Friday 26 August 2016

Let's make Education fun.

Wish to hear something interesting and enlightening that could change the way you and your parents think about education? Whenever you students look at your books, do you get all tensed and worried? Is it true that books make you fall asleep way faster than any other sleeping drug? Well, we're going to make that problem go away. As much as it is hard to believe, there are ways in which education can actually be interesting. Surprised? Shocked?  Well brace yourselves, because we here at SelfEnabler have actually cracked the ultimate complication in students' lives- Making education a fun task to do.

Self Enabler is a process/mechanism designed by Talent4Assure which acts as your personal evaluating software. This mechanism is designed on the basis of a 7 analysis report criteria which helps you to understand the level of your knowledge, helps you gather what all you have grasped out of what was taught in the school/tuition class, and moreover self enabler will tell you where you lack on the learnt topic as well as the faults in your learning.
Let me explain it to you in a more elaborated way. Suppose you study a topic, say Geometry in your school. As soon as you end up studying for that topic, how much longer do you think it is till it starts slipping off your mind? Sucks right!
Self Enabler helps you to take periodic topic wise evaluation assignment, exercises and other various activities to help you keep up with the topic. For example when you enter geometry in Self Enabler, you will have a series of programmes like practice sessions, home works, assignments, MCQ's and many more things in front of you which will clarify you about the topic thoroughly. Now do you honestly think that after all this, will it slip your mind? Never. It stays right there because you evaluated your topic again and again.
The best thing about Self Enabler? You get to cover your syllabus topic wise and not the whole in one go. It will help you get your work load divided into various sections and sub parts which eventually makes it interesting and yes, fun. 
Don't listen to me, try the software for yourself and see the results.
Try your demo at-  Self Enabler
Stay Tuned!


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