Friday 17 November 2017

How to focus on study before exam

How to focus on study before exam

Examinations are very important in deciding the future of a student, especially the class 10th and class 12th final exams conducted by the respective central boards. Every exam is important and requires dedicated and best preparation. SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure is a website that helps a student prepare, improve and attend the exams by providing students with the adequate study materials. They also help the students and make them understand how to focus on studying for an examination.
The expert crew at SelfEnabler from Talent4Assure trains the student to score the highest marks in the examination. But, the real hard work and learning should be done by the student alone; it is all up to the work and motivation he/she has.
The process of learning and the way of learning are different in different students and therefore it is not possible for someone to create an exact pattern or procedure one should follow to score good marks. But there are some general ways, tips, and tricks that a student can follow in order to obtain best results, and these are just the basic methods/instruction which can be improvised according to the student’s skills and as he/she finds it suitable and helping.
  • Study daily without fail –

In order to get good marks, the students should not waste time. Utilize the time you get and don’t leave it to study at the last minute of the exam.  The student should always be preparing for the examination and not all students can thrive on last-minute cramming. Majority of the students who have scored good marks at the examination have followed the method of studying daily.
This gives the students more time and can find ways to enhance their time management skills. One of the other reasons to follow this method is that every subject in the syllabus is not the same. A student can take more time to understand one subject than other subjects and it totally depends on their skills. Studying daily thus provides them more time to sort out the flaws and prepare a timetable and work.
  • Always choose a study space without distractions

A student has only a few hours to study daily after his/her school hours. They should be able to utilize this time to the maximum, so for better efficiency, the students must choose a study place at his/her home that is away from any distraction. The students should be able to focus on the subject without any external disturbances.

Always choose a place that is neat and tidy. Whenever you sit to study, first check if you are comfortable with the environment, make sure everything is arranged and in order. A neat, organized and calm environment makes your brain feel relaxed and enhances your learning skills.
  • Try to visualize everything you learn –

Brains have a tendency to remember and store more visual and interesting matters. Every time you learn something new, try to relate it to real life incident or try to visualize it. This can help you remember the points easily. One of the effective ways is to draw flowcharts, diagrams and also write down the notes in points. This would make your revisions easier. SelfEnabler from Talent4Assure follows this procedure in every note prepared.
  • Try to attend more tests, do self-assessment

There is nothing more that can help you improve your knowledge than attending test papers and questions all by yourself. This helps the students to understand his/her mistakes and make changes; in another word, this gives the students a chance for self-assessment. Self-assessment helps the students get motivated and to dig deep into the subject and gain more knowledge. The SelfEnabler from Talent4Assure uses this technique in every program. The summative and formative assessment incorporated into all training, coaching and tuition classes ensures this.
  • Relax, take regular break time –

The more hours you commit to studies the more knowledge you gain. This does not mean that a student should sit and study continuously for several hours. Studies have shown that several hours of continuous study could be counterproductive, and for long-term retention of knowledge taking a regular break to relax really helps. So remember always take a little time off your study desk, enjoy the sunlight and relax regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water and snack on brain food –

Experts say that it is best to keep away from junk food when examination dates are near. Keep your brain fuelled by having nutritious food that has proved to improve concentration and memory. Nuts, fish, yogurt, fruits are some of the best food that can boost your brain for better results.
  • Be motivated and self-confident –

Being motivated is one of the major driving forces that helps you to work hard and achieve your goals. Always stay focused and motivated. Set your goals. Test your skills like mentioned above. Attending mock tests and solving sample papers can improve your skills and make you self-confident, this, in turn, helps you to reproduce your knowledge better and score best marks. This is why SelfEnabler by Talent4Assure customer/student has to attend and solve a number of sample papers and attend mock tests.

All the above-mentioned methods are proved to be efficient and were opinions noted by experts and successful people.


  1. Great tip to follow before Exam

  2. It make you feel free from extra burden.

  3. Research conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois provides evidence that about 20 minutes exercise before an exam can improve performance.

  4. concentration always required ... for better success..