Saturday 14 February 2015


There's nothing more enjoyable on a sunny day than a picnic in an open exotic beautiful farm with your all-time favourite colleagues.
It was a real fun of rural India where we interacted with simple village folks. We had a unique Day out that was experienced after long tiring days of work, target-pressure and much more. 

Our first picnic ( for some ) memories include my colleagues and of course I heading to the Pratapgarh farms. The spirit of that long-ago picnic inspired me to share my personal experience with all my friends, loaded with all the extra-ordinary talent/talented people (can say)


All Set ! Ready to board, Get set, GO !

                                            l l बोल सच्चे  दरबार  की जय l  


Well, almost everyone here, is a bathroom singer. Now, it's judgement time :P !

Time to be a Sport now !

We started with our favourite pastime with full zeal and talent with some melodious voices as well. We sang melodious songs along with advertisements ( Washing powder Nirma, Nirma) and last but not the least - Random Bhajans ( Shirdi wale, Sai baba ). It was a real fun and a source of enjoyment.

Really appreciating those active members of our group who didn't even made us realise that how we completed our journey all round the fields of two hours- Pratishtha, Babita, Isha, Deepanshu, Richa, Amarjot, Prashant & of course we also heard Santosh singing in the chorus. ( Apologies if I missed anyone )

As we reached, Some haryanvi folks were at the entrance to greet us. Their haryanvi attire was so beautiful and elegant that we were filled with sense of beauty all around. The way they welcomed us, with a pure Tilak of Vermilion on everyone's forehead with the shower of fresh sweet-scented Marigold flowers. The refreshing aroma of those marigold flowers took us to the another world.

It was a fabulous start and along that where we captured the natural scenic beauty and this time I'm really thankful to our only photographer : Khushbu Dahiya. Your work was really appreciable. 

As we moved further, our eyes were filled with complete contentment as soon as we had a look on our breakfast table. The food served to us their was so very luscious and appetizing that you can't even think off to miss anything- Those mix Paranthas with perfectly churned White Butter, Aloo puri, those extremely erotic Jalebis with sugar syrup dropping out of 'em. Overall, it was a complete appetizer !

                                    Expect some unexpected things as well. 


The camels were beautifully dressed in Rajasthani attires that adds a lot to their beauty. They were all set in that just to give us a long and enjoyable ride. You feel like swinging so high up in the air. Everybody was entertained by this swinging ride ! Camel's Selfie look ! Here we go.


Then we enjoyed Archery, Shooting, and a lot more. Though we were not acquainted with the art or techniques of shooting still everyone was Abhinav Bindra there, capturing moments, preserving memories.


As we moved to the other Lawn, we became so overjoyed with trampoline, we bounced, bounced and bounced. We were no more on our stratosphere. Felt like we had entered a new layer of atmosphere. Our hair, feet were aloft high in the air and were trying to communicate with the breeze.We were swinging high up in the air. 

Oh ! It was exhilarating and vitalizing fun.It was the most funniest activity we had ever done.

When everyone was on their verge of enjoying Trampoline, Nikita got A-Little more bouncy by directly bouncing out of the Trampoline.

Itni jaldi thi bahar aane ki ?
It looked funny, but it wasn't as like the way she fell out of Trampoline she made herself injured. Still she continued the fun of picnic and of course Trampoline.

Have a look :

Be it a potter making earthern pots and lamps.

Be it a woman weaving thread on the charkha. Be it a lady cooking, grinding flour or Be it a figure, simply balancing water on her fold like true haryanvi womenfolk.

As some were learning the techniques of pottery, some were busy rolling charkha learning the art of weaving thread and some indulged themselves in cooking "Bajra Rotis. Shalinee cooked a perfect round 'Makki ki Roti' and served it to Nikita and Apoorv with white butter sizzling and melting over it.

Manika, you were at your best when you actually danced in those Apparels on the tones of haryanvi folk tales.

Our ladies: Isha, Nabanita, Babita, Khushbu, Sakshi, Richa dressed themselves in haryanvi attire and they are now All-set to go near the tributaries to fetch water. Then there, our beauties of Talent4Assure: Kusum, Manika, Gurpreet, Sakshi, Shefali, Vidusha were busy in decorating their hands by the temporary art of Mehndi (Henna). It was such a fine art, and their art and designs show their experience and the way they greeted us. 


There comes a time when Content Team and Business Team were in the field for TUG OF WAR. Of course, it was a challenge now for both the teams. But Alas ! Business team lost the game and Hurray ! We ( The Girls#Content Team ) won. (Ladkiyon se haarna achhi baat nahi hai ) 


We enjoyed Sack race where we got to know that no body runs faster than Nitin.

Santosh tried and ran so fast that his keffiyeh was around his neck and by the time he ended the race, we got to know that he loves his keffiyeh a lot :P

Its mud huts, fresh ponds, cool sprinklers, and lively cattle full of goats, cows and its poultry included ducks, chicken, pigeons and lot more. The tinkling bells that the cows and goats were wearing and fresh air all around provide a fabulous rural ambience that you had never experienced before. 


