation’s economy. This technological revolution in the field of education has opened new and broader horizons for us. According to a recent survey conducted jointly by Google and KPMG, the Indian Online Education Industry will hit $1.96 billion by 2021. The main factor responsible for this is the increased internet penetration amid a surge in smart phone ownership. This increasing trend of Online Education will boost up the economical status of our country in near future.

Online Education provides students innovative and creative thinking. Students are provided with more than one way of solving a certain problem which, in turn, broadens their mind and helps them to think in other way also.
Now, it’s high time our education system should also realize the need of introducing online mode of study in the curriculum.

Written by: Shalini Chauhan


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