Tuesday 6 February 2018

Incomplete Exam Preparation Without Sample Papers

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Examinations are one thing that stands as a common stressor in every student’s life. It forms the core of education system all over the world and hence, holds great importance. Preparation for examinations is the thing that controls a student’s overall performance in exams and determines the resultant score. If the student messes up with the preparation for exams, all his hard work can potentially go in vain. It is commonly observed that some student score better than the rest even after putting in the same amount of time and efforts like the rest. It is because they are well aware of the importance of solving sample papers before appearing for any exams.

How do Sample Papers Help You?
A thorough study of the textbook will help a student by equipping him with all the knowledge required to give exams, however, there are certain gaps between the content of the textbooks and the pattern of the question paper one receives. Also, the judgment of the content retained by the brain after the completion of textbook studies is hard to make without actually testing it. The advantages of solving sample papers can be seen in such situations along with the following:
1. They provide with the best kind of last minute practice when an aspirant is done with reading the text and needs last minute revisions.
2. Sample papers help students get acquainted with examination patterns and different kinds of questions one can face during exams. They also help in setting the brain to work fast and logically under time pressure.
3. Solving sample papers make an aspirant get acquainted with his strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge of this is a major advantage during exam preparations because it helps the student determine his focus areas and work on his weaknesses when time is still there.
4. Everyone must have regretted committing silly mistakes during exams at least once in life. In most cases, this regret is present after almost every exam. When a student solves sample papers, he becomes of these mistakes and the chances of them occurring during the main exam decreases by a great percent.
5. It helps in developing strategies by which a student should give his exam logically. It is very common for students to attempt random questions during exams due to the inability to think logically in a stressful environment, like that of exams. However, when a student has attempted various sample papers in advance, his mind is prepared to deal with such a situation and therefore, continues to think logically.
6. Most importantly, sample papers solidify a student’s understanding of various concepts, helps in practicing answer formation and develop an examination temperament that equips him to handle pressure and build a strong foundation for the main exam.

Students should not be solving sample papers only for major exams like CBSE Board exams or other competitive exams but students of all classes should develop a habit of solving sample papers from an early stage. CBSE Sample Papers are available from classes 6 to 12 online at various websites. While searching for sample papers, it is extremely essential that they are taken from a trusted source as the pattern of questions and the text from where the questions are developed needs to be similar to the main examination. One such trusted source is Selfenabler where CBSE Sample Papers from classes 6 to 12 are available. It is an e-learning website which makes available multimedia tutorials, online assessments, video tutorials and daily quizzes for students which gives added advantages over solving simple sample papers. A student can not only solve sample papers but understand difficult concepts through online tutorials. When solving sample papers, it becomes hard for the student to identify the source of questions that are difficult to attempt. At Selfenabler, he gets a detailed categorization of study material of each topic under every subject which ensures that he understands each concept thoroughly and is comprehensive of the questions and topics he is being assessed for.
Additionally, every student is assessed individually through online tests and a detailed report of the student’s result is delivered that enables him to understand his problem areas and work on them accordingly.

One can also find sample papers and preparation kits for reputed government examination like SSC, Bank PO/Clerk.