Saturday 30 July 2016

Is your child getting the right education? Think Again!

It's often said that Education is the most important and powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. But, what are parents currently doing  to make sure their child's weapon isn't getting all rusty?
People nowadays are aware of how the world works and are in fact a lot responsible. In today's modern world, parents understand the importance of education in their child's life and make every possible effort to provide the best quality education to them, be it admissions in affiliated schools, tuition, better study material or best coaching institutes. As a result, quality of education in India has taken a hike and so has the literacy rate.
But is that enough? Well it isn't. Let us break it to you, following is what differentiates the modern education system to the ancient education system
  • Level of Competition
  • Accuracy
  • Extended Syllabus
  • Introduction to the Practical World
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Excess Work Load
  • Increased Competition
  • Improvised methods of teaching
  • Grading Systems, and the most important
  • Self Evaluation.
You may get your child into one of the best schools, provide him with the best study material or even get him mentored by an amazing tutor, but tell me this,  can you evaluate your child's progress in every aspect varying from topic to topic? Absolutely not. Parents put a lot of hard work to get their ward the best of what they deserve which eventually makes them unable to provide time to their ward's educational progress and to know what and how much he learns throughout the day. There's another matter that requires our immediate attention- Doubts! That's right, where do students get their doubts cleared? To whom they go to get their problems solved when their teachers or tutors aren't available?
Mentioned above are all sorts of dilemmas a student has to face in today's scenario. But they shouldn't worry you or your children to any extent. It just requires a little bit of effort on the parent's side which will remove the burden off their children's shoulders and ease up the massive load off their shoulders. All they need is an assessment tool which guides the students and clarifies to them their learning process. Confused yet? Wait no more.
SELF ENABLER is your answer!
Self Enabler is a process/mechanism designed by Talent4Assure which acts as your student's personal evaluating software. This mechanism is designed on the basis of a 7 analysis report criteria which helps a student to understand the level of his knowledge, helps him gather what all he/she has grasped out of what was taught in the school/tuition class, and moreover self enabler will tell the student where he/she lacks over the learnt topic as well as the faults in his learning.
How does Self Enabler work?
The software is quite easy to use and can be used by students of almost all age groups. What it does is that it will ask a student to attempt a task based on his learn topic. The task could be anything- a quiz, a short test or anything at random. The software will then evaluate the answers entered by the student and display a detailed report sheet to the student highlighting  his/her weak, proficient and excellent knowledge areas over the topic covered. This way your child will come to know what are the areas he is good at and what are the topics that need immediate attention in an organized manner which will further enable the child to work on his weak areas and perform well in his education.
Looking for a bright future for your ward? well your search ends here.
Choose Self Enabler and bring out the true potential of your child.
Take a demo and see for yourself the wonders that this software does to your child's learning power and see education turn into fun for them. 
Demo Available at - 
Self evaluation helps your child to do smart work instead of hard work!
It's the matter of your child's education, choose wisely.


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