We were relishing the fabulous scenic beauty all around, when it all started with Nishtha by our master-mind Srikant Sir. Ah, and it all started one by one. Nishtha, Nikita, Deepanshu, Pravesh sir, Babita, Shweta, Pratishtha, Richa, Akanksha, Dimple, Khushbu ( you cheat :P).

And how can we forget Shalinee, whose heart almost skipped a beat and drowned in the tube-well. But don't you worry ! She is all prudent with us.

(Don't get confused by this, please: Its Random )


Now, it was time to participate in agricultural and gardening activities of the amiable Pratapgarh farm workers drawn from local populace. We ploughed the fields with Camels, bulls or tractors, sowed the seeds, reaped and winnowed.

The vegetable garden looked so attractive and their farming was so ravishing. Brinjals, carrot, Radish, Potato, Tomato, Herbs, different species of flowers, Fenugreek, Spinach. Almost every vegetable was their and they looked so fresh and appealing and their aroma filled us.
Last but not the least : THE MUSTARD SEEDS ! They were so bright, beautiful and they were huge in number too. The moment comes, when we got ourselves trapped in those fields of mustard and captured few clicks/memories ( of course). There you go !

 Then we were served with pure vegetarian cuisine from Haryana, Rajasthan & Punjab, where they served us Rotis made from Chhaki Fresh Atta, and farm fresh vegetables were cooked; combined with local favourites- Makhan, Chhach, Desi Ghee, and selected spices produced a treat of fresh flavour and uniquely different taste-A culinary experience that we savoured for a long time.

Later, we indulged ourselves in some Ethnic games- Gulee Danda, Pithoo, Kanche goli and much more and along with that we had fun by enjoying dead balls in cricket, Badminton even in the air. That's what we call spirit after all. 

Then, we enjoyed the Bull rides, Tractor rides, Tonga Rides, all the way into the field. It was really ethnic. 

Thanks to Saurabh Sir for this !

We actually became enlightened with Indoor & Outdoor games and gave our muscles a little stretch that we were longing for months.


It was a wholesome fun and everybody enjoyed it to the fullest. We gathered a lot of memories from the farms and it was actual day-out cum unforgettable picnic. it's always fun to be with your friends. Be it in your office, Be it in your home. 

**We are really thankful to our Master Strokes for this wonderful outing. And Sir, please mention the date of next picnic too. :P ** 

Thank you Saurabh Sir !

Thank you Pravesh Sir !
Thank you Srikant Sir !

That was all I could share for this outing. It was awesome fun.
Looking for some more now, that too soon :)


  1. Had a great day :)

    One more trip now soooooonn.... :) :P :/

  2. Awesome trip with friends, nature and our culture !!! :) :)

    Thank You Sir !!!

  3. Hello shweta,

    It was really an awesome day with lots of fun and games. It was a unique experience of outdoor and indoor games that were somewhere a part of our childhood. Trampoline was the best of all. It is a memorable outing. Hope for you all as well. :)

  4. Hello Shweta,

    It is a beautifully written article. It comprises of almost all the events of the trip. Most attractive thing of this article is that you have mentioned names of participants following the event. By putting the images on this article, you have made it distinctive.
    Great Job! I would love if you will encourage others too to write on blogs, so that we can taste different flavours on this common board..:p

  5. Amazing trip with friends....enjoyed alot :)

  6. Trip was really mind boggling......Especially the chhach and bottoms up with Shweta Sachdeva..... Tubewell sanaan is unforgettable..... Thankss to Srikant sir.... We should go for a Trampoline atleast once a week (In T4A premises itself :P :D)....
    So finally where are we going next?????

  7. A Thursday well spent, gave joy,contentment,laughter and a whole new experience.An unforgettable office trip with some fun loving people, had immense fun...and well done shweta for writing a wonderful blog..

  8. Hello,

    I enjoyed a lot. There was so much fun and i enjoyed all activities.:) :)

  9. Hello All,

    It was amazing picnic for me....sara din dosto ke sath bahut enjoy kiya... specially with Himanshi, Nabanita an Harshita....n I'm ready for another such exciting trip...;) ;) Thank you Pravesh Sir for Organizing such Adventurous trip....

  10. Hello All,

    I enjoyed a lot in Pratapgarh Picnic. It was the memorable day full of excitement, fun, games, activities and food. It was like a real village and the feeling of being at such a place was awesome.

  11. Hi guys,
    Truly..awesome trip it was!! really took us back and memorized each moment again!!! (y)
    Collected lots of memories..gottu know more about team...Enjoyed each bit of it..^_^ !!!..From breaking my leg to taste of makka ki roti n sarso ka saag (not to forget lasun ki chuttni)!!
    And Yesss had such an amazing bath that i didn't took bath far next two days!! :p
    And ofcourse the "Cricket Match" smart team players were so smartly clean bowled ...and therefore asked "Ma'am ek aur chance dedo"!! ;)
    So boyss come with practice next time!!
    But seriously had a great and superb time...looking forward to another crazy trip...will plan outstation this time..!! :)

  12. :) It was worth driving all the way from chandigarh to be with you guys !! it was fun and I enjoyed every moment. I hope Pratishtha forgives me for the "pitthu garam" moment !